AdsPayPro Review – A Mediocre Business Opportunity

A Mediocre Business Opportunity - Ads Pay Pro Review

AdsPayPro is yet another advertising platform promising that you can drive traffic to your website. This one focuses on traffic which is from people who are interested in earning money online. So what is special about this new program, or is there nothing special about it?

In this AdsPayPro Review, I will walk you through what the program is about, so you can decide if it’s something interesting for YOU

So let’s get going!



Product Name: AdsPayPro

Website url:

Cost: Free to join and then you can purchase ad packs which vary on how much you want to spend.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My Recommendation: AdsPayPro is yet another advertising platform with revenue share that has recently emerged. You can make some money but it won’t change your life. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is AdsPayPro?

AdsPayPro is a traffic platform from which you can buy lumps of traffic to direct to your website.

In it’s official sense, it’s a revenue sharing advertising platform.

The key differentiator is that the traffic is for online and home based business websites or blogs.

Everyone knows that the big challenge about building a website is getting people to visit it. But we mean not just anyone, not just a click for the sake of a click, but people who are generally interested in what you have to say or what you have to offer. Targeted traffic.

So can you BUY this? AdsPayPro says that you can, and VERY cheaply. But what do you get for that money?

This business has just launched in January 2016, so a lot remains to be seen so I will give you my verdict with what I could find. It has a similar business model to that of Traffic Monsoon, which is an older and much more established platform, which I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed with.


A bit about the company

There is very little out there about who owns the company, but the names that I have seen in forums are names such as Marc Freidberg who is registered as the owner of the website.

There is mention of Sean Kelly too, and it is possible to find some negative information about him online, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, for now.


How does it work?

AdsPayPro has partnered with a load of other traffic websites to be part of a traffic network.

When you join AdsPayPro you have to view 10 adverts a day in order to ‘qualify’. These are your daily tasks.

So these websites, that you have just viewed for 15 seconds. Is this the kind of traffic you might be expecting if you were to advertise through AdsPayPro.

If this were your website these are the visitors that you can expect to be paying for. 15 seconds from someone who is completely uninterested in what you have to say and then leaves your website? I don’t think so. What is the value to advertisers here? Very very little. This will increase your bounce rate and massively reduce your rankings through Google.  Have a look at my article on how to rank in google search to find out more.

I don’t think AdsPayPro is a good platform for advertising YOUR website as the traffic you will get is incredibly weak. So that’s a big thumbs down from me on that one.

Personally, I use highly targeted FREE traffic which I learnt how to build through a training program which teaches you exactly how to do this. Check out my review of this program. 

BUT if you are not looking to advertise with AdsPayPro and are looking to earn money online by being the one clicking on ads.. then.. lets look into that…. Read on for more.


If you are looking for a REAL way to make money online,

try my no 1 recommendation


Earning money with AdsPayPro

You can make money with AdsPayPro, but really, there are only three ways to do it:

  1. You can purchase products from which you earn a revenue share. As the company profits you receive a profit based on how many products you have bought and how much you have invested.
  2. Click on ads to earn. As you can see below on the image, I just clicked on about 30 ads, and I have earned $0.000308. Wow
  3. Get referrals to sign up. This is part of the affiliate program which I will cover in a bit.

Here is my dashboard to show you what it looks like. It goes down quite a way. Clunky and old school right?

What is AdsPayPro About


Advertising with AdsPayPro

If you want to advertise with AdsPayPro, there are costs for the different Ad packs as you can see below. Pretty cheap huh? Cheap is great but only if you are getting value.

Is Ads Pay Pro a Scam


The AdsPayPro Affiliate Program

This is where you can really make some money with AdsPayPro. Yes it is possible.

Once you have made a purchase, ie bought an ads pack as outlined above, you then ‘qualify’ to join the affiliate program, and to keep in the program, you have to be an active member, which means to need to have purchased an ad pack every 30 days. Plus you have to go through and visit at least 10 sites a day. A bit of a tall order if you forget!

Then there is the referral system. Bear with me on this one:

The intention is to rise up the ranks of the system, from Silver to Bronze to Gold. When you increase your rank, you increase your revenue share in the business. How well you do depends on how well your team is doing.

To take the first step from Bronze to silver is based on how your team are performing. If the 3 referrals under you have purchased a $50 ad pack then you are promoted to silver. At silver then you are allowed into the ‘referrers match’.

If all of your team members move up to silver, then you move up to gold.

Here are the tiers that you work through

  1. Free trial
  2. Casual level: purchase an AdPack less than $50
  3. Bronze: purchase a $50 AdPack
  4. Silver: get 3 Bronze referrals
  5. Gold: get 3 Silver referrals
  6. Titanium: get 3 Gold referrals
  7. Platinum: get 3 Titanium referrals
  8. Iridium: get 3 Platinum referrals

So what do these levels mean and why do you want to rise up the ranks?

When you get to silver, things change. You are introduced to an earnings match, where you get 5% on the earnings made by your referrals

When you get to the next rank and the next rank after that you get another 5% ontop each time. Note though, you don’t get this money in cash. You have to use it to buy ad packs. hmm.



  • There isn’t much support in teaching you where to go or what to do to make the most of it. I guess maybe that could be why you are here?
  • The platform is clunky and quite old school looking with flashing banners everywhere, which is offputting.
  • You earn nothing for clicking on websites. If you spent hours doing it your hourly rate would be shocking!
  • Its not a good place to advertise your business because people only view a site for 15 seconds and leave. This is terrible for your bounce rate and overall rankings within Google.
  • To qualify to be an affiliate, and having to visit 10 websites per day is a bit of a tall order. I mean it’s easy to do but it’s hard to remember to do that everyday.



  • You can click on ads while doing something else. It’s easy.
  • There is great demand out there for people just wanting visits to their site. Regardless of quality.
  • The referral program, once you get your head around it, can be quite neat, but don’t expect to be a millionaire!


My Verdict

There are a lot of programs like this around. I hope my AdsPayPro review has helped you to find out what you needed.

These traffic exchanges are all over the place, new ones recently launched include PIF Explosion or My Modern Income, so I would rather put my money into something that is more established. This business opportunity I feel is pretty mediocre at best.

So my advice to you on this one, is don’t join yet. Be careful of some reviews you read, because they may just be trying to recruit you!

Wait, and see what this business brings. They have a lot of work to do to get going, so let them use other peoples money to make mistakes not yours.

And to be honest it’s quite boring work. Wouldn’t you rather be earning money online doing something you feel passionate about, that you can get your teeth into and that you can learn so much with. Not only that you can make a fortune in, with the right training? If that sounds like you, take a look at my no 1 recommendation for online business. You won’t be disappointed.


How to make money online


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8 thoughts on “AdsPayPro Review – A Mediocre Business Opportunity

  1. thadpoore says:

    Great captivating review! I read the whole thing. As a site owner related to these types of things I often look for site like these to review. Your review is very ;professional and informative, you keep it simple and tell me everything I want to know!

    Thanks for the post and great read! Awesome review:)
    Thad- Gymbulk fitness

  2. wanjigin2015 says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. I like your review and how you have provided a good review of adspaypro, but I did not get clear information about other sources of traffic and whether they can provide targeted traffic. This will help to shed some light on good sources of traffic and so on.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi there. Thanks for your comments. These kind of sources of traffice where you pay for someone literally to just open your page and then leave are worthless. Even if they are cheap traffic, it#s not worth it. The best targeted traffic comes in three forms. 1. Search engine optimised traffic which takes time and experience to build through keywords, 2. Paid traffic through 1st tier search engines such as google and bing, and lastly through social media.

      Of course there are other ways which aren’t as effective but learning how to master these three sources are the way that you will get the best quality traffic to your site. How do you learn all of this. My no 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you all of this from scratch. Give it a try, its free to get started.

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