An Inboxdollars Review – Can you really make any money?

Is Inbox dollars a scam

Inbox Dollars is an online portal where you can earn money online taking surveys, playing games and while you shop online. There are so many of these types of portals online, some good and some bad.

This Inboxdollars Review will tell you whether this is a good platform or a not so good one.  Can you really make any money?

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Product Name: Inbox Dollars

Website Url:

Cost: FREE to join

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: Inbox Dollars is not a bad way to earn a bit of cash here and there, but it won’t change your life. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is inboxdollars about?

As I have already outlined, Inbox dollars is an online portal on which you can earn money taking surveys, playing games and shopping online, amongst others things.

It is FREE to join and actually you get $5 when you register and confirm your subscription. But you won’t get this until you build up to $30 cash, so let’s not book that holiday just yet!

But everyone likes a bit of free money, so this is a nice incentive.

An inboxdollars review


If you are here, looking to build a SERIOUS online business,

then take a look at my number one recommendation 


How do you earn money?

Once you sign up they need to collect some details from you so that they can ensure that you are selected for surveys that are right for you. There are 3 surveys to fill in here which capture information about you personally and your likes and dislikes:

Once you have done this, there are there are several ways that you can earn money from Inbox dollars:


  • Reading Emails

The way this works is that you start receiving emails on which you have to read the offers and content and then you click on the bottom of the email to say that you have read it and you collect your reward. If you buy something then you get even more cash rewards. Simple as that.


  • Playing Online games

There are over 30 games to play in this section.  You can play casino style games where you invest money and buy tokens but you get 10% back regardless of whether you lose or not. So gambling. I didn’t fancy that. I work online to MAKE money, not to lose it. So I won’t be playing the casino online games.

Or you can play FREE games. Much more my thing. I assume that Inbox dollars makes money by the advertising that is featured on these games. I could be wrong. So I had a go at one of the games. ‘Big money’ it was called.. I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Being a teenager in the 80’s meant this is the kind of game that appealed to me. I could see how this could become addictive. Why not earn a few cents whilst having some fun?


  • Carrying out tasks

I went onto this section and there were no real jobs but 53 potential jobs that I couldn’t access. What’s this about?

what is inboxdollars about

What I soon realised was that when I signed up, because I am in the UK, i got a ‘special bonus’ to join inbox pounds (as opposed to Dollars) . This bonus was a whopping £1.

This is the UK portal for all the same things for the ‘carrying out tasks’ section for the US, taking surveys, watching videos etc as you see for Inbox dollars. You can have a look down the list you see above, to see the types of tasks that are available for you to carry out.

I would say this is the most fun way to earn money through inbox dollars. You are looking at about 6c per video. and between 50c and $10.00 for surveys depending on whether you qualify.


  • Search the web

If you download the inbox dollars toolbar you can earn a LITTLE (and when I say a little, I mean a little) money for using it to surf the internet. I guess you will be doing it anyway, so you might as well earn some money in the meantime? You earn $1.00 for downloading the toolbar and  $0.01 per search per day, up to a maximum of $0.05 cents per day. Time for that holiday!


If you are interested, I have also done some reviews on other similar businesses namely Surveyhead, Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks in case this kind of work appeals to you and you want to sign up for more. I consider all of these to be OK opportunities, the best being Swagbucks.

But if you really want to work online there are some MUCH better ways to earn a really significant income besides these which will just earn your some pocket money.

Is Inbox dollars a scam


The benefits

  • You don’t get paid in gift vouchers like a lot of these companies do. The only reason I would do this work to get paid in money, and that means cash. So this is a real benefit
  • There are a large selection of things that you can do to earn so you won’t get bored (well not TOO bored)
  • They have live chat support which I always like. It shows a care and interest in their customers
  • They have a good reputation and are a legitimate company


The drawbacks

  • Don’t expect to be changing you life here. You are really looking at pocket money as opposed to a strong REAL income. There are much better ways to earn some really decent money online
  • Payment is by printed cheque which is mailed to you. Are we still the 80s? Everyone uses paypal these days, so why aren’t they?
  • They cancel your account if you don’t log in for over 10 days. Very strange.


My Verdict – is inbox dollars a scam?

In answer to the question is Inbox Dollars a Scam, the answer is a definite NO. They are completely legitimate, but I hope by reading an Inboxdollars Review you can see what it’s all about. If you are looking to earn a few dollars here and there when you are watching tele, then it’s perfect.

But for me, if I am working online, I want to earn more, I want it to be a real business where I can take my income to full time earning. And I want something that I can OWN and be proud of to say is my business. If this sounds more up your street, then take a look at this training program which will teach you exactly how to do just that!


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