Constant Profit Factory Review – It’s Not Constant Profits

Constant Profit Factory Review

Buying and selling domains for a living. This is what Constant Profit Factory is about. You wouldn’t know because the sales page tells you nothing other than how easy the system is and how much money you can make. Perhaps that is why you are here.

But is it easy, and can you make money? This Constant Profit Factory review will answer just that.

So let’s get into what it’s really about.



Product Name: Constant Profit Factory

Website Url:

Cost: $17 to get started

Rating: 2 out of 5

My Recommendation: Constant Profit Factory is all about flipping domains to make money. If this is interesting to you, then great. But if not and if you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business in something you love, read my top recommendation.


What is Constant Profit Factory About?

Constant Profit Factory is a system which comprises of 28 videos which teaches you make money online buying and selling expired domains.

Sounds a bit random if you have no experience in this area. So why would people want to buy expired domains off you?

The people who are interested in buying these expired domains use them for link building to blogs. These are called Private Blog Networks or PBN’s.

The face of the business is a guy called Stace Ace. Can that be his real name? He positions himself as an SEO expert and marketing expert. So nothing new and nothing you wouldn’t expect for the front man of such a business.

What is Constant Profit Factory About


What are Private Blog Networks? (PBNs)

It sounds really underhand doesn’t it ‘Private networks’.

But actually it’s not a back street industry, but it’s not 100% ethical in my opinion. Some of the practices are going to get you into trouble. If not today then tomorrow.

Private Blog Networks are networks of bloggers who link to each other to increase page rank. Read more about this here

One of the concepts supported by PBNs is that you buy domains which have already expired but already have some authority with Google. Perhaps a person has forgotten to renew their domain or they have had to shut their business down, or changed their domain. Or you are waiting for that person to renew their domain and get it there before they get a chance. (make sure you always set yours to auto renew if you have one!)

Either way these domains exist with some level of previous activity and authority. They are not brand new, newly created domains.

Bloggers or website owners and PBNs (same thing) buy these domains and point them at their website. This tells Google that lots of websites are pointing to them and that they are important, so they should move up the rankings. Otherwise knowns as backlinks.

Just because you buy the domain you aren’t buying the website and the website content, just the ‘trace’ that the domain has left behind.

This method is something that Google is currently looking out for, and watches out for and have been known to penalise any forced link building that is not earned by legitimate methods, such as other bloggers wanting to link to you because they, simply, like your content. This is really the ONLY legitimate way to get backlinks.

At this precise moment in time, people have not been penalised for this tactic, but Google and other search engines are cutting down on these ways of cheating more and more, and any day now they could check for PBNs and immediately wipe out your rankings. This has happened before. This is not great for those businesses that buy these forced links.

But we are not talking about that here, we are talking about selling them, and not using them to build YOUR business.

If you are here, looking to build an online business,

then take a look at my number one recommendation 

Can Constant Profit Factory work as a business idea?

Well, firstly, this sounds like a really dull way to spend your time wouldn’t you agree? Buying and selling links. Yawn!

As this process could at any point be wiped out by Google, imagine how you would feel?

If you made some money in this business, spent time doing the training, invested in Stace Ace’s teachings, and and then all of a sudden it was worth NOTHING. And then where do you turn? You want something that is long term, and will last, don’t you?

Something that is legitimate, and plays by the rules. There are other programs out there that teach you how to build a business the RIGHT way.


Who is it for?

Stace says that Constant Profit Factory is for complete beginners but actually this process is very technical.

In the sales page Stace Ace talks about how a 72 year old grandma and a 14 year old boy could do this easily. But in fact you have to learn about some really technical processes including list building software, domain scrapers and search engine tools and the whole principle is based around search engine optimisation, which is not something you can learn quickly a complete beginner.

This is maybe why the fact that this is all about buying and selling domains isn’t mentioned in the sales page. I do find it annoying when you read a really long sales page, like this one only to still have no idea what you are buying!

Is Constant Profit Factory a Scam


The training

The training looks pretty professional and is well laid out.

You can learn through screencast video which means that Stace takes you through each step by showing you what he is doing on the screen.

There are 4 steps to learn from and each has 6 lessons within it with the video training within these.

The problem that I found, even as an experienced internet marketer, I found this training quite hard to grasp. I don’t know anything about buying and selling domains specifically and I found this difficult to get started.

Take a look at this video from the owner Stace Ace.. I don’t endorse it, it’s just for your information


My Verdict

If you are considering this business, I hope this Constant Profit Factory Review has helped.

Still, there are a few things you should think about before you get started.

Firstly, does the concept of buying and selling domains sounds interesting to you? Is this something you could see doing as a full time job?

Can you make money with this business? I very much doubt that you can make the kind of money they are talking about, but sure, you can make money with this business.

Do you want to earn money now for say the next year but then be concious that Google could take it all away at at flip of a coin. This is highly likely. Personally that’s not the way I want to operate, I prefer to build a business the right way.


So what now?

I hope this Constant Profit Factory Review has been helpful. My advice to you is to go with something that is a lot more stable.

Something that you can build to get better and better and that plays by the rules. Then you have no worries about anything being taken away from you, ever. If this is more up your street, then try my number one recommendation to build a profitable online business

I would love to know if you have any questions about the Constant Profit Factory as I would love to help.

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