Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System Review – Busted!

Ewen Chia's Cash Siphon System Review

Wow! Did you read the sales page for Ewen Chias Cash Siphon System? Are you hooked, and want to give it a try, but there is something that doesn’t feel right?

Well you have come to to the right place. In this Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System Review, I will let tell you all about what this program really is!



Product Name: Ewen Chias Cash Siphon System

Website url: www.cashsiphonsystem.com

Cost:  $17 to join plus LOADS of upsells

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation: Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is a complete con. What you are sold in the sales page is NOTHING to do with the actual content of the training program. If you want to build a real home business, based on a solid foundation and not a load of lies, check out my no 1 recommendation. 


What is Ewen Chias Cash Siphon System About?

I guess you are here because you saw the sales page and still have no idea what the idea is of this business! Don’t you hate that. Just TELL US!

After a lot of research, I found out just what this program is really about, and guess what, it’s NOTHING like what he describes on the sales page. NOTHING.

So in my eyes, this makes Ewen Chia a lia – strong words, but let’s look into why I think that.

Essentially Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is a basics training course to learn affiliate marketing. This flies in the face of EVERYTHING he states in his sales page.

He makes promises of how much money you will make with NO effort and in NO time. The words he uses are “loop holes”, “magic systems”, “secret systems”, where you can “click your fingers and make money right now”.

He talks about how you won’t have to sell anything. This is the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, selling other peoples products.

I was shocked by the blatant lie here and the need to hide this from people.

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make an income online, if done the right way. But Ewen Chias methods are not right, and I don’t like his sales tactics.

Want to learn affiliate marketing the RIGHT way?


Lets take a look at what else you get if you sign up:

What is Ewen Chias Cash Siphon System


What’s in Ewen Chias Cash Siphon system?

So here is the process if you buy the product:

Firstly when you click to join you pay your £17. Ok so it’s not much, but there is a reason for this: You are taken through a sales funnel where a load of OTHER products are pitched to you before you even get to the product that you have paid for.

(if you try to leave the sales page, you can get all this for $7!) wow, it must be good. (a touch of sarcasm here)

This is annoying to put it mildly!

Step 1:

You are presented first of all with another of Ewen Chia’s Products which is called Cash sites.

This is essentially a ‘made for you’ website where you supposedly can make money right away from affiliate sales. (This isn’t what you have paid for, you have to pay additional for this). So how many other people do you think have a copy of this website? Lots!  This will be filled with duplicate content and you should know that search engines do not rank duplicate content, at all.

So the only way to get people to see this website is by buying paid advertising.

Step 2:

Next you are presented with another product option where you can make “loads more commissions”. This isn’t one of Ewen Chias  own products, but one of his great Pals Matt Lloyd who runs MOBE or MTTB. – which has a seriously bad reputation.

This program gets you to sign up for a nominal fee but in order to make commissions you are required to buy more and more of the MTTB programs to qualify for commissions. You can end up spending tens of thousands on this program.

So definitely skip this stage.

Step 3:

Next you are taken to the members area of the cash siphon system that you actually bought. Something you need to know about Ewen Chia, he has a lot of make money online products. And he uses the Cash Siphon system to persistently try and sell you something else, then something else. This is what you get at this stage.

I have to say I hate this kind of sales funnel with upsell after upsell. What you have paid for is never enough and you apparently need more and more before you can become successful.

THEN, FINALLY you get to the system that you have paid for:

So what do you actually get – here, you get 14 training videos in affiliate marketing, and the content is good and useful especially if you are a newbie to affiliate marketing. But to be honest it’s nothing ground breaking here.



My Verdict

Is Ewen Chias Cash Siphon System a scamIs Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon system a scam? IN my eyes, yes. A scam is something that sells you a product that doesn’t life up to its promises, and this program is JUST THAT. I wouldn’t recommend it.

My biggest concern with this program is not necessarily the content, for $17 the level of training you got is ok, not bad at all

What I don’t like is the blatant deception from what is written on the home page.

Any easy instant cash machine – you will never make money INSTANTLY with affiliate marketing, it takes time.

Where you don’t have to make any sales – you have to sell other people products

And can make money with no effort –  This will take you time and money to set up. There will definitely be a lot of effort involved.

It’s all a big fat lie.

I really wouldn’t recommend buying this product, there are so many better training programs out there which don’t lie to you to get you involved. Check out my top choice to build an online home business. 


Make money online


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8 thoughts on “Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System Review – Busted!

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Ruth thanks for exposing this program, there are so many of these types of scams around and there is no way you can find out what’s really involved unless someone like yourself does that bit of research for us.

    I agree it’s hard to see how affiliate marketing could be branded as not having to sell a single product, because as anyone involved in internet marketing will say it does take a lot of time and effort to achieve sales this way and you are always selling a product. So thanks again for the review it proved very insightful.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Marie for your comments. Yes this is a classic sales pitch from Ewen Chia as I am learning more and more when I review his products. Some have success with his products but MOST people find that he promise WAY to much in the sales page. This just serves to annoy everyone. I think if the owner isn’t upfront with your from the start, then don’t waste your time, who else knows what they will be telling you!

  2. Kevin says:

    I think if I saw the word “siphon” in the title of a cash making business, I would definitely stay clear of it. You definitely gave a thorough review. I have never seen it, but I know to not even look at it based on your review. Thank you very much!

    • Ruth says:

      Ha yes indeed. Some of these make money online programs have such obviously scamming sounding names. It’s a fairly new program of Ewen Chias. But he is quite well known in this industry, well at least his name is, for generally low quality products with a lot of upsells.

  3. Henry says:

    I sense regular scam tactic here yet again – They let you in on a low price point & then they try to overload you with multiple new costs.

    Basically, the whole point of this initial joining fee is the part where you can enter the biggest hype area. In most cases it’s all about forcing you to invest more & more into their business so you’re less prone to quit because you’ve already put something into it. It’s a wild west scenario where everyone are doing anything they can to get away with. Don’t you think so?
    The very introduction to these kind of companies show their ethics – The “easy way out” : flashing with money, fancy cars & houses, expensive vacations – There is no ethics.

    You’re a very kind person by saying technically it’s not a scam. Don’t worry it is a flat out scam, or border-line scam like some of us tend to call them, that “good” part behind this program is likely their policy to make it look like it’s legit. That’s the main function of it to manipulate people effectively & not to get called out at the same time – “but we have a legit product don’t we?!”.

    They’re bad to the bone. Those blunt lies & outrageous claims show exactly their true face: It’s greed move through & through but not an attempt to help people. Unfortunately inexperienced users are the main target & money in their pockets.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Henry

      Thank you so much for your comments. You have been really honest about this program. And you are right, it is out and out lies to get you to join up.

      DO you know you have made me rethink my testimony about calling it a scam or not and I will add this to my review. I think people have different definitions of what a scam is, and I call a scam something that takes your money and runs providing you with nothing. But this is a form of a scam, as it takes your money and provides you with something of very little worth that is nothing to do with what they outline.

      I appreciate your opinion, so thanks for feeding back to me.

  4. Simon says:

    Hi Ruth,

    In my opinion that works as cheating. Why? First you pay 17$ to get information that it is better to pay even more to get some other products. Chia should write in the description that 14 videos are not enough and you still need to spend more money.
    I was thinking that there is more content for 17$ and there is only 14 movies. Can you tell me how much “watching time” is it? Do you get any support or you can just download the videos and that’s it?
    You are right, there is no fast formula to get rich quickly and everything needs time. I know that on myself.
    Keep a good work!

    • Ruth says:

      hi Simon, Thanks for your comments. No 14 videos is not enough at all. Even if each of the videos were 5 hours long. To be honest you would lose interest. I have to say, I don’t know exactly how much watching time there is. There is no support currently for your $17. And this is key. One of the most important things when setting up a business is how much support you have. People don’t realise it but not only do you need this for moral support but you need it for guidance along the way. It’s crucial. That is one reason why I advocate my top recommendation as the support you get here is second to none!

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