Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash Scam – Don’t Believe the Hype

Ewen Chia's Fast Track Cash Scam

Ewen Chia promises a system that is the easiest and laziest way to make money online. And boat loads of it.

Is this sales page hype and is Ewen Chias Fast Track Cash a scam or could it really be the revelation you are looking for?

Let’s take a look!



Product Name: Ewen Chias Fast Track Cash System

Website url: www.fasttrackcash.com

Cost: $37 one off price, followed by a load of upsells

My Rating: 2 out of 5

My recommendation: The Fast Track Cash System is yet another of Ewen Chia’s products that overpromises and underdelivers and teaches you some questionable marketing techniques. If you want to get started with a real home business that can earn you a serious full time income in an honest way, check out my no 1 recommendation 


What is the Fast Track Cash System about?

Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash is a new marketing system which, according to the sales pages doesn’t require any experience, a website, or a product and where you can start earning an income right away. You can then turn it to autopilot to keep earning you income.

It is a training program and tips in the form of an e-book and video training.

When you pay the one off price to purchase the e-book, you will see a load of simple techniques which you can apply to an existing business, regardless of your niche OR you can use it to build a new business from scratch. But if you don’t have a business or website already, you will need to think about building a website to support the information that you will be learning from the e-book.

Can it really be THAT simple?

What is Ewen Chia's Fast Track Cash


What about Ewen Chia, can you trust him?

Now there are mixed reviews about Ewen Chia out there.

Depending on whose review you are reading he is either a highly respected internet marketer (those who are selling his products) or he consistently oversells and underdelivers, being called a scam artist in some fields.

Do you think you can build something to make boat loads of cash spending only a couple of minutes a day working on it? With no product of your own, and which runs on autopilot. Based on these statements from Ewen Chia, I am falling into the latter camp. I believe that his products overpromise and underdeliver.

I have seen this pattern with other products he has built such as the Cash siphon system. (check out the review here) and autopilot profits – Just 2 of his multitude of make money online programs.


Want to learn how to make money online the RIGHT way?

Check out my top training program


What does Fast Track Cash teach you?

As usual, the sales page tells you nothing about what the actual training includes. He does however talk about the power of traffic and how his techniques will be driving in hoards and hoards of traffic.

Nothing specific again is mentioned, just how much traffic you will be getting and how much money that will make you. I find this frustrating. If you are making such promises but expect people to pay out before you actually tell them what they are buying, this in itself is scammy behaviour to me. Why hide it?

Here’s why..

Because Ewen Chia is peddling many black hat SEO techniques which are all about using disapproved techniques to try and get around Search Engines to improve your page rank and position. Although this may result in short term gains, you will ultimately be penalised and your business useless. Do you want to start a business this way, or ruin your existing work by trying to fudge the system?

Don’t ever follow black hat techniques, you will destroy your business.

Within his training, there is so much bad advice, I can’t go into it all. He talks about using article directories for backlinks, using link exchanges, domain forwarding, article spinning, and so many other frowned upon practices you really won’t last long.

People who aren’t aware of this, ie newbies will wonder why one day suddenly there website i wiped off off the map. This is why.


What does the course include?

Ewen Chia's Fast Track Cash ReviewThis is a rough outline of what you will be learning.

  1. How to make money without a website
  2. How to build your traffic system for endless traffic
  3. The Instant Paypal Cash Formula
  4. Forum Marketing
  5. Article Marketing
  6. How to get traffic from Facebook
  7. Learn to make the most of social media marketing
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Classified Marketing
  10. Secret free traffic with RSS…and more


How much does it cost?

You will have the usual story;

‘I could sell it to you for $1997 but I won’t, now its $997 and so on until you get to a wonderfully generous price of a one off payment of $37.

But you do get a 60 day money back guarantee with Clickbank, which I can from my own experience, tell you is completely honoured, and no questions are asked, so there is some reassurance there if you want to try.

BUT if you click out of the page, you will offered it for $27. and if you click out of it again, you are taken to another of his products called Autopilot profits. Have a read of this, and it’s VERY similar to the sales pitch of Fast track cash. The same promises, ‘you don’t need a website and you will make money in seconds.’


My Verdict

Run for the hills.

As far as I am concerned Fast Track Cash this is another of Ewen Chia’s Scammy products which will bring you into upsell after upsell, and deliver you a sub par training program which will no way be able to make you the kind of money he states in his wild claims.

Overpromising and underdelivering

Yes I agree the sales page is very compelling, he is a complete expert in that. Calling the product easy and lazy makes it very tempting I know.

But you should know that there are no short cuts, that last, there are no get rich quick schemes that actually work. It’s all a lie to take your money.

If you want to build a real online business, and yes you can make that boat load of cash, then you need to put in the time and you need to do it the right way, in a way that will last, that is sustainable over and over again, doing things legitimately.

My only recommendation and the best way to build this is using my top training program recommendation. Find out more about it here.

Fast Track Cash Review


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4 thoughts on “Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash Scam – Don’t Believe the Hype

  1. PenMarks says:

    Its amazing how these scam offers keep growing, becoming sneakier with every special promise or amazing offer. This particular one seems to use every trick in the book. Keep up the good work by reviewing and exposing this online scams. You are providing a very important online service

    • Ruth says:

      It is shocking isn’t it. There is no one to police these types of scams, so they get away with saying whatever they want, and it’s down to people like you doing their due diligence before they sign up to anything like this. I am happy to have helped!

  2. Bob Lynch says:


    Excellent product review. It’s very clear where you stand. This does sound like a really scammy product to me. I hate it when these people don’t tell you what you are getting into. Its just about the hype

    No doubt about it, WA is the way to go for thoroughness and quality. Besides that, the price is very reasonable.

    Good job. Keep up the good work


    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Bob. Its hard to see the wood for the trees in this kind of program. Thats why it’s always good to do your due diligence and research a product to see if anyone else has looked inside to save you having to do so! Happy to have helped you Bob

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