FutureNet Review – Is this really the future?

FutureNet Review

FutureNet calls themselves a multimedia Network club. But what does that mean? How do you make money with them, and could it work for you?

Let’s find out now in the FutureNet Review:



Product Name: FutureNet

Website url: http://futurenet.club/login

Price: $10 starting fee

My Rating: 2 out of 5

My Recommendation: FutureNet says you can make money by using their social sharing platform and recruiting people in to join as well. It’s OK, but it’s not going to change the world. If you are not into recruiting and want to find a way to build a REAL home business, check out my top recommendation. 


What is FutureNet About?

FutureNet or sometimes know as FutureNet Club is an MLM which claims you can make money through recruiting new affiliates. They claim that they combine the 3 best ways to make money for the future and that you can earn money from any of these channels

  1. Social Media
  2. Multi Media
  3. Making Money online

Essentially, they have created a social media platform which you get paid to use and which you can use to either chat with friends, or upload multimedia content, amongst other things.

You get paid for doing all the activities you would have done otherwise on all the portals mentioned above, although you are not being paid to use existing social media channels but to USE and RECRUIT people into their own media channels. They talk about the likes of Facebook not giving you anything for the time you spend using it, and this is where FutureNet is different.

They have been running since 2014, so they have been around for a while, well that is a while in the world of internet marketing!

Have you heard of them before? I hadn’t so they can’t be next big thing then can they?

Take a look at this video which is supposed to sum it up. Well you would hope it would. But really, it’s 6 minutes of talking about the internet.

Still no idea what FutureNet is about? They don’t make it easy to find out!

In addition to using their platform as a social media channel to chat to your friends who you have invited, they provide a load of products, namely

  • tutorials
  • E-books
  • Landing pages
  • Your own blog
  • E-learning
  • Movies
  • Games

But why? You have to give out your email address to find out more. To get access to information on these products, by downloading their magazine. Why hide it? Why not tell people upfront what your products are?


What is the magazine about?

To save you downloading it and giving in your email address I did it for you and here is an outline of the content.

Very poor English from the off ‘Welcome at FutureNet’. Some parts I had to re-read again to understand. Not a good start.

This is a 33 page booklet, which is made up of mostly glossy cheesy pictures and things I’m sure you already know!

It says you only need to invest ONCE. Anything between $1 and $1685. The more you invest, the more you earn in the form of media points which allows you to purchase more products. And there are no monthly charges.

You have two choices you can either join and recruit people into the program and make money that way, OR you can use the platform to promote your own multimedia products and use it as a social media platform and earn while you use it or both.

What I found most annoying about this magazine, is it goes on an on about the internet. Did you know the internet is big? Did you know lots of people use the internet? Did you know you could make money on the internet. Really!? Who are they talking to, 4 year olds? And it goes on and on. Enough already!

They attempt to explain their compensation plan, which they call a marketing plan, in the magazine, but I have to say, it’s confusing, so I hope to simplify it here.

If you are interested in this business, I would suggest that you take a more long detailed look at the compensation plan and download this magazine.


Are you interested in starting a REAL home business in something that really works.

Try my number 1 recommendation


What is the FutureNet Compensation Plan?

Earning by recruiting new members

FutureNet use a Unilevel Compensation plan to pay you when you recruit new members. What this means is that any new recruits are placed directly under the person who recruited them. But you can only earn commissions from levels 6, so this is WAY down the line! AND you have to have satisfied the following criteria before you qualify for payments

The compensation plan is structured like this


Level 1: Your direct recruits

Level 2: People who those in level one have recruited

Level 3: People who those is level two have recruited.

This goes on, technically, forever,

  • Once you have recruited 6 people, you will get 2% commission on their membership fees
  • Once you have recruited 7 affiliates, you will get 2% commission on membership fees of those on level 6 and 3% on level 7
  • Once you have recruited 8 affiliates, you will get 2% commission on membership fees of those on level 6 and 3% on level 7 and 4% on level 8
  • Once you have recruited 9 affiliates, you will get 2% commission on membership fees of those on level 6 and 3% on level 7 and 4% on level 8 an 5% on level 9
  • Once you have recruited 10 affiliates, you will get 2% commission on membership fees of those on level 6 and 3% on level 7 and 4% on level 8 an 5% on level 9 and 6% on level 10

So the payments above are based on recruiting affiliates. Next you have the matrix commission structure which is based all around the commission from sales of the products.

They operate a 3 x 10 matrix and within this are 6 upgrade levels to take your earnings further. These upgrades cost $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1000. Note these are ONE off payments, there is no monthly ongoing payments. THIS IS HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO START EARNING.

The higher you upgrade the more you will get out of the business, as the level of upgrade you choose will effect your commission payments.

This compensation plan is pretty complicated, as it the case with many MLM compensation plans


What is FutureNet About

My Verdict

FutureNet has been around for a little while and so it has some history there. Not a bad thing.

It’s intention is to take on the likes of Facebook and other social media platforms but to share money back with its users, but have you ever heard of it? This would suggest that they are no where near their target.

Can you earn money with them? Yes, and people have, but you need to think whether this business is for you. Are you interested in trying to get friends to join a new social media platform that they have never heard of, how many friends would you have to recruit to make it a place to connect?  Are you interested in buying into any of their products, which, let’s be honest, they don’t share a lot of information about. Even in the magazine.

I am not a huge fan of this business. I really don’t like the MLM business model anyway, but that is personal choice. This one to me is one of the hardest things to do, to recruit friends and family into a business, and it’s a dangerous ground to get into, if you want to keep your friendships that is. And FutureNet has a really strong emphasis on focussing on friends and family particularly.

It’s not a bad business, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I hope this FutureNet Review has helped you to understand a but more about this business.


So what now?

If you are still looking for a way to earn money online and have your own home business and the freedom that gives, then try my no 1 recommendation which has 13 years of history behind it and countless success stories. It’s free to join and you can try the whole system first.

Make money online

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10 thoughts on “FutureNet Review – Is this really the future?

  1. Dave Sweney says:

    I am not a fan of MLM as it seems too many times they either are selling something that is overpriced or in some cases they are only selling their own product to you for the privilege to sell the less than valuable product to others…

    Your review of FutureNet was informative on just what this program is and is not. As I got to the section on commissions, I was surprised at just how little compensation there is.

    I did click on your recommended source for making money online, Wealthy Affiliate, and it seems to offer a lot more value and potential.

    Comparing FutureNet and Wealthy Affiliate, the second option seems more viable. I do not like wasting money, and it seems to me that the FutureNet is the same as throwing money away…

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Dave. I don’t have a lot of faith in Futurenet in case you can’t tell. It might pick up some momentum in the first instance if their marketing is good, but I Can’t see it lasting. And as you say, the compensation plan is poor. I’m pleased you took a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s my top recommendation to build an online business

  2. Benjamin says:

    As far as affiliate programs go for promoting a product, the percentage on sales here is one of the worst I’ve seen. I’m not much for promoting projects for such a low commission rate.

    I did see your review for Wealthy Affiliate though. Great place. That’s where I got my start.

  3. Kelsey Lim says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for the round up on FutureNet. I reckoned they are hiding behind the screen by promoting themselves as a multimedia club to gain attention. As you have pointed correctly, their compensation plan payout is a web of matrix and the upgrading cost is steep. It would take a lot of hard work recruiting members in order to recover the $1000 paid. I for one will stay away from any MLM even if it looks promising. You would often have to sell to family members and friends. Your family members may bear with you but your friends that you are trying to recruit will try to avoid you.


    • Hi Liat

      Thanks for your comments. You are right, as with a lot of MLM’s there is hard work involved in recruiting, and for such a complex compensation plan which doesn’t look particularly lucrative, even more complex! And I have seen so many times people lose friends because of being so persistent in getting them to join their opportunity. No one ever does and then that person is just being avoided!

  4. Armand707 says:

    Hello Ruth

    I’m back and going to give you my critique about your review on FutureNet. Just like in my feedback on your Is Too Damn Easy, FutureNet, to me, falls in the same category as Too Damn Easy as being a “pyramid scheme”: first recruit some members, and make sure they recruit members, then that’s how the money comes in.

    I believe all MLM businesses are pretty much not worth it at all. If they just took out the recruiting part, then maybe it would be a lucrative opportunity. However, since they pretty all involve recruiting, I would have to say, “Stay far away as much as possible.”

    Once again, I would like to thank you for your review on this MLM company, and keep fighting the good fight.


    • Ruth says:

      Hi Armand

      Technically a scheme is only a pyramid if there is NO product to promote, Recruitment for the sake of recruitment. The product here is their multimedia platforms and this is where I think it falls down. It’s not a strong enough product to stand on it’s own and to become the next Facebook.

      I wouldn’t get involved either, so thank you for your comments and coming back to look at more reviews.

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