Getpaid.Social Review – A Surprising Social Sharing Business

A Surprising Social Sharing Business - Get Paid Social Review

When I started looking into this program I thought I knew what I was going to find. But to be honest, I was slightly surprised. I think it has potential but there are definitely some teething problems that I found from my experience with them. I outline these to the bottom of my article.

So in this Getpaid.Social Review, I will explain what I mean and I am going to take you through what this business is all about and how you can make money.

Watch this space:




Product Name: Getpaid.Social

Website url:

Cost: Two price plans, 1. Free or 2. Premium which is $27 per month, $97 per year OR $197 one time payment.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My Recommendation: GetPaidSocial is a way to pick up a few extra dollars here and there, but it won’t change your life. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is

Here are the two sides from which you can look at this business:

Either as an individual looking to earn money through sharing on social media OR as a business wanting to grow your business, by paying people to share your content, or perform certain simple tasks. You can be both of course.

At the time of writing (Jan 2016) there are 100,000 members in this system. This is pretty good since they started in November 2015. A good sign that they are doing something right.

So let’s look at the business from the two perspectives;


  1. An Individual looking to earn money

There are several ways in which you can earn money by undertaking simple tasks and these include the following. Not all of these tasks are available to do at the moment, and some are work in progress.

  • Like a Facebook page
  • Share a Facebook post
  • Like a Facebook post
  • Re-tweeting a twitter post
  • Sharing a Google plus post
  • Visit a website
  • Watch a video
  • Filling out an online form
  • Joining an email list
  • Filling out a website form
  • posting an ad on Craigslist
  • And many more

You are looking at anywhere between $0.005 and $0.25 per action, and each task takes about 30 seconds, unless you are a premium member (more on this later).

So you are not going to become a millionaire here, and I can tell you there are a lot more interesting ways to earn money online.

But the tasks are varied and quite fun, compared to the usual ‘clicking on websites’  options that you may  have looked at to make easy money.  This is a similar concept to other businesses such as Swagbucks, or Inboxdollars although this one is purely Social sharing based.


What is GetPaid Social

If you want to earn a bit this is a great route but you can do more to earn more by becoming premium.

So lets see if it’s worth it – more about this in a bit.


2. A business wanting to grow their business

Let’s think about the people who are paying for you to do the above. Are they really getting valuable clicks and likes?

There are two sides to this argument:

The best thing you could do for Facebook, is to have engaged fans who want to read your content, who comment and share. Pretty hard to get if you have ever tried.

If you have a large percentage of fans (through GetPaid.Social) who are not interested and regularly engaging, this  will actually cause your page to show in fewer and fewer feeds until eventually it becomes lost. So if you are looking to buy page likes, think about this..

Having said this, if you are about to run, say a Facebook like page campaign, through facebook ads, to a page which has no likes, it is not going to look tempting to anyone you are asking to like your page. Why should they? Buying in extra cheap likes can really help the page look tempting, and is a good starting place. The same goes for Twitter.

For something like a post like campaign, GetPaid.Social paid likes can really help as many likes will show facebook how popular it is, and push it up the news feed. So it could be useful here.

Just be wary if you are setting up any campaigns. If you are asking people to fill in a form for example to join your email list, if they are just doing this to get $0.10 cents, are they going to be a worthwhile customer? Will they really be interested in anything you have to sell, or are you wasting your money?


Interested in learning about building your OWN profitable online business,

instead of just helping others grow theirs?


How do you make MORE money with Getpaid.Social?

This video is from the launch of the business, but there is some really useful information in there. It’s a long one but worth a watch if this is a business that really interests you.


Otherwise read on below for more invaluable information!


I am focussing on making money through undertaking tasks for the rest of this review as I think this is what most people will be interested in.  As I mentioned, there is a free option, but it will be pocket money. So how can you increase this income to make it more valuable?….

You need to upgrade as a paid or premium member to make more money. There is always this catch, but they are a business and have to make money too, right?

So how do you make money with


1. By Referrals:

You recommend GetPaid.Social to others and when they sign up by clicking on your affiliate link, they are called a referral.

When a referral completes a task, you get paid, when a referral creates a listing you get paid, and when they upgrade you get paid. But you must be a premium member to benefit from any of this.

Is GetPaid Social A Scam?


2. Become a Premium member

You get a lot more benefits and higher commissions as a premium member. Plus you have access to better paid tasks

Here is a list of premium member benefits:

  1. You receive 40% of the transaction and listing fees of each task. Don’t get excited, this can amount to very little per task.
  2. You can access an unlimited number of tasks rather than just 25 as a free members. well so they say…
  3. You get first access to new tasks as they come out. For an hour before anyone else.
  4. You can earn commission on premium membership fees when someone upgrades
  5. You get access to VIP support
  6. You have access to gold tasks which can be from $1 to $10 tasks
  7. If you want to list a task, you get to do so for FREE. Free members have to pay $10 one time listing fee.
  8. You can select paypal to be your payment option which will cost an additional 10% off your earning


3. Become a LIFETIME premium membership 

If you decide to become a lifetime member of GetPaid.Social, included in your package is 30 days entrance into the rotator.  Becoming a lifetime member means making a one off payment of $197 instead of any monthly payments.

To explain this a bit more: Jeff Long (the owner) says he is going to share the traffic that is visiting his website with you, and those that sign up will be GIVEN to lifetime premium members only for the first 30 day of their membership. So essentially you will get some free referrals, guaranteed. How many, we don’t know..

Therefore traffic that comes to the website that hasn’t been referred, will automatically be allocated to a lifetime premium member until they get a free member sign up and then it will move to the next person.


What have GetPaid Social achieved since the launch in November 2015?

100,000 members.

$30,000 earned on tasks so far.

$150,000 dollars in commissions for premium members.

Not bad for 2 months work.


The benefits

  • The tasks are simple and quick
  • The pennies do tend to build up
  • You can earn cash right away without becoming a premium member
  • It can be a good way to to boost your popularity on social media
  • Jeff Long, the owner is at the front of the business and doesn’t hide.
  • The interface is user friendly


The drawbacks

  • It’s still new, and this means proceed with caution
  • You do have to put some time into doing the tasks
  • As its not the most exciting work, it can get a little dull
  • You risk flooding your social media channels with feeds from people you don’t really care about
  • Some of the commission structure is very complicated understanding just exactly how much you will earn
  • Tasks are limited at the moment. As the business builds, they should become more frequent. Therefore, paying for premium when there aren’t unlimited tasks might seem unnecessary.
  • There is potential to make a good amount of money, but really only if you are a premium member, and only if the tasks come in!


A bit on my personal experience with GetPaid.Social

As I do with everything, I thought I would try GetPaid.Social out. I tried to place a task on the marketplace, but the process went wrong somewhere down the line, a glitch in the payment function. I submitted a ticket which said a maximum of 48 hours to respond. Well its 64 hours and still nothing, and this is after chasing it. Not great.

As a free member, they say you have a maximum of 25 tasks. I have never seen more than 4 tasks in my task marketplace. This could be because the tasks are limited, but all the premium members get first dibs. But we can’t be sure. And I’m not signing up based on my support question experience.

These are probably teething problems, but I am holding fire until I can be sure that I can trust them with my money!

Here is an update for you. I decided to give it a go and upgraded to premium membership. Big mistake. Here’s why:

  1. There are no more tasks in premium. The most I ever saw was 3 tasks at $0.04. And these go in seconds because of all the people waiting for them. Hardly unlimited. How are you supposed to earn money on this? I have earnt less than a dollar in 5 days of waiting
  2. I tried to place a task, and it ran over my budget by $20. In fairness, they admitted to this, but it took two days of emails to actually get a response, where I was panicking that they were helping themselves to my money.
  3. I paid for a task which never showed up, so was charged another $5 for nothing, and was asked by the delightful lady below to ‘prove it.’ She said, once I had proved it that the refund would show up in my account. Well it hasn’t and they have charged me
  4. I have lost $25 for nothing, absolutely nothing. 
  5. You cannot cancel your membership yourself. They say there is a way to do this in the back end, but there isn’t. This was one of the ‘discussions’ I had.
  6. You get your money back if you cancel in 7 days. Well guess what, no one replies so they take your money anyway and you have no control because YOU can’t cancel it. I am not sure they have. I have had to block it through my bank. 
  7. The VIP support you get for a premium is shocking. First of all it is no different to the unpaid member but I was treated INCREDIBLY badly by one of their staff members. Eventually I got so fed up of asking questions which I had to send several times, and this is the response I got. 

Get paid social review

Nice. And this wasn’t the end of it. She had been rude before but I put it down to a language barrier. Clearly she WAS actually being rude.  This email went on for a long time, where she ‘lol’ed at the fact that I was worried about not having control over the money that was being taken. Honestly, I was fuming. 


My Verdict

I have changed my opinion on this program after having had the experience above. I was all for giving it a chance, but not now.. At least not in the short term.

Sure I shouldn’t be put off by one person, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to my readers. For a start, there are NO tasks. Maybe this will improve with time, but if they don’t sort out their problems, of which there are many, people will leave and then no one will place tasks, the marketplace will dry up. There are a lot of technical problems and no one to deal with them.

Most importantly, I feel like they are just helping themselves to my money and I have no control because you can’t cancel and no one answers.

In addition if you try to set up the like a facebook post app, it’s really tricky and I gave up and be careful because if you like too many random pages then facebook will start to look at your account and ban you. I wonder if they know this?  Also, you have to add your personal account, do you want all your friends seeing that you liked johns page about some scam he is selling and then mikes page about another one?

They have a promotional video where people talk about how they have earnt $800 already. Exactly how would that have happened? Not through tasks? I suppose through referring people. But how long will they stick around? I took me 5 days to leave and thats only because no one would get back to me.

My suggestion to you, if you are interested in this business and want to give it a try is to try it out for free, and see if there are any tasks. Believe me, there aren’t more tasks available as a premium member.


I think get paid social could work, but there is A LOT wrong at the moment.. So lets see. I say stay away for now.

Time will tell if I am right!

If you want more, if you want your OWN business which will earn you a serious income, doing something you really enjoy, rather thank clicking on links and entering information, with help and support that is NOTHING like this, then try my no 1 business recommendation for long term sustainable online business.


How to make money online

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14 thoughts on “Getpaid.Social Review – A Surprising Social Sharing Business

  1. Adyns68 says:

    Hi dear
    I got scamed by a similar program.
    With this you didn’t even get a task, you need to sign up with another job offering website and wait for a job to submit a CV. Which is very a big lie because there is no task guarantee and when sign up most of us don’t already have an experience.
    I spent money and never got any task.
    I’m gonna try your first recommendation as I understand it has more money making possibility

    • Ruth says:

      It’s terrible isn’t it?. I know a few months on and this business, Get paid social is floundering. I think they totally oversold and people did join up, but they didn’t have the tasks to do, so people swiftly left, and from here was a vicious downward spiral. And with the customer service I experienced, I can see why the failing of the site could be exacerbated! It angers me that people can get away with taking your money so easily like this online. I would love to know how you get on with my recommendation, so keep in touch!

  2. Neil says:

    I have come across the Getpaid.Social platform a number of times online already, and it does sound like an OK way to generate some money.

    I can see the benefits to this program from both sides of the fence,and it’s a good way for people to earn a little money from what they already do online every day any way.

    However, your bad experiences with Getpaid.Social are a little offputting, but hopefully the owners will iron out the creases over time and fix most of the problems.

    Thanks for the great review..

    • Ruth says:

      HI Neil

      I have had no response to my further emails to get Paid social. I have just cancelled and blocked them from taking any more money from my bank directly. A lot more hassle than I needed. VERY poor customer service, and I have to just accept that they have just taken this money and I won’t get it back.

      I checked again today and still only 3 tasks available. Hardly unlimited. Well lets see what time holds for them. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Xin Zhang says:

    Hello Ruth,

    I think that a site like this can fill a niche and provide some income for interested people. However, it would seem like the compensation is not very high. If as I recall they pay 10 cents for something that takes 30 seconds you are looking at $12 per hour. I am sure there are those who would benefit from some extra income, so good. I hope they can meet their needs, earn a little extra and not get scammed.

    For people not in this category, aren’t there better options for people who have different goals and who wouldn’t be interested in this niche?

    Do you have some suggestions?



    • Ruth says:

      Hi Xin

      For this kind of business, ie filling in surveys, and clicking on website Getpaid social pays quite well, but as you say it’s not going to change your world. The way you can make more money is by referring people and this is difficult. If you already have a network of people, say a business network who would benefit form the tasks in there, then great, but if you are just trying to make a few dollars here and there, not so great.

      I would really suggest, for making more than ust a few dollars, my no 1 business recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to build a long term sustainable business through affiliate marketing. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Larry says:

    This will be an interesting one to watch. The concept is a little different, and you would expect there to be some growing pains. You’ve done a pretty extensive job of pointing out the potential along with the appropriate amount of caution. Thank you for addressing this in such a realistic way and not just trying to sell us on something. And I agree with your better recommendation on starting your own web based business.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Larry. It seems as even the weeks go by that GetPaid.Social is growing really rapidly. They are starting to iron out the technical problems. I am considering going premium myself. If its of interest to you, then watch out for the premium membership discount. Although I think it will be kept low for a while…

  5. James says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for posting. I am on social all the time and doing all the things you mentioned for free. This make a ton of sense. I just signed up and it was incredibly simple. The task marketplace is well organized. I’m looking forward to digging into this.

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