Global Traffic Takeover Review – Will they takeover the world?

Global Traffic Takeover Review

It’s a big title. Global Traffic Takeover. With big promises.

Have you been approached to join this MLM business? Do you want to know whether you can make money in this business and whether you should join?

Well, look no further, this Global Traffic Takeover review will tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s get stuck in.



Product Name: Global Traffic Takeover

Website url:

Cost: membership level $25 per month (starter), $75 per month (Pro), $100 per month (Guru)

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: Global Traffic Takeover is a new program so investing in something with no track record is risky. It’s far too unreliable in my opinion. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Global Traffic Takeover?

I think the name gives it away a little bit, but what is it about?

We are looking at a Multi-level Marketing program whose products are list building software and traffic packages. New Traffic package MLMs are really popping up everywhere at the moment, I see at least one a week these days. Recently there have been programs like AdsPayPro and PIF explosion, to mention just a few.  This would suggest that there must be demand for this type of business otherwise why the new emergence?

But is there value for you and is this something that you would be interested in being involved in?

Global Traffic Takeover positions itself as a ‘list builder’ using the old adage that the money is in the list. The traffic packages it offers is part of the Multi-level Marketing side of the business.

They talk about providing you with the tools to build your list and to make your list as responsive as possible. I will come back to what you get when you join in a little bit, but first of all a little bit about history, as this is important when considering investing in a new business that is just starting out.


The history of Global Traffic Takeover

Global Traffic Takeover was just launched in February 2016 and from my research it appears that it is owned by a gentleman called Bruce Gerlach. He owns Xtreme Lifestyles Network as well which is a traffic and advertising platform and he has worked with companies such as 4 corners Alliance, and Pro-Travel, all network marketing MLMs.

This is not a BAD track record but my suspicions is that the Xtreme Lifestyle Network product is simply being rebranded as Global Traffic Takeover with a slightly less compelling compensation plan.

Anyway, let’s dive in and see what the program has in store to see if it’s a good product.


What do you get:

1. List builder 101:

Just a note. In order for an MLM to be legitimate, the product must stand up on it’s own. You should be able to make money from the product alone. So here’s the product:

If you don’t have prospects, then you don’t have customers. If you don’t have customers, then you are out of business.

This is their introductory gambit and it’s a fair point. In this package which helps you to build a list, you get everything you need to know to monetize your list.

  • Autoresponder
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Statistics
  • Email broadcast
  • Access to targeted traffic (more about this later)
  • Ability to become a traffic reseller
  • An Affiliate program
  • Back end leads management system
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Pre-written content you can share on social media
  • The ability to send video emails


2. Access to Traffic packages:

It appears that you are only able to buy the traffic packages IF you sign up to be a member. These are not available to the general public.  More about this later.

How much does it cost?

Let’s take a look at the membership packages. You get different levels of functionality of List builder 101 based on your membership levels. This is standard to get people to upsell.

See the outline below:


Want to start your own business

without a complicated compensation plan? 


The compensation plan

Just to be clear, the product you can buy is the email list builder AND traffic packages but you need to be a member to get involved in the compensation plan. The membership entitles you, depending on what level you come in at (based on what is outlined above), to participate in the compensation plan:

So let’s look at the compensation plan.

Global Traffic Takeover use a unilevel compensation plan which is quite common place in MLM’s and works on what is known as a 1 up system. This means that every other sale that you make, you pass the commission up to the person who recruited you. This commission is 50%

Sounds harsh to start off with but basically that means that you in turn will get passed up every other commission from your downline so the more people you recruit into your downline, the more commissions you will earn.

In order to earn any commission, you need to have joined as a member. So you can choose to be a starter ($25 monthly), a Pro ($75 monthly) or a guru ($100 monthly). The membership level you enter in at will determine the level of commission you get:

For example:

It is important to note that the maximum you will earn is based on the membership level you come in at. For example if a GURU recruits someone as a PRO, they will earn $37.50 commission (half of the PRO $75 a month membership fee). But if a STARTER recruits someone as a pro they will only earn the max at their level of $12.50 (half of their $25 per month membership fee)

Are you still with me? Not fallen asleep?


In general the rule follows this.

As a Starter, you will earn $12.50 per recruited affiliate, with $6.25 passed up from your downline (as this is 50% of $12.50)

As a Pro, you will earn $37.50 per recruited affiliate, with $18.25 passed up from your downline (as this is 50% of $37.50)

As a Guru you will earn $50 per recruited affiliate, with $25.00 passed up from your downline (as this is 50% of $50.00)


The traffic packages

In order for people to take advantage of the Global Traffic Takeover packages, you need to be in the system. It doesn’t seem that non affiliates can actually purchase traffic packages.  This causes a slight issue for me in that what will be happening is that the only people buying traffic packages are those wanting to sell them on. There is no value then in the actual traffic just a way of pushing the same traffic around.

A closed loop essentially.

There are two ways that you can use the traffic packages:

  1. Become a reseller
  2. Buy the traffic for yourself

Lets take a look at option 1:

If you want to resell on the traffic you can buy these traffic packages for a range of prices from $197 to $10,000!

The way this works is very similar to the 1 up structure for recruitment as I have outlined above.

Lets use an example.

If you want to purchase the cheapest package at $197. On this you earn a commission of $100, $50 of this is passed up commission (as explained above). SO in my eyes this means that the traffic should really only cost $197 – $100 = $97

And this goes on for every traffic package. The amount of commission is outlined on their homepage, but you can see an example here, the TLA commission outlined what you get at each level.


Why is this traffic so expensive?

Well they claim that this is top tier traffic. ie traffic that is directly from search engines such as google or Bing. It is essentially the best level of traffic you can get. But my question is, are this overinflated prices to allow for a nearly 50% commission on each package, so that affiliates can get their place in the matrix. Who is going to pay these sorts of prices?

If they are selling to the general public, I think this would be the question that most people would want answered, and I think it would be difficult to sell this traffic at these prices.


Additional Charges

In order to be qualified to sell the traffic packages you need a license – this is called a reseller fee. That will cost you $50


My verdict

I hope that this Global Traffic Takeover Review has given you some food for thought – This is still a pretty new business, so it’s hard to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, with anything that hasn’t had a substantial track record.

However, we can look at the indicators for success to see if you can really make money with this business. My main concerns:

  1. The price of the traffic packages: They are very high and you are looking at paying almost double just so that affilaites can get their commission. If I were an ordinary person looking to buy traffic, I point blank wouldn’t pay this. So this begs the question, whether these traffic pacakges are for the general public?
  2. My concern here is that all the people in the program will be doing is buying traffic to sell to others, who are buying it to sell to others. They will be using the email list marketing tool to sell to others who use this to sell to others. Where is the room for massive growth here, and what are you achieving?
  3. The compensation plan is also flawed. The more you pay in membership fees the more you earn in terms of commissions. Generally MLM’s should reward based on sales not on how much you pay to join.
  4. It seems like the email building list is a product for the sake of a product to stop this becoming an illegal pyramid program.

If you had the question is Global Traffic Takeover a scam, I would have to say no. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

There are several flaws here and much better businesses that you can join.


So what now?

If you were keen on Global Traffic Takeover and this review has put you off, don’t despair, there are other options out there for you.

If you want your own business that you can run from home, where you don’t have to try and sell on expensive packages that are difficult to push, or if you want a business that is well established with 13 years track record, then try my no 1 recommendation for building an online business.

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4 thoughts on “Global Traffic Takeover Review – Will they takeover the world?

  1. Nelson says:

    I love what you have here. Although I have been involved in mnay companies like this, with any business you have to take caution, no matter what cause you never know who is the face behind these programs.

    great information, this lets me know that you are 10000% aware of what you have here.

    great job


  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for a detailed analysis of Global Traffic Takeover. I’ve been involved in online business for a couple of years now. Generally I think that the bigger the claim, the bigger the scam. Any company name that claims to “Take Over” the internet is obviously talking too big. This just isn’t possible. Also it looks like earnings are purely based on recruiting other people into the same system. That is a pyramid scheme basically. Your number one recommendation looks way better I think. Especially as you can start off for free 😉

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Rob, You have nailed it absolutely there. The bigger the claim the bigger the scam. Yes it does seem to be all about recruiting people into the business. And this is where it gets dangerous. If there is nothing good to sell, then eventually how do you recruit people to sell it. A fundamental flaw I think. Thanks for your comments!

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