Guaranteed Sign Ups System review – Could it be that easy?

Is Guaranteed Signs Ups A Scam

Guaranteed Sign ups System is all over the place online at the moment. I bump into communication from them or from their team all the time, I thought I would have a look at it and see if you really are guaranteed some sign ups and how the system works.

So I’ve put together this Guaranteed Sign Ups system review to delve into it more deeply

Take a look:



Product Name: Guarentted Sign Ups System

Website Url:

Cost: $49 one off and $50 a month

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: Guaranteed Sign ups is a rotator system for itself. You buy into the program to promote the program. If you want to build a business which is your own around something you enjoy then take a look at my no 1 recommendation


What is Guarenteed Sign Ups System About?

Jeremy Rush is the owner of Guaranteed Sign Ups System and he is not afraid to show his face. In some make money online programs, the owners hide, but he is out there. So he is proud of his product. This sounds good.

The main principle behind the Guaranteed Sign Ups System is that you are guaranteed 3 sales. Or 3 members to be added to your downline, or 3 referrals.  The referrals are people who are buying into Guarenteed Sign ups. So don’t just add your own business to this system, you are getting sign ups for Guaranteed Sign Ups. It’s a cycle.

Let me explain it a bit more’;


How does it work?

The Guaranteed Sign Ups System is essentially what is known as a rotator. There are lots of these around such as GPS Funnel and many more.

This rotator goes out and gets 3 referrals for you when you join. So that you aren’t doing the recruiting. This is how it is promoted. But then what is confusing, is that you have to also sign up to be a member of Zukul before you can be entered into this rotator which is a suite of marketing tools which you use for promoting Guaranteed Sign Ups.

So, sorry, you DO have to promote the business. Yes you do. So doing No recruiting is not strictly true.

Take a look at the video here which describes how Guaranteed Sign Ups works: It’s a long one, so I have explained it out below in text.


Once you join Guaranteed Sign Ups, you are entered into the ‘traffic center’.

This Traffic center is the system that gets your referrals for you. It will get you your 3 referrals. Once these referrals are yours, these people are entered into the system, to get their 3 referrals, and this goes on for 10 levels deep resulting in just over 59,000 referrals in total.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it.

The traffic center works by using tools they have to get traffic using social media including Facebook, Twitter, and all of these drive traffic into the traffic center. Guaranteed Sign Ups also do work with SEO and Google adwords. All of this is driving traffic to the traffic center. This traffic center is what delivers the sign ups which are then passed on to you.

So why do you need to be a member of Zukul?


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What is Zukul?

The topic of Zukul is so big it needs its own review so here is some information top line on it.

is guaranteed sign ups system a scamZukul is essentially a marketing suite of tools that you can use to promote Guaranteed Sign Ups. When you sign up for the intermediate level (the $50 a month) to get access to 8 marketing tools

  • Autoreponder,
  • Facebook ads tool (Facebook Ninja).
  • landing page creator,
  • blogging template,
  • setting automatic social media posting,
  • Zukul traffic tool,
  • ongoing training,
  • banner creator

The purpose of all of these is to help you promote Guaranteed Sign Ups.

But hold on I thought that’s why you bought into the system in the first place so that you don’t have to do any recruiting yourself. So that the traffic center gets your sign ups for you. Technically according to the promises, you should just be paying for one thing. For the Traffic center.

But no.


How much does it cost?

The total INITIAL cost is $99 which his split into 2 payments of $49 and $50.

The $49 promotes the traffic centre to drive traffic to your business. It is not used for anything else. This pays for all of the markeing THEY do to the traffic center.

The $50 per month gets you into the Zukul marketing tools and training.


Some concerns

  • The time frame in which you receive your guaranteed sign ups is not specified. You could end up paying your Zukul membership for 3 months before you get all your sign ups, or longer.
  • You are given 3 referrals but who’s to say those referrals will hang around. They can cancel at any time and then you are on your own.
  • These rotator systems are notorious for having a short life span. Why? Because it is all driven by recruiting new customers. If this dries up then there is no money going into the traffic center, promotion slows and the only way is down.
  • The tools you get through Zukul many people  will be using to promote the same product (Guaranteed Sign Ups). There aren’t many templates and style designs to choose from, so everything will look the same, and to me they look quite basic and even a spammy.
  • Jeremy Rush talks about automating your posts, for example through the Facebook Ninja tool which can post every few minutes to thousands of groups. Sure that will save loads of time, but it sounds like spam to me.


My Verdict

The tools within Zukul are ok, they help automate a lot of things that can take time and you are taught how to use them within Zukul. It’s great to have the level of training you get here. But this is a Guaranteed Sign Ups System Review, my verdict on Guaranteed sign ups as a program is that it is basically a traffic system which is a funnel to get you to buy into Zukul.

What I found misleading was that the adverts seem to suggest that you can promote your own business. So if you have your own business in direct sales or affiliate marketing, you can use this tool to promote your business. Not so:

When Jeremy Rush talks about your business, he is talking about promoting the Guaranteed Sign ups System. It’s not your own business.

My advice would be to you is to be very cautious before joining something like this. The history of this type of business shows that these rotator systems do not last long. It can take a few months to get your referrals and this is where you are seeing people drop out. Then your money will be invested and you will have no return.

This is what has been shown to happen so many times before with this type of program. So the risk is high! People have made money with this system, but for how long?! If you really want to make money online, check out my top rated program to get started

I would be really interested to see if anyone else has any stories about this program and how they got on. Please let me know.


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5 thoughts on “Guaranteed Sign Ups System review – Could it be that easy?

  1. Matthew says:

    The guaranteed sign ups system sounds very suspicious. Anything with a “guaranteed” promise in them sounds like a scam to me. I’m still suspicious how can they “guarantee” I will get anything. To me it sounds like they will assign random people who signed up as my referrals even if they have never even heard of me. So basically I will get 3 referrals even if I haven’t done anything and there’s no guarantee I will ever run any successful business. And after those 3 “guaranteed” people go, I’m no longer making any money if I can’t get any people to sign up. Sounds like a bad deal to me.

    • Ruth says:

      And something important to note is that they are not signing up to your business. If you are, say working fro Forever Living you can’t plug your forever living details in there. You have to recruit people to guaranteed sign ups, which ultimately leads to Zukul. So it’s promoting them. That almost got me a while back!

      Thanks for leaving your comments

  2. Julius says:

    Hello, I’ve been reading your website for quite some time now and I really love it!

    What can I say about this particular system? Well it’s obvious that there’s no guarantees that it really works in long term, so I suggest not to join it. Almost every service that guarantees something done for you automatically is a scam! There’s no shortcuts to success, you have to work by yourself!

    • Ruth says:

      Spot on Julius! that is one of the true signs of a scam. Quick riches in no time. Only winning the lotto can do that! And thanks for your lovely comments!

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