How to make money with Swagbucks – Make $400 easily

How to make money with Swagbucks

If you have never heard of Swagbucks, then you are missing out on a great thing!

Swagbucks is one of my all time favorite ways to earn money online without putting in too much effort.

Don’t get me wrong you aren’t going to make a full time income, but you can generate some nice earnings along the way, doing things you were going to do anyway. You just need a few tips to get you going and to make the most out of it.


What is Swagbucks about?

How to make money with SwagbucksSwagbucks is a rewards site where you get rewards for undertaking various types of tasks online.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s a great one, if you take it for what it is. I have been a member myself for over 6 months and used it in my everyday internet activities and it has allowed me to collect nearly $400 worth of Swagbucks points which I can either cash out or use as gift cards. Ok so, I’m not quitting my day job, but who wouldn’t want a few extra bucks here and there to help with Christmas or summer vacations?

So I want to help you make the most out of Swagbucks.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow, and I’ll tell you what I do.

But before I get into the meat of the rewards site, just a couple of tips:

  1. When I log onto my computer every day, I open up Swagbucks as the first thing I do. I either keep it there in the background, to look at tasks as and when they pop up or I start the day with a few short tasks.
  2. Either that or I log on in the evening when I am watching TV and mindlessly complete a few more tasks.
  3. Oh and don’t keep checking your balance. That’s the best tip. Otherwise you will become frustrated, just do what you were doing, and fit things in as and when and then it will build up nicely over time.

Firstly, important to know is:

170 SB is a dollar

849 SB for a $5 gift card


Ways to earn with Swagbucks

First if you SIGN UP HERE, you will get s $5 (£3) bonus to start you off. Nice.

Immediately you will get some Swagbucks for setting up a few things. Make sure you ‘take the tours’. They only take seconds, and you will quickly become familiar with how it works.

All of the sections I outline below can be found on the left hand menu.


1. Vote in the daily poll

This is a super quick way just to add one extra SB. Simply vote in the poll and that’s it done. 1 point added. I always start my day with this one.


2. Daily offers (NOSO)

Then I go down to the daily offers. These are different offers every day. It can be anything from short tasks to surveys. You don’t have to tick yes, you can just press the button to go to the next offer if it doesn’t suit. Just clicking through these offers without participating in any of them can earn you 2SB, even if you don’t tick yes to any offers, and it takes less than a minute.

You can take surveys for this section or join other offers, it depends what is going on at the time. But just check that you are getting maximum SB for your time. You will get a feel for what is right the more you use the site.


3. Search the internet

What is Swagbucks aboutThis is so simple. Go to the search menu on the left.

You install the extension into your browser, and every time you start up your computer you will get 1 SB. By installing the extension, you make the Swagbucks search engine your default engine, rather than google or Yahoo, then you earn points when you search. Don’t worry it’s completely safe and won’t infect your computer or anything. It does take a little getting used to looking at things through a slightly different browser, but Swagbucks uses the Yahoo search engine so you will delivered great quality results.

Just follow the steps on set up under ‘search’ in the left hand column and every time you search something it is logged with Swagbucks and you can collect Swagbucks for every search you do. You won’t even know you are doing it after a while.

Your SB’s will only jump up from time to time, so don’t expect it to be going up every single time you search, be patient and it will start to jump.


4. Do your online shopping

If you do a lot of online shopping already then this is a great way to earn.

Swagbucks have connections with many well known brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and loads of retailers. This varies depending on the country you have joined from. Whenever you shop through their portal then you get Swagbucks. You usually get between 2 and 4 SBs per dollar you spend. A nice little earner. It’s like cash back on your purchases.

Before you start shopping, go over to Swagbucks and in the shop section check if the product you want to buy is available in a shop they have listed. Then if you click on the shop icon and go through there, essentially you are getting your cash back. It’s probably the shop you were going to choose anyway (ie Amazon), so why not save while you are at it?

If you prefer, you can install the Swagbucks button which flags a website that accepts Swagbucks as you visit it so that you don’t have to start your search through logging into Swagbucks first every time. Probably worthwhile doing.


5. Playing games

ways to earn with SwagbucksDo you have an interest in playing games online? Well why not get paid to do it at the same time?

If you play the games on Swagbucks website, then you get paid. and I have to admit, some of these games are pretty good fun. Great for just passing the time of having a go whilst watching TV. (sounds like a watch a lot of TV huh?!)

You earn for every OTHER session you play not for how many points you get or how good you are. You can’t just lose and play loads of sessions either. Some how they are wise to this, so make sure you are just enjoying the game and trying your best or you won’t get anything, (but not too hard). As with everything on Swagbucks, don’t try to cheat the system, they have seen it all before. Just use your time wisely.


6. Answering surveys

Online surveys are definitely a good way to make some extra cash online with Swagbucks, but be careful with which ones you choose.

You do have to qualify for surveys before you can take them so you will need to fill out your survey profile first, and make sure you are honest as if you don’t answer correctly to pre-qualification questions (ie if they don’t match your profile answers) you won’t get access to the survey and you would have have wasted a lot of time.

What I really like about Swagbucks over other survey sites is that you have to answer maybe 1 or 2 pre-qualification questions. Many other survey sites make you answer sometimes 5 minutes worth of pre-qualification questions and then shut you out, but Swagbucks only ask you 1 or 2 questions so you aren’t wasting loads of time!

Another feature I love about Swagbucks and why I think it’s the best rewards site.


7. Watching videos

how much can you make with swagbucksHere you get a selection of trailers and short videos to watch which are often about upcoming movie releases and series. Quite interesting I think.

You can choose from a category that interests you on the left hand side. This isn’t huge paying but can work if you don’t sit and watch them all.

What I do, is open the videos and let them run when I am not using my computer, but just click on more when they are done. You have to be near it though, so this might not work for everyone. But you must have the page in front view as far as I can tell.

I quite like to do this whilst I am doing the cooking or getting on with something else.

But be careful not to overdo it. A max of 100 Swagbucks a day on video watching is what you should aim for, although the cap is 150, I have heard of some people being banned for going right up to the top.


8. NCrave Activities

These can be found under the Watch section.

This is the most interesting way to earn money with Swagbucks and where you will make the most, On average you are looking at about 1 to 4 SB per activity, although it doesn’t actually tell you upfront on this option. You are essentially getting paid to click as per the directions given by Swagbucks.


9. Using coupons

Who doesn’t love a coupon, and savings are what Swagbucks are all about. These coupons are printable and you get paid Swagbucks when you actually use them. They are all tracked back to your account.

You will find quite a few coupons for groceries here so it’s worth checking in once a week before you do your weekly shop.

10. Special offers

Go to the ‘discover’ section and take a look at special offers. I recommend not spending a huge amount of time here as these offers usually require you to sign up to something. So have a glance over it and see if there is anything of interest perhaps that you were going to do anyway.

This is usually related to online shopping so if you are about to do some shopping, before you go to the shop section, check out this section first.


11. Refer a friend

You can share Swagbucks with your friends and ask them to join and then you can earn 10% of their earnings. All you have to do is get a special referral link from swagbucks when you sign up. and ask your friends to click on it to sign up. Simple. Passive.

12. Follow Swagbucks on Social media

Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can get notifications here on any offers or swagcodes as they pop up which you can then enter into your swagcode.

Look out for emails from them too, they offer have some great promotions and latest best earning surveys for you to check out.


13. Watch your Swagcodes and Swagmeter

Your swag meter tells you what you goal of Swagbucks is for the day and where you are at meeting this. If you reach this goal then  you can earn bonus points.

Once you have downloaded the extension (as mentioned earlier), it will alert you as to where to find the Swagcode. It could be on facebook, pinterest or on Twitter, so you can go to wherever they tell you to find it, copy the code and it will add SBs to your account. Like a treasure hunt! Ish, or not.


How much can you make with Swagbucks?

Well this is the question that everyone wants to have an answer to. And of course it’s impossible to tell.

The key is to lower your expectations. You are not going to make a living here and it’s certainly not a get rich quick plan! This is just some nice extra cash.

Some professional swagbuckers (if they call themselves that) will make a maximum of $10 a day. Me, I am on about $2 to $3. It sounds pretty poor, but believe me, if you don’t obsess about it and just make it part of your daily routine within a few months you can see a nice little sum. Just get yourself a system like I have and then you won’t know you are doing it.

I hope this has given you some food for thought, I think it’s worth just joining up to check it out of nothing else.

 Sign up to Swagbucks here


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11 thoughts on “How to make money with Swagbucks – Make $400 easily

  1. Adyns68 says:

    Hi dear

    I like it!

    I do not mind the possibility of the pay being 2$ per day. I think it is something that you can make part of your daily life within it overtaking your daily life or work. It’s a fantastic way to make some extra cash.

    I would love to give it try, after all I do use chrome every day with zero reward of any kind.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ruth says:

      Exactly, It’s something you can do in between other things. As they say, every little adds up! Good luck in your endeavours. 

    • Hi Monica, there is not always a daily poll to take part in, so some days it might show and some days it might not. When it doesn’t it means it’s not running. I hope that helps.

  2. Chris says:

    Used to use this site religiously to make money every day and I have to say – it’s pretty cool if you’re only looking to make a extra bit of cash ( you won’t get rich there! ). I used to open up the videos and just keep them running as I did something more worthwhile online! A great little site for say bored housewives!

    • Ruth says:

      That’s what I do with the video. It’s great for some extra cash. I think everyone should have an account running.

      Thanks for your comments Chris!

  3. Alex says:

    Hi! Thanks for this post! I have heard about Swagbucks and Zoombucks. I personally prefer Swagbucks because of all the goodies you mentioned in your review.

    One thing I am doing now is to sign up with more than five paid survey and reward sites. It is how I boost my earning potential with these platforms.

    However, I do not think it is a way to make a passive income online. It is time-consuming and the payout is often low. It is not worth investing my time doing surveys online.

    I am eager to know other than survey sites, how do you make passive income online by running your own blog? I am always curious!

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Alex

      Thanks for your reply on this. You are right, you are not going to change your life doing these kinds of things, but it’s how you do that matters, working it around things and not wasting time on things that don’t pay.

      In terms of building a blog, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, which teaches everything you need to know plus gives you two FREE websites. It teaches you about generating traffic and driving sales of your business. And if you don’t have a business idea, then they will help you find one. You can’t go wrong. Take a look at my review in the link here and see what you think

  4. Gina says:

    Swagbucks is great! I let it buy me Starbucks gift cards or cards to buy my groceries. It’s hard to believe that such a thing exists, that you can play videos with and have it earn you more than a few pennys a week. I try to tell people about it and they don’t believe that it’s actually great side money. Thanks for the review!

    • Ruth says:

      I know! I think people are stung by survey sites which do very little to earn much money, but this one can be a really great help. I am glad you left this message. Thanks Gina!

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