Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam?

Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam?

If you have found yourself here, you have no doubt heard about 45 minute paydays and seen the website, and now you are looking into it to see if 45 minute paydays is a scam.

I guess you sensed something seemed to good to be true. Making $10,000 a month for only 45 minutes a day. You have to check that out!

Well let me tell you, you will be glad that you did with what I have to tell you about in this 45 minute paydays review.

Let’s get stuck in



Product name: 45 minute paydays

Website url:

Cost: $49, one time

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation: 45 minute paydays has far too many alarm bells for it to be something I would recommend.  If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is 45 Minute Paydays about?

The 45 minute Paydays employs the same tactic that I have seen over and over again. You read the entire page, and you STILL you have NO idea what this amazing business is that could earn you $3000 in a day.

45 minute paydays is essentially a sign up page for MOBE, My Online Business Empire, more specifically, one of the training packages called MTTB (my Top Tier Business).

When you sign up to this program you are signing up to MOBE.  If you do sign up for the emails they all come from Matt Lloyd who is the owner of MOBE. I don’t think you need any more proof that these businesses are the same: Now, this is NOT a good thing.

But you need to know a little more…

When you sign up for 45 minute paydays you get training on how to find leads, how to place ads (for which you will be given the content), and boom, the money’s yours.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? And for only $49. The chances are if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


So what is MOBE or MTTB?

Well I will keep this short, you can read more about MOBE in my review.

But in a nutshell, MOBE provides training courses for people to learn how to improve their online business and take it to the next level. MTTB is one of the training packages within MOBE.

In fact, the reality with MOBE, is that you are not really just buying the fabulous training packages and learning from them. You are just selling on the training packages to make commissions and to recruit people into your team.

Not SO bad, but there’s more.

In order to do this and make the money you have to buy ALL the products you want to make commission on, and THIS is what costs you a FORTUNE! The products start from £1250 and go right up to $5000! There are so many legitimate ways to earn money where you can start for free, you don’t need to be paying out this kind of money!


Back to 45 minute Paydays

What is 45 Minute Paydays About?The big part of this program is about pasting links in the right places that get consumers to click and buy. Once you paste the link, that’s it, people click and you get paid. Sounds easy, right?

Guess what the links are promoting?

Yes you got it. MTTB (My top Tier Business, by MOBE).

The products that you will be selling are pretty pricey. You are looking at a minimum of $1250 up to $5000 per package. Now this is a hard sell. What are the chances that just pasting a link will encourage people to spend this sort of money. You will have to have a VERY VERY large audience to have a chance of anyone buying these!

How much staying power do YOU have?

How do you think you came across 45 minute Paydays? Because someone placed a link in front of you. YOU are the person they are going to earn these high commissions off. How? By upselling YOU to buy the high ticket products. See how the circle works….


Would you like to earn money online in an honest way?

Find out how here


How much does 45 minute paydays cost?

Well this is the biggest flaw in the entire program. So if you weren’t convinced that this is a no go already, then this should do the trick:

The cost of $49 sounds good, but actually you get very little for this. This just gives you the 21 steps to business success and a personal coach, who actually really isn’t a coach but a salesperson.

But that’s not the full deal. As you go though the training you are faced with upsell after upsell. But crucially before you can even promote any products or ‘paste links’ you have to buy a licence. This of course is not mentioned at all, anywhere…

And this is priced at  $2,497. Yes Shocked!. Every step of the journey there is something else you have to buy.

And, just like in MOBE, in order to make a commission off the sale, you need to buy the product you are promoting. If you were to buy them all you are looking at about $20,000. Just like that.

Do you have that kind of money lying around?


Let’s look into the sales tactics

The repackaging of MOBE:

MOBE has a really bad reputation in the market and has been around for a while. Unsurprisingly, I would imagine these products have slowed in sale volume.

But it made the owners money in the past, so they don’t want to let it go and need to give it a new name, a new angle, and relabel the products and there you go, they have another few years of creaming the profits.


$500 guarantee

Did you come in through this promotional method, or did you see this on your journey?

This is a tactic that is also used through MOBE. The concept, or at least what YOU think it might be is that you pay the joining fee of $49, and then if you don’t like it you get $500. Well there’s a way to make a little money right there.

But of course, that’s not how it works. To be honest, they would lose a hell of a lot of money if this were how they ran their business.

So there are terms and conditions here. Well you would expect that. In order to really qualify for this, you need to go much further into the program and spend way more than $500. So actually, it’s really not a money back guarentee.

45 Minute Paydays Review


Time sensitivity

There is nothing inherently wrong with using this sort of tactic, but it is a lie. They include an ‘act now as there are only ‘x’ number of spaces in this program in your area’ statement. This is to encourage you to sign up now, and do no further research.

But of course, this message and the number of days left is exactly same no matter when you look. Leave it a week, I bet you it will be the same.

Who is 45 minute paydays for?

I certainly don’t think that 45 Minute Paydays is for a beginner. To make money you will need to know what you are doing. Sure there is training to help you here, but you don’t get the best training until you pay the top dollar. If you are a beginner, wouldn’t you prefer to have some over the shoulder training to guide you through building an online business.

I would suggest that is only for seasoned marketers who have A LOT of money lying around!

If you still are really interested in this program, then take advantage of some free training here to get you started.


My verdict

To answer my question, is 45 Minute Paydays a scam, I can’t use the word scam to summarise it as technically it isn’t that. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

Maybe it you could get a lot of people to buy the product understanding that in order to make a lot of money you need to spend a lot, and perhaps if they were upfront, then it could work, but in all honesty, if you were looking to make money online and faced with $20,000 start up fee would you run for the hills.

This is what makes it so difficult to recruit people into the program, and so the only way to do it is to be deceitful in the first instance. There is no need to work in this deceitful way. There are honest businesses out there.


So what now?

If you had thought that this was the business for you, but are feeling disappointed right now, then please be assured that there are other ways to be really successful online. You just need the RIGHT training and the right tools and support.

This is what you can find through my no 1 way to earn an online income. So take a look for free and get started today.

If you have any comments on 45 Minute Paydays then please just let me know!


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6 thoughts on “Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam?

  1. Barb says:

    what an eye opener! I had no idea companies were charging so much for the upsales in online marketing! $20,000! That’s just insane. I’ve seen these ads but was ever tempted enough to click on any. Thank goodness! Thanks so much for the enlightenment! I do see why you’re not calling this a scam, but I’d say, not far from it! I guess, more like the Bait and Switch, maybe?

    • Ruth says:

      Ha yes indeed you are right Barb! I like to be very specific about what I call a scam. The definition of a scam is that you can’t get your money back, you lose money and the people running the operation are tricking you into joining the program with false promises. And yes asking you to invest this sort of money certainly feels like you are being ripped off! Thanks for leaving your comments

  2. Anne says:

    Wow. Thank you so much for this review.
    I’ve heard of this 45 minute paydays scheme but I wasn’t so sure about it. Like anybody I had thought it sounded too good to be true but their website has really not very much information about exactly what it is!
    I’m so glad I found this site and was able to read up on it more. After this I will definitely be staying away from them in the future.
    Thanks so much and keep up the great reviews!

  3. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Great article on the 45 minute Paydays, they always come across as if it sounds too good to be true then it invariable is! I cannot believe that people would fall for the line of earning 10K in so little time. Anyway, great website and great article, do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to? If not I will definitely be book marking your website for future reference. regards, Michael

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Michael. I have had a few issues with my newsletter pop up showing, It should be working now. Give it a try and sign up.

      Thank you for your comments!

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