Is Auto Profit Replicator a Scam? Watch your Money Disappear!

Watch Your Money Disappear - Is Auto profit replicator a scam

Did you find the sales video? Were you one of the specially invited people ‘selected’ to enter Auto Profit Replicator?

Are you tempted? Maybe you are and you are here to find out if this can all really be true or is Auto Profit Replicator a scam?

Well I won’t beat around the bush on this one. This is one of the biggest scams yet, some of the claims are downright hilarious.

Let me tell you why in this review:



Product Name: Auto Profit Replicator

Website url:

Cost: Minimum payment of $250

My Rating: 0 out of 5

My Recommendation: Auto Profit Replicator has a scarily convincing sales page but don’t be sucked in. You will lose money.  If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Auto Profit Replicator About?

It’s a binary options trading software which makes your trades for you. That’s it.

Simon Saunders is the owner, and he is the person you will hear from in the introductory sales offer.

The idea is that Simon’s system works by changing the odds of binary trading so that you can win 96.3% of the time. By the very nature of binary options, that is impossible. I will explain in a bit.

So is his system, Auto Profit Replicator any good? Well you maybe have seen the sales video. It’s convincing huh? Could you relate to him and his story? That is what he tries to get you to do. None of the images he uses to represent his point are real, they are stock images.

Take a look at this excerpt from his VERY long introductory video to understand the system a bit more:


Lets first look at binary options trading, what is it?

Essentially it’s gambling as far as I am concerned. You take a ‘bet’ on which way the stock market will go, either up or down

I will go over this as simply as I can, but there is more detail here in this article.

How it works is that there are only two options from Trading: All OR nothing.

I’ll use an example.

If you buy an option worth $100 with a payoff of $1000, then if the stock is trading below $100 at the maturity date (ie the end of the term of the option), then you receive nothing. If the stock is trading above $100 then you receive the $1000. So you are betting on the direction that the market will go, will it go up or down?

Sounds risky? I think so. I prefer to build an online business which is completely risk free using tried and tested platforms.


Back to the replicator: lets look at the sales video

Looking at his video which you can find on, and an excerpt above. There are a few things that set alarm bells ringing for me.


Alarm Bell no 1 – you have to be ‘selected’

Firstly, you are one of a select few invited to join this program.


It is a program that any affiliate can sign to up through clicksure, which is one of the dodgiest affiliate networks out there, that is well known to promote a lot of scammy products.  And Simon says that of those few that are allowed to promote the product, there are equally only a few that will be able to use this system.

Really? Well how come this video has been running since 2014, check the date when he shows you his ‘income proof’?. It’s 2016, do you really think that only 375 have taken up this ‘amazing’ product. And how did YOU find it, and me? Is it a chance that we were both offered one of these exclusive positions that will soon disappear?

He talks about how only 183 people are left that can take up this offer and that this will fun out in the next hour. Funny how this was the same last week. And I wonder if the numbers are the same for you?


Alarm Bell no 2 – it’s all about sharing

He wants you to believe that he is sharing this all for the good of everyone else.

He wants people to be happy and rich like him, he feels guilty that others don’t have what he has.  If that were true then he would be a mother Theresa. How very kind to build a whole system just to help people out. Do you believe that?

But we know that he makes money from this system, and a lot more than you. I will go into this a bit later


Alarm bell no 3 – overblown income promises

He talks about winning $5000 a day.

In fact that is one of the very minimum payouts you would get. Really? It’s tempting I know , but do you believe that anyone can earn this sort of money doing absolutely nothing? And that someone would just tell you their secrets for free? Well maybe I am a cynic, but I don’t believe this for a second.

Nearly $24,000 in 16 days. Why has no one heard of this before? Why isn’t this making headlines? Because it’s a lie.

What is Auto Profit Replicator About


Alarm bell no 4 – A system that can read his mind

He talks about his system has a 96.3% success rate.

You will win on 96% of sales. Because he has spent time building a system that can read his mind. I seriously had to laugh at this point.

Auto Profit Replicator Review

Yes he does actually say this!

It is neurally programmed to understand how to make decisions on bets based on an art rather than a science. He has taught it how to think like he does, reading his mind!

Are we talking R2D2 here? A computer system with a sense of right and wrong, and winning and losing, and an ability to sense a hunch. COME ON, what do you take us for?

And if his website looks like this, incredibly basic, what are the chances that he can build highly intelligent systems that can read minds!


Alarm Bell no 5 – The testimonials are fake. 

I hold my hands up, I didn’t spot this, but another colleague of mine did. At least one of the testimonials is a $5 recording from which is an online marketplace where you can buy testimonials and pay people just $5 to say whatever you like.


Alarm Bell no 6 – Income proofs are fake

Take a close look at the income proofs, in the long video. They are ludicrous. One is the most basic spreadsheet I have ever seen, and the others are screen captures which proves nothing. All  a load of rubbish.

So in case you need more convincing, let me tell you how he makes money


Want to start an online business that is completely honest

and not full of BS!


How does Simon make money?

Although Simon gives the Auto Profit Replicator software away for free, he creams the money off your $250 initial investment and every investment you put in after that. Between him and the brokers, this is where they make their commissions. This is the same with all binary options systems, for example Online Wealth Markets. 

Once you pay your $250, Simon earns money off you. Simon insists that there are only certain brokers that you can work with. Why would you argue? You don’t know anything about binary options. This is your first go

Actually the system is totally random. There is no way for a computer to learn about how a person thinks, not at this level.

Sadly, you will just lose your money. It will just fritter away with the combination of commission and losses until you are left with nothing.



There have been truck loads of complaints about this Auto Profit Replicator, where people have flat out lost their money, one after the other. NO one is winning.

There is no special program, there is just luck. And a good sales man making you believe he can change your life.


My Verdict

Run away, fast.

I don’t recommend binary options as a way to make money as to me it is the same as gambling, but Auto Profit Replicator is in a league of it’s own. Simon Saunders’ spiel makes my blood boil.

He is full of the biggest load of BS I have ever heard about. Please don’t waste your money. There are so many better programs out there where you can earn a legitimate online income.


So what now?

I hope you aren’t feeling too disappointed that this is probably not the system for you. I certainly hope I have helped you to answer the question, is Auto Profit Replicator a scam? Yes yes yes!

So what do you do now?

If you are looking for something truly legitimate that can earn you money online, try my number 1 recommendation. Yes you will have to put in the work, but you will have your own online business that eventually becomes a passive income.  Check out my full review here. 

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5 thoughts on “Is Auto Profit Replicator a Scam? Watch your Money Disappear!

  1. Imad says:

    Hi, Ruth.

    Great wake up call against this scam. Personally, I make it a point never to trust a system with “Auto” in its name. A free software but an initial investment of $250. This is a huge price to pay for someone who’s just starting out.

    The sad thing is that people will still fall for this kind of scam, but I hope that this article will find its way to as many impatient folks as possible. $5000 a day and $24,000 in 16 days, this is not only a red flag, it’s a red sea to watch out for.

    I enjoyed reading the post, and the alarm bells are a great way to illustrate things.


    • Ruth says:

      Hi Imad

      I like that, the word auto generally does indicate something fishing going on, so thats a good way to spot it!

      The income claims are ridiculous. It’s all a sales pitch, and these are the kind of number that people get sucked into program for. It’s a dream.

      But you can have a successful online business, just not this way. It takes work and patience and time. Anything else is just utter rubbish! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Julius says:

    That’s a very true and detailed review.

    After so many scams out there, is there any legit website like this left? It’s just that every single one has the same formula:

    You find the website through some random ad, you watch a long explanation video which causes hype, then you are presented with a registration which requires a payment.

    This is horrible. And I bet the actual owners make a lot of money just because of the people that actually get caught on this.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes it does seem this way. On the positive side, it makes it easier to spot the scams, so in a sense you can look for the signals. For those who see these programs completely fresh, you can understand why they might get sucked in. With the promises of wealth, its hard to say no. I have been scammed myself. Its a horrible feeling, and it’s not fair that these people can get away with it.

      I hope I have stopped you getting involved with this one. But there are legit programs out there where you can earn honest money online. Check out this one that I recommend.

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