Is Chris Farrell Membership a Believable Online Business Idea?

Is Chris Farrell Membership a Believable Online Business Idea?

I really like the Chris Farrell Membership program. Not just because Chris Farrell is a legitimate and well respected marketing expert and actually a really likeable guy, but because the program makes sense. So in answer to the question ‘Is Chris Farrell Membership a Viable online business idea’ I will give you all the information you need to decide whether you agree with my answer or not. I hope you do!

It’s quite a long review, but I encourage you to read to the end as then you can get all the information you need to find out if it’s for you.



Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership

Website url:

Cost: $4,95 for the first 7 days then $37 per month

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


What is the Chris Farrell Membership about?

It is a 21 day training program which will teach beginners how to make money online. How? By following his 3 simple steps:

  • Find a profitable niche – Identify an area online where people are already spending money. This might be a area you know about already OR it could be something completely new. He will show you how to find this niche and make sure it’s the right one!
  • Build a list of people that are interested in that list –  This is a done simply by building a 3 page website to capture their addresses and driving traffic to that page. He teaches you HOW to build that list too, don’t worry!
  • Sell to that list: Then you market related products to that list, and this is where you make your money.

Before you even sign up, you are given really good information about the website and the program upfront. Here you can find out what is the Chris Farrell Membership in real detail. The video tells you what you can expect to learn and what you can expect to see in the members area.

There is no hiding and there are no over-promises showing Chris in his yacht. (I don’t think he has one).

Nothing like that.

He tells you exactly what the package includes and there is even a video about what the members area looks like and what you will learn about right away. It’s quite unusual to get that upfront – it’s all right there so you know what you are getting into.

I think this is great! I see so many programs when you have to lay down your credit card before you see anything, so you have to take a blind leap of faith. Not so here. You can go in, pretty well educated as to what you are getting into.

Is Chris Farrell Membership a Believable Online Business Idea?


What do you get as a member?

As a member you have access to all this below:

  • Guide on how to build your website – this is a step by step guide on how to build your website in the form of video tutorials which are very easy to understand. For the purpose of this program, this is a 3 page website with squeeze page, thank you page and download page.
  • Website done for you – If you don’t have time to build your own – this is great again in this price,
  • Free unlimited hosting – this is very valuable and you can pay up to $20 a month for this, so this is well worth the price of the package and you will get video tutorial help on how to get set up.
  • Video tutorial training – 10 minutes to success is the main training to start with (see more details below) which teaches you how to build your website and email sequence. Then there is training on many other topics which is pretty comprehensive – you can dip in and out of this depending on your requirements. He includes the basics of Search Engine Optimization, article marketing, Social Bookmarketing and Social Media
  • Support – there is the very active forum and Chris is a available by direct contact should you need him


Who is it for?

Chris Farrell states quite openly that it is for people who are completely new to internet marketing and know they want to make money online OR people who already maybe have a website business and are not generating enough money as they would like from that business.


Who is Chris Farrell?

what is chris farrell membership aboutThis is really important as he is the face of this program. He is a very well respected and very successful online entrepreneur. His program has been voted the number 1 online income service program for 2014 / 2015.

He also was voted as the number one Coaching Program by the famous IMReport card in 2011 until 2014

He started off in 2008, and since then has seen his income grow from $200 a day to well over a million in sales, so he knows his stuff! And he’s kinda a nice guy!


What’s in the training?

I wanted to give you an outline of the training so that you can see what’s in there before you buy.

what is chris farrell membership about - training modules

The best place to start is the 10 minutes to Success, then follow on to the specific skills training.


10 minutes to success – the main training content:

This is 31 video training tutorials of 10 minutes or so. This is where you learn how to make your 3 page website, a landing page (squeeze page), a thank you page and a download page.

Also, in this section he walks you through how to choose your niche, and getting your email set up and your autoresponder set up, so that you can have the ‘system’ ready to go.

You set up your website with an offer of a valuable gift or something to download in exchange for email addresses. Then once the visitor has signed up they are entered into an autoresponder sequence. This section shows you how to set it up and how to write these emails in the autoresponder sequence.


Specific Skills training

The other training that is available is all about finding something specific as and when you need it. It is worth running through each of these one by one to make sure you get the full benefit of the training. It is divided into Core content and Money Making Lab.

Is Chris Farrell Membership a Believable Online Business Idea?

Money making lab is a little different in that you have to earn points to be allowed to access a training session.

Every month a new money making lab is released. In order to have access to the money making lab you must have 50 points. You get 50 points for every month you are a paying member of CFM, so essentially that means that you have access to one money making lab a month.



  • Everything you see in this program is as it is.. there are no upsells, what you see is what you get. There is an option of a mentorship program, but it isn’t pushed on you
  • There is 30 day money back guarentee and this is so easy to find on every page, you aren’t left searching out how to get your money back. He has faith in his product. Sometimes, scams make you search and search for this small print, Chris doesn’t. And he is upfront about this money back guarantee from the beginning, so you know if you are not happy that there is a way out.
  • The training videos are short and easy to understand. This makes it easy and enjoyable to learn
  • You are learning from a real qualified and accredited trainer.
  • Very good value and great to be able to try for $4.95



  • This program is really for new marketers, if you are advanced or looking to network, this isn’t the place, you probably want to try Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama
  • Scalability of your business isn’t really focussed on, but to be honest it’s as simple as building more websites.
  • The core is about building a list, which yes is massively important in internet marketing, but there are other things that you should consider too.
  • The program isn’t a et rich quick scheme, you have to work hard to build your business, but this is how it should be. Get rich quick programs are just empty promises and scams. This isn’t.


My verdict

what is chris farrell membership aboutWell I think it’s obvious that I really like this program. It’s easy to understand, the training is no nonsense, and it does work! Chris says openly that it is hard to work to build your business and don’t expect to be an internet phenomenon overnight.

Follow the training and you can have some real success. And if you can try the program for just $4.95, then it’s really a no brainer.

Chris knows his stuff and his program is great. Give it a try!



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15 thoughts on “Is Chris Farrell Membership a Believable Online Business Idea?

  1. rufat says:

    I’ve heard of Chris Farrell program many times and as I know, Chris is doing a great job. I’ve never joined it, but I’m a member of another similar program called Wealthy Affiliate and in fact these two programs are pretty much providing the same services. The only difference is that Chris puts much emphasis on email marketing while WA puts much emphasis on SEO part of online business. Both are important and as a member of WA I hope they will add a separate training module on email marketing too.

  2. Matthew Thomas says:

    It’s good to know that a Chris Farrell membership is legitimate but it definitely seems a bit too beginner-friendly, maybe? The focus on 3 page websites doesn’t seem like enough. Can these websites rank in the search engines like ones from say Wealthy Affiliate could? Is any aspect of Chris Farrell’s service better than Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Matthew. These are good comments that you make. The thing with the Chris Farrell Membership is that its not the same sort of thing as Wealthy affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate you are trained to build a full website business and how to build something really long term. With Chris Farrell you have something that is more in ‘bursts’. You are right the 3 page websites do not take you to the long term business, but you could approach this in a different way and build several lists in different niches.

      Ultimately, if you are interested in Chris Farrell, I would recommend that you start building your website around the niche of your email list, and you will need training and help with this, unless you are already experienced. Wealthy Affiliate does provide this, so this is where I would start and then maybe add Chris Farrell to this once the website is established.

      I hope that helps

  3. Jasmine says:

    I am happy I came across this review. It is important that readers are not scammed out of their money by fake reviews. Your review seemed genuine and I was able to find what I was looking for fairly easy. For example, I skimmed down the page and ended up wanting to know the price of the program, and easily found it listed at the top. Thanks!

    • Ruth says:

      Great Jasmine. As I have mentioned this is a good program, and it is legitimate, so if email marketing is of interest to you I would say go for it. You can learn a lot and if you don’t like it you haven’t lost much at all.

      Good luck, I would love to know how you get on.

  4. Guy says:

    Hi Ruth. I was looking for info on that Chris Farrell Membership program to see if it can be good for me. I have seen a few couple of videos of him and he does sound like a likeable guy who wish to help out. His program look quite simple as I can see. It’s only the monthly fees that are stopping me right now. I’m on a very tight budget. So before getting into something like this, I need to be sure that it’s worth it. Until now, it really sound like it does. So maybe I’ll give it a try. And if I see that it’s not getting anywhere I’ll simply cancel.

    • Ruth says:

      Exactly, If you don’t like it then you can cancel. I think it’s important to try these things first, and those with a free or at least a cheap trial are fantastic. I do love this program and it’s easy to follow. Good luck, I would love to know how you get on. Another program which has a free trial is Wealthy Affiliate, if you want to give that a go too.

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