Is Commission Robotics a Scam? It Could Destroy Your Business!

Is Commission Robotics a Scam


Have you found the Commission Robotics sales page and are wondering if it can help your business?

Well let me tell you right away, it may not technically be a scam but it’s a really bad idea to use this program for your business.

Find out why right here in the Commission Robotics review:



Product Name: Commission Robotics

Website url:

Cost: $7 plus many upsells

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My recommendation: Commission Robotics gives you the tools to literally destroy an online business. Just don’t use it, despite the price. If you want to build a real online business, check out my no 1 recommendation to get started. 


What is Commission Robotics About?

Commission Robotics is a tool to help you drive leads and traffic to your website, and therefore to drive sales. It promises to ‘explode your business’. It will create content for you in the form of text and video and share this all on social media.

You will notice that most of the reviews you read online say how great this system is, but this is because they are promoting it. So be wary.

So you do get something, so it’s not a technically a scam, but what you get is not going to do you any favours and here’s why:

Firstly anything with the words robotic involved you should steer well clear of. ‘Bots to do the cash generating for you’. All this will lead to is a distinct lack of quality. Let’s break it down:


How does Commission Robotics work?

To start off with it’s really simple. There are three steps to get going:

Commission Robotics Review

You watch the video to understand how it works, plug in the url that you want to direct the traffic to, and add the keywords that you are targeting from a re-written list (so this makes them VERY general) and then you link your social media accounts. For the initial $7 fee you can add 1 url.

Then the various different robots start creating. Let’s take a look at each one:


This Bot will create content, unique content for your site, based on a keyword that you select.

These keywords are already listed out, so you can’t specify your own. How specific will they be to what you are trying to promote? Not specific at all I’m afraid. So traffic that is visiting your site using these keywords will be really weak.

What is Commission Robotics

How good do you think the content that digit is creating will be?

Will it engage readers? Will it have a tone of voice? A sense of humour? Will it show a passion for the subject matter? Incredibly doubtful! or actually will it be just respun and reworded content that it has been collected from another site which it finds through using the keywords that you input? This is a technique called article spinning. To me it sounds like what you will get out will be complete rubbish. How can it be anything else?

I have read several reports online about how this content is a joke. Its barely readable and therefore barely useable. A waste of time. It sounds like you would have to write it out again anyway.



This bot will turn that content into a video and load it to youtube. Just like that. If the written content is a joke, what do you think the video content will be like!? Think about it. HOW can this be possible, especially for the price.



This bot will convert your content into optimised pdf and powerpoint which will automatically be uploaded to the right portals where these kind of documents are used to drive traffic such as slideshare etc. So this will just be your junk content put into a pdf.



This bot will take all of the above and share them, along with your links into all the social media channels.

I cannot believe that the content you will get from these bots for $7 is anything other than complete rubbish


Who is Commission Robotics for?

This product is aimed at people who already have an online business and are looking to improve their business by generating more sales, although it says in the sales video that it can be for anyone who has little or no experience making money online.

I would suggest that these are the only people who will fall for the get rich quick idea behind this product.


If you are here because you want to build a REAL online business

then check out my no 1 recommendation to get started for FREE


What I don’t like:

When you get into the system, there are a number of strategies they use that I really don’t rate, and which is why I don’t recommend this program:

  1. The content: The foundation of this system, the creation of content to drive traffic, is fundamentally flawed. As I mentioned these articles are spun out of other peoples content. If you have ever seen anything on article spinning you will know that even the most expensive systems can produce very low quality content. So what do you think a $7 system will produce? Can you look at your website and be proud? Do you want to ruin what you have already done with a load of half baked content.  Enough questions, I think you know the answers.
  2. Backlinks and Auto SEO: These things done for you automatically can be very damaging to your business. Buying backlinks can destroy your seo as Search engines are hot on penalising companies for this practice. Auto SEO is being created by using duplicated content which will make your SEO rankings plummet. Always stay away from these kind of practices
  3. Traffic quality: The traffic that you will get is likely to be very low quality. Yes the numbers will be there, but you won’t get traffic that leads to sales. The reason for this is the pre written list of keywords that you have to select from. This makes them far too broad to be targeted to buy your product. A complete a waste of time
  4. The upsells: So $7 isn’t much to give it a try, but that’s not it. My favourite – upsells, are coming your way. The $7 is just to get you into the system. $7 allows you to submit only 1 url, but to submit more, you will need to pay $19. Ok so it’s not going to change the world, but I just don’t like upsells! In addition, they try and sell you several other programs the main one being called Evergreen Automation which gives you 200-300 leads a day for $997, so they say. So this really is the big upsell, although you are not obliged to buy it. Check out all of these extra products that are being promoted,

Can you make money with commission robotics


My verdict

Although Commission Robotics is technically not a scam, I definitely would not recommend it.

I don’t think it will help your business in any way. If anything it will make things worse. You may get more traffic but it won’t be of good quality, and your new content is likely to be re-spun content showing signs of being duplicated from another source.

Although the price is cheap, I just wouldn’t waste my time on this one if I were you. I feel like it’s just a pointless portal for these other expensive programs. So in itself it’s worthless.

But if you want to learn to build an online business the right way, the honest and ethical way. If you want to turn your passion into a full time income and build something that you can be proud of, check out my no 1 recommendation and get started for free.

Commission Robotics Review


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4 thoughts on “Is Commission Robotics a Scam? It Could Destroy Your Business!

  1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

    Bots are definitely a bad idea, I agree with you 100% Ruth and thank you for pointing this subpar yet not a scam out to us.

    I also agree with your recommendation at the bottom as that is the ultimate and legitimate way to create genuine keyword rich content and grow your website traffic the right way.

    Everyone nowadays want things done for them but automating a website will simply produce duplicate copycat content and lead to nowhere.

    Thank You Ruth for reviewing commission robotics,


  2. Dorian says:

    I absolutely agree with everything mentioned here. I have had my encounters with commission robots in the past and I think everything being sold to you are just dreams when it involves them. I believe when it comes to online marketing we should always stay away from shortcuts and stick to the normal routine. Besides, having the full learning experience is what makes you better at what you do. I have to agree entirely with you Ruth!

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