Is Forever Living a Scam? Read The Review

is forever living a scam

Can you make a living forever with Forever living? See what I did there?  So what is Forever Living and is it a scam? I am going to delve a bit deeper and see if I can get to the bottom of this program. They have been running for over 30 years, so they must be doing something right, wouldn’t you say?  Let’s have a look and find out…



Name: Forever Living

Website Url:

Cost: no membership fee, no joining fee, no obligation to buy

My ranking: 2.5 out of 5

is forever living a scam

How does Forever Living work?

The key selling point about Forever Living is their products. They have a range of beauty and health products including skincare products, and wellness vitamins, they even have some products for animals. Strange crossover, you don’t want to get those mixed up! So what is so special about their products? There is a special ingredient in each and every one of their product lines –  It’s all about the Aloe Vera in forever living products. 

Forever Living is a Multi-Level Marketing Program. It is a completely legitimate business that you cannot call a scam. However, I wish it were as straightforward as that.  Although it might not technically be scam, it doesn’t mean that you can make money easily this way. The main thing to point out is that is Direct Selling. It is about selling face to face, and whether you are happy to do this should be a huge part of your decision on whether this is the business for you?

Let me show you some more information:

So how does Forever Living work? In its most simple form, it is selling to your friends and family. You get them to buy the products from you, you host parties and ask them to invite their friends. Your family and friend not only buy the products but they like them so much they want to join the program under you and sell the products to their friends and family. And this is how you grow your network.  Have a look at the video. It’s quite dull to watch but it does give you all the information on the technicalities of how it works if you are really interested. Do I make it sound tempting?!

Interested in a home business where you don’t have

to sell to friends and family?

FLP 360 Forever Living

Something that is newer to the business is the FLP360. This is essentially an online portal which allows you to see how your business is performing. It gives you an email address and it allows you to build up to 4 websites. Sounds great? But that’s it! There is no training to teach you how to drive customers to your site.  So its all very well but with websites its never a case of just ‘build it and they will come’. You need to know what you are doing! You are left on your own on this one.

My belief is that as it is focussed on direct selling, the online part is reallly supplementary rather than a way to drive business, but my question is, when you run out of friends to invite to your parties, where are you going to get your customers from if you don’t know how to drive them to your business. This is why 95% of people fail with Forever living in the first year. Shocking huh!

Who could be a Forever Living product distributor?

This is the key question and the answer will determine whether that person will be a success or a failure. With many MLM (Multi-Level Marketing schemes) which involves direct selling, it is critical that you are a certain type of person. You must be a strong, forceful and confident seller. You must not take no for an answer. You need to have thick skin and determination. And a lot of friends and family! Finding that many friends and family to sell from can be the really tricky part. Finding them is one thing, but selling to them is another!

For example, what Forever Living ask you to do to create your network are the following things:

  • make up a list people you can sell the opportunity to. Including friends and family
  • host parties at your home and invite these people to sell not only products but the Forever Living business proposition
  • walk the streets to canvas people to join the program
  • you could give away free samples to encourage people to try
  • find places that will take the company’s promotional material so that you can advertise there

Forever Living ALoe Vera Products

So what is so special about Forever Living Aloe Vera Products?

Aloe Vera is claimed to have some special health benefits and has been used for hundreds of years in health beauty and wellness products. The claims are that it cleans your digestive system, and is great for your skin, in terms of renewal and ageing, and helps your immune system. Sounds like magic, it seems to do everything! Note to self, I must get some, but probably in its purest form is needed!

The video below gives you an insight into the product range and what you might have to do when you host a selling party and present these products to your friends and family. It makes me cringe a little! (beware its a long video, so you might want to scan through it)


The benefits

  • For a MLM program, Forever Living is definitely one of the better ones
  • You don’t have to pay to join and there is no monthly membership charge, so there is nothing lost. You do have to buy the products though at 15% discount to get started.
  • You can claim your money back if you want to leave the business, and the Forever Living business will buy back all of the products that you have purchased for the last 6 months
  • The training you receive is pretty good to set up your business.
  • The support for team members is also strong


The drawbacks

  • The biggest drawback for me is Direct Selling. I have been approached by friend selling these products before and it’s just so awkward. I couldn’t put my friends and family through that!
  • The products themselves are not really that great. They are not bad, but they don’t command the premium that they ask for. You can buy Aloe Vera in its purest form very cheaply so it’s not worth the additional cost
  • It’s hard work to make any money. I don’t believe this is a bad indicator of a business success but with any business you have to work hard if its worth having. But its about being relentless and tireless and banging the same drum which can be wearing.
  • Relying on your friends and family for business has finite opportunities. What happens when you have pestered them all, where do you turn? Canvassing the streets it seems?

Forever Living Aloe Vera Products

My Verdict

Forever Living has been a successful business for a lot of people and its definitely not a scam. But you have to be the right kind of person. It involves Push selling, which is seeking out customers and pushing the products on to them. For me, this isn’t comfortable. If you feel the same its worth considering a Pull marketing program where the customers are actively seeking your business and looking for something to buy and you just help them out, Sounds much better I think! This can be achieved in affiliate Marketing.


Have a look at my no 1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing 


This Affiliate Marketing business allows you to build your business from scratch through hard work but without having to force yourself on anyone. You learn how to drive customers to your website and how to convert them to buyers. No awkward conversations and lost friendships! If you want to know what Affiliate Marketing it, have a look at this article

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Any questions, please let me know below. I hope you have enjoyed the read!


48 thoughts on “Is Forever Living a Scam? Read The Review

  1. Jess says:

    Anytime I see “direct selling” or “multi-level marketing” I want to run screaming the other way. I have had horrible experiences with MLM companies.

    I checked out Forever Living a while ago but was not impressed really. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with this company. I had never heard of “push selling” before reading your article, but it does seem a fitting name for the selling technique needed.


    • Ruth says:

      Hi Jess

      I don’t think I have heard of anyone, personally, who has had success with MLM companies. OF all the people I know who have tried them, NONE of them have continued with them for more than a year. I guess that’s why they have the stat of 95% failure rate of those that start an MLM. That’s hard to take!

  2. Molly says:

    I have personal experience of Forever Living. An ex-colleague of mine contacted me and asked me to listen to one of the representatives, who then called me on the phone and told me how great it was to sell these Aloe Vera products. In the end, I decided not to do it; I wasn’t convinced that this type of selling was for me. What do other people think?

    • Ruth says:

      I think this is a common reaction. I too have been invited to many MLM parties and ‘encouraged’ to get into the business. It’s so uncomfortable for me, I wouldn’t want to be that pushy person who is doing it to all my friends. I mean how to lose friends don’t you think!? It can work for some people but I think it depends on your character.

  3. Sheila says:

    I really like your review of Forever Living and explain of how Multi level marketing platforms work. I myself was involved in a MLM company that sold high fashion jewelry and yes I sold it to all my friends and family and though it was fun doing home parties I never was very effective at recruiting others to my downing and unfortunately this is where the real money is with MLMs. Needless to say after 3 short years I called it quits and decided that wasn’t for me.

  4. Nancy Boey says:

    I have heard of Forever Living and was interested in their business model. I had a look into it but I have just heard some not great stories. I mean it’s nothing awful, but I want something that can really help me earn more than just pocket change for my own home business. Any suggestions. What is your FAVOURITE business?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Nancy

      I make no secret of the fact that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and this is what I wholeheartedly recommend. Find out more about it here. I have spent a lot of time looking at business opportunities as I wanted one to make a FULL time, and more, income, not just pennies here and there. If Wealthy Affiliate is of no interest to you, have a look at my other options, as this page is always being updated. These are ALL real, viable business ideas, that can make you a really SERIOUS income. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your opinions.

  5. Brian says:

    Very good review of forever living! I’ve never really been a fan of MLM and the fact that forever living is an mlm, will definitely make me stay away from it. As you said, it is not a scam but you have to be good at direct selling and the hard part is trying to sell to your friends and family. 14 years ago I tried a program similar to forever living where you had to buy these type of coral calcium pills and sell them as well. Since I’m not very good at all at doing this, it was a bust for me and I didn’t really the products either. I knew I wanted to do a home based business someday though and I can gladly say that I’m in the early stages of that dream doing something I love 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Thats great Brian. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.. Well you know what I mean. Anyone who is trying to work online has no doubt been scammed left right and centre, but it’s how you deal with it and move on that will make you a success. It sounds like you have the right attitude so lots of good luck to you!

  6. Brok says:

    Ruth really good review of Forever Living. I actually looked in to it about a year ago.

    I ended up not trying it because it seems like a bit of an MLM to me and I was really confused by the different compensation plans.

    Your review did a really good job of clearing all that up for me and I might just give it a go.

    Thanks for the info and advice,


  7. Jesse says:

    Great thorough review on is forever living a scam. There are so many products online that are very scammy and I was looking into this product and luckily stumbled upon your website. Great review that gave me a clear picture of should I invest into this thing to improve the quality of my life eventhough I’m quite young still. Thanks a lot for writing this out and helping people. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Jesse. I am always pleased to hear from people I have helped. Forever living is not a bad business, that is why it is in my recommended list although I did um and ah about this for a while. It can bring a mediocre income for some people but it will probably never make you rich or be the kind of business I like myself. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. rufat says:

    I’m of the same opinion that not MLMs are scams though most of them are. And it looks like Forever Living is not a scam. But it’s not for everyone and this is a fact. I don’t like direct selling because I’m not a sales person. The good part is that you can claim your money back and there is no monthly fees. I’ve never been a big fan of MLMs and I think when it comes to making money online MLM is by far not the best type of business.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comment Rufat. It is a lot of hard work for very little reward and very very difficult to be successful at it. How I define successful might be different for me than it is for anyone else. People make a little part time income from it, but rarely does it amount to giving up the full time time job!. In case you missed it, heres a link to my preferred online business program Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is Wealthy Affiliate About? Thanks for your time!

  9. Jay says:

    Why am I not surprised? I’m really just beginning to think that ALL multi level marketing businesses are just pyramid scams.

    It really doesn’t make sense… how can you have a “better product” for a cheaper price and pay more commission? That defies some laws of business… Unless that business is a scam.

    I really hate when people try to get me to sign up for these things! I’ve got a friend of mine who keeps trying to get me to sign up for ACN. Have you ever heard of that one? They all sound so tacky and cult like!

    • Ruth says:

      Oh no, I’ve not heard of ACN. I will have a look into it. Its uncomfortable to say the least isn’t it. I have two friends, on different programs, and I’ve been to their parties where everyone shuffles around awkwardly at the buying bit and purchases the cheapest thing they can find. I would NOT want to be that person!

      Thanks for your comments!

  10. Devin says:

    Direct selling is always the kicker for me, it’s what turns me off on a lot of products like this. My mom used to sell something similar and it always seemed tough. Not only did it just seem hard, but it also seemed very time consuming, which today is something I value a lot.

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Yes I feel the same. I had some friends who got into Amway, and I watched them start to alienate all their friends, and they put in alot of hours. And then eventually had to call it a day. It’s very similar to Forever Living, and although the answer to, is forever living a scam?’ is no, you have to think carefully about whether it will work for YOU.

  11. roamy says:

    l learned about forever living products some 15 years ago when l was convinced to attend one of their off line seminars.
    l must admit l was tempted till they explained how to find customers, im not a sales person, and realized what was expected of me was to pester family and friends pushing the products at them and hopping they buy.
    That was the end of it for me, i just could not do it , MLM is just not for me, i knew l will nont make it.
    Thanks for a honest review of this programme which has been around much longer than many MLM`s unfortunately,not many people can make full income with MLM

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Great to hear your experience of Forever Living. I think a lot of people have this sort of experience with it, and give up after a while. I know I would be the same. Thanks again for commenting!

  12. Dr. Baker says:

    I had never heard of Forever Living prior to this article, but it does seem very similar to many pyramid-type schemes out there!!! Great article on a review of this particular program!

    I do agree with the awkwardness of direct selling, face-to-face and I have NEVER been able to do it!!!

    Wondering your thoughts on programs such as Advocare, etc? Is a program such as this direct face-to-face selling as well?

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Yes it is an MLM program. (You can find out more about what is a MLM program here). And yes, it is all about direct selling just like forever living. In fact the product range is very similar. Usually, I find that MLMs tend to pop up around this niche, in the vitamins, wellness and healthcare areas. I hope this helps answer your question.

  13. Jenny says:

    Ruth, I have to say your site is beautiful. It’s clean, good design and color. Very pleasant. Funny thing is as I was reading through some of your recommendations I got caught up trying one out and next thing I new it was 30 minutes later! Good information presented in a clean and efficient manner.

  14. Sarah says:

    After experiencing a time in a multi-level marketing company, really only to just enjoy the products myself, I wouldn’t call them a scam either. But I certainly wouldn’t consider them a good way to generate income. This MLM of Forever Living may have good products, but as soon as I see MLM, there’s no issue in trying to decide if I want to even participate or not.

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Thanks for your comment Sarah. I agree with you, most people only make a little profit but not enough to come close to independant financial wealth, more like a bit of spare change

  15. Christine says:

    I have been a part of programs similar to Forever Living and it can be quite difficult if you aren’t outgoing and pushy. My friends and family are sick of me trying to get them to buy products from place like this. I no longer invite friends or family to purchase anything I may be selling or marketing.

    Online marketing is a much easier way to earn some extra money and your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, seems to be the way to go.

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Its tough going for friends and family. I purposely stay away 100% from selling anything to them. Good luck with wahtever you decide to do and let me know if I can help with anything else.

  16. Ananomyx says:

    I enjoy how you put pros and cons of forever living. Many people are trying to make money but don’t realize what it takes to make it. It was a bit to informative when describing the forever living program and sounded similar to businesses I have participated in. Good job! Keep up the good work!

  17. Travis says:

    Hey Ruth,

    You wrote a great review on Forever Living. This sounds like a great business to start if you are into network marketing. I am like you though, I do not care much about direct selling and from my experience, very few people do. I have a friend who has his own direct selling business, not MLM structured, but he is awesome at selling.

    I watched the video, but it was somewhat difficult to understand how the compensation works. They do have some good discounts though, which seems to be the selling point. I think this might be a good idea if the products are good and if you do not mind joining a MLM structured company to have as a second income.

    However, it sounds like to me that if you want to sell the products, you have to buy them first, so technically it is not free… Am I correct?



    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Yes, that is the case. They advertise it as free because there is no joining fee and no membership fee which a lot of these companies do have. But you are right, technically it isn’t free. It’s a god point, I will add it to my article. Thank you for your comments.

  18. Andre says:

    Hi Ruth

    I am in love with your website; it is beautiful, clean, simple, flirty, feminine… your informative guidance, patience and responsiveness, as well as your humor throughout the entire website is indeed inspiring

    The article on whether Forever living is a scam is really informative, and I had consider it as a business. But now, I think again. Thanks for this information.



  19. cutepackagingbeautyproducts says:

    Hi there.

    A detailed review on forever living. While I have never heard of forever living before this, I almost got sucked into joining another MLM. Though the difference is that forever living does not charge a membership for joining, which is plus point which you have already mentioned. I do agree with the drawbacks you have stated. I do not like to hard sell products, especially to people I know. So I guess forever living is not really my cup of tea.

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Thanks for you comments. Yes it is good that you get a refund with Forever living and that there is no membership. I;m glad I could help you with your decision and wish you luck with your business decisions.

  20. Maarten says:

    Hi there,

    A very thorough review of forever living. Personally I do not join MLM schemes for exactly the drawbacks you stated. Low-quality products and being pressured in selling to friends and family. The fact that you can get your money back from your investments the last 6 months is good of course. 🙂

    The structure of MLM might legally not be a scam, but it is borderline and in my opinion always ends up being a scam as you’re selling overpriced low-quality items. If you go to a flea market and you pay too much for something you call the salesman a scammer. Why would we suddenly be ok with the overpricing if it’s an “established” company? 🙂

    But anyway, that’s just my opinion. 🙂 You’ve explained it exactly like it is here in this post. Cheers!

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Well said Maarten, and thanks for your comments. You are right, Its a really tough business and selling to friends and family is really hard work! Not to mention it can make you really unpopular!

  21. Kerry Bramham says:

    Hi Ruth,
    It is interesting that Forever Living has been around for 30 years as I have never heard of them. They must be a solid company to last as long as they have. I have tried a few other similar programs, but I was never comfortable pitching products to my friends and family.
    Pull marketing sounds like a much better approach and I wouldn’t mind hearing more about that.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      It goes to show there are so many home working businesses out there, even the big ones still need to get better known! I think I know it because quite alot of mums get into it. Definitely have a look at some pull marketing ideas. They are a lot more effective too. Good luck

  22. Angeline says:

    A thorough review indeed on FLP. I still remember my parents being involved with this , many moons, ago. FLP parties was the norm back then and that didn’t last too long either. The product itself is great.
    I love how you wrote about the pros and cons. It really makes a person think before joining in. It does take a person with thick skin to take this as a business.
    Well done!

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Thanks Angie. You’re right these programs like Forever Living are still surprisingly popular especially in the beauty and cosmetics industries. This suckers in a lot of women looking for something interesting to do but its not for everyone. And it’s definitely not for me! Thanks for your comments

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