IS GPS Funnel A Scam or Just a Different Business in Disguise?

Is GPS Funnel a scam

Have you stumbled across the GPS Funnel web page and wondered what it’s all about. Looking at it, it makes great promises, but you probably need to make sense of it all, as lets be honest, it’s not clear what it’s all about.
And most importantly, you probably want to find out if GPS Funnel is a scam. Well this review will tell you all.


Product Name: GPS Funnel Rotator Funnel

Website url:

Price: Varies between $ 34.95 / $50 / $100 month with upsells $ 250 to $ 7 500

Rating: 0 out of 5

My recommendation: GPS Funnel is a portal for the National Wealth Center and I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time or money on this one. If you want to be a real, long term profitable home business, try my no 1 recommendation


What is GPS Funnel About?

Firstly, Guarantee Profit System is what GPS stands for. Sounds promising, someone actually guaranteeing you a profit.

This program is yet another tool designed to get you to sign up to the National Wealth Center. It’s a sales funnel that will only allow you to sign up this program. There are others out there which do exactly the same thing, such as Residual Profit Machine which is a rotator for the same end program.

The idea is that this is a rotator which puts you into a system where you receive 4 referrals that the GPS system gets for you.

In addition with GPS Funnel you get a load of marketing tools such as capture pages which you can use to recruit people into your ‘team’ for the National Wealth Center.

The problem with this program and why I don’t like is that it promotes National Wealth Center. Lets take a look at what this is:


What is the National Wealth Center?

It has 300,000 different digital products including self help products, business development and wealth development to name but a few, including some fitness products. A little bit of a random selection of products there

GPS Funnel Review

There are six products, three require a monthly subscription, and the other four require a one-time fee payment. Prices range from $25 a month to one off charges of $7,500!

Self Development $25 per month

Wealth Development $50 per month

Business Development $100 per month

Fitness advantage $250 one time payment

Wealth Advantage Elite $1000 one time payment

Network Marketing Elite $3,500 one time payment

The vault  $7500 one time payment

When you join to have to buy at least one of the membership levels.

But the key point here is that you can only make a commission on a program on the level that you have purchased. Therefore, if your referral buys a one off Vault package of $7.500 you won’t make this commission UNLESS you too have bought this package. To be all in, you would have to spend $12,250 PLUS $175 a month every month. Yikes! Who has that lying around?

In addition, the products themselves from the National Wealth Centre look pretty poor. There is VERY little information on these products considering the price point for each. just one badly written paragraph isn’t enough to sell me I’m afraid.


If you want your own business where you can sell something you can feel passionate about,

check out my top recommendation here


There are so many alarm bells:

  • GPS funnel claim that you can join for free. This is not the case, you have to buy a product from the National Wealth Center in order to become a member. See the products listed above. Not cheap
  • There have been numerous reports online about people not being able to  get their money back and people not receiving their referrals as promised
  • There are no actual products that go with the GPS funnel itself
  • There is very little information about what the National Wealth Centre products are. If you are going to buy into the GPS Funnel, you need to like the products and the information is just not there. Would you invest when you know so little
  • This is not  your OWN business. As often is the case with these types of businesses, they don’t last long, so when they end, you are left with nothing.
  • You are given 4 referrals, but these referrals are not for a lifetime. These referrals can cancel any time. And then you are left on your own to recruit for something that is really flimsy
  • The information you get through the national Wealth Center is availabe for free on the internet. You certainly do not need to pay these prices.
  • You have to buy the products to sell them. This kind of business model is used in MOBE and Empower Network and is borderline illegal. It is known as a cash gifting scheme where you simply make direct payments to the person that recruited you in the hope that the people that YOU recruit will do the same.
  • GPS Funnel was created by a man called Peter Wolfing through company called Mutliplex System Inc. Guess who owns National Wealth Center? A little bit of self interest there
  • They lead you to believe that the monthly income of $12,000 is guaranteed. This is not true but the way it is worded makes you think it is. There is no income disclosure, and this in itself is illegal.


My verdict

What is Ultimate Home ProfitsThe GPS Funnel is simply a feeder program for the National Wealth Center.

The National Wealth Center is a cash gifting MLM with flimsy overpriced products. They may place you into a rotator which sounds like a great idea on the surface, but when your 4 referrals drop out you are left to promote GPS Funnel (with the end result being to promote National Wealth Center) on your own.

This won’t be easy because its not a great business at all. My advice to you is to stay away. Is GPS Funnel a Scam? Technically no, but don’t waste your time!


So what now?

Well if you feel like your online dreams are now shattered, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many opportunities out there that are legitimate, where you can actually make really great money and build a long term profitable business of your own. Take a look at my number one recommendation to build that business


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5 thoughts on “IS GPS Funnel A Scam or Just a Different Business in Disguise?

  1. jazzy323 says:

    I have never heard of gs funnel so this review really interested me. Yes you are right, all of the signs point to gps funnel being a scam as it promises so much more than it can actually deliver. Why does it say free when in reality you have to pay money for memeberships?

    • Ruth says:

      They get you in by saying free. as actually joining GPS funnel is free, but in order to start making any money you have to buy into National Wealth Center, so technically they are correct, but really, it’s very misleading.

      So you are lied to from the first instance. Not great huh!

  2. Chris says:

    Wow it’s not often you come across an online earning opportunity that rates at a 0 out of 5! Definitely one to forget I think!
    The GPS standing for Guarantee Profit System doesn’t really help either does it? I mean, talk about sending off a few alarm bells. Is this the first product you’ve reivewed that hits such a low rating/score?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Chris, NO, I have given other programs a rating of 0 out of 5. Those with literally nothing going for them And those that are out and out scams, the message here is stay away and don’t go there! I am glad that I made that one clear! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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