Is My Email Mentor a Scam? They Can’t Hide the Truth

my email mentor review

My Email Mentor is a fairly recently launched online marketing training program, as the name would suggest, teaching you how to make money through email marketing and affiliate marketing combined. But is My Email Mentor a Scam? Or could you have found the way to make your income online?

I don’t believe in trailing you through loads of content, if you want the answer now. I’ll tell you upfront that I think this is a massive scam so if you want to find out why then read on and find out more with the My Email Mentor Review..



Product Name: My Email Mentor

Website url:

Price: Trial Period of $10 and then $47 per month after that trial period

Rating: 0 out of 5

What is My Email Mentor About?

At first glance you would think this is a program about building your email list and selling to them. But no, this is something different. And something new. But is it something good? Let’s go into what My Email Mentor is about…

The concept here is that once a week the owner, Bobby B, will send you a load of email addresses and then you contact this list of email addresses through an autoresponder called Email Response Pros (not one that is widely known), with the offers that HE provides you with.

You receive your list once a week and you send out the emails once a week, and it can be between 200 and 1000 contacts per list, but usually around 500. These leads have all ‘been qualified’ and be people who have ASKED for the information that you are sending them. Everytime someone clicks on a link in your emails then you receive $0.20.

The reason he needs YOU is that he cannot send out this many emails as autoresponder systems have rules and regulations that prevent this from happening. He wants you to be a CLONE of him and send them on his behalf.


is my email mentor a scam


Sound simple enough?  When I looked into this program, I thought it sounded like an interesting concept, and certainly something a little different to the norm. But is it what it appears to be?


Learn how to build a LEGITIMATE online business with this training course. 


Let’s start at the beginning:

His video is full of those classic sales promises. He talks about his lavish cars and how his back garden is like a resort. (yes that’s actually his words0, and how he takes ridiculously lavish vacations. I’m not making this up!

But then he goes on to say that it’s all free. In fact he says this several times and in several ways. It is clear then.. this is free, YES this program is completely free. Well, is it!?

The first red flag to me from the off though was the classic, ‘I’m only offering this to the first 100 people’. What are the chances that YOU are one of the first 100.  And me, I was. And everyone else.  I never trust this sales pitch because an offer is never time sensitive like this. It’s just a sales tactic.

So, once you sign in and take your place as one of the 100 places being offered, you then enter the zone which tells you all about the program.

Again there is a video from him, telling you that it’s free.

BUT just underneath this is a sentence, third bullet point down which says that you need to pay £10 to set up your autorespoonder with his selected program. So its not free. Lie no 1.


is my email mentor a scam

Then you sign up to the autoresponder and find out that after this initial ‘trial’ period, you have to pay $47 a month to use this service. So not even slightly close to being FREE. Lie no 2.

But why can’t you use your own autoresponder system?

Because Bobby B is an affiliate of this Email Response Pros program. What this means is that everytime YOU puchase the subscription to Email response Pro. HE gets money. So it doens’t matter if your list generates money or not, he is making money by you joining the email sender. SO why should he care?

He gives you $100 when you sign up to the program. Sounds good doesn’t it? But you can only claim this once you have made $400. Shall we see how easy this is?

How do you make money?

You make money when anyone who receives your email clicks on any of your product links. Bear with me on my calculations below, I hope its not too dull but I’m a numbers person!

Just for ONE click you receive money. But is only $0.20 per click. So how many clicks do you think you would need to generate to make some really good money? Say you wanted to earn $1000 a month. You would need to generate 5000 clicks in order to do this. This means 1250 per week. This is based on 500 email addresses, so each email would have to perform 2.5 clicks and every single one of your emails would have to be opened.

Anyone who has ever tried email marketing, even with a FULLY engaged list knows that 100% open rate is near on impossible and then 2.5 clicks per email is completely unrealistic!

So lets work out something more realistic.

A more realistic number is 1 click per email (very optimistic) over 500 emails and 20% open rate, making 100 emails opened, with 1 click per email therefore making a total of 100 per week.  This would be 400 a week resulting in an income of $80 monthly! Hardly the millionaire lifestyle! Even if I am being  a little conservative with my numbers, at a 40% open rate you are looking at $160 per month. Take off the charge for the Autoresponder, and what’s left. NOT MUCH!

Another way to make money through this business is if you refer OTHER people to join this business. Then  you make 50% of the money that they make on their clicks. If you have a big team, then this could help. But how easy will it be to convince others?

But this isn’t even the biggest problem with this program, It is not even about HOW much you make but whether you actually receive the money? I have gone into this a little more below.

So what’s the reality of My E-mail Mentor?

Now this is a really new product and there have numerous damning reviews on this business.

I have followed several people over the last 6 months who have joined and stated that they were accumulating money nicely, and that the process was easy. Although they had not reached the $400 payout threshold as yet.

So I have held out my review until I find out more from these people. I have been scammed in the past, and so I am very wary about this programs and don’t invest in anything if I think there is a sniff of a scam.

Now that time has rolled on and My Email Mentor has been running for over 6 months, the pattern is emerging that when they hit this $400 limit, their money is no where to be seen. After several attempts at contacting Bobby and requesting their payments, the people who have joined this business have had to cancel their accounts to avoid having to pay for another month of autoresponder fees.

The people have been scammed, and lost nearly $100 in fees for the autoresponder, as well as precious time, and most of all hope.


My verdict

is my email mentor a scamSo in answer to my initial question, is My Email Mentor a Scam, the answer is a definite YES!

Further investigation shows that Paypal have also rejected My Email Mentor as a business account. You can bet that PayPal have done their checks they know that this program cannot be trusted.

Apparently Bobby contacted Aweber too, a well known and reputable autoresponder service and they also rejected him.

I didn’t even do a section on this program going through the benefits and drawbacks of the scheme as I believe there are no benefits. You don’t learn anything, you don’t get anything for free. You aren’t taught any marketing techniques or how to actually build a business.

All you learn about is how to copy someone else verbatim.

That might be ok if what you learnt made you money. But it doesn’t and you won’t get paid. So STAY away from this scam, run for the hills, and please don’t be tempted.

You can bet My Email Mentor won’t be around for much longer, so I hope you it’s not too late for you and that My Email Mentor Review has helped you in some way.


So what now?

Maybe you thought you had found something that could really help you work from home, and work online and I have just ruined it for you. But it doesn’t have to be over. You can learn how to make a true legitimate money online and build a business if you try this training program at Wealthy Affiliate which is my no 1 recommendation for building a business.

Here you can learn how to build a website, how to drive traffic and how to generate legitimate affiliate sales and build a long term business that can be truly successful.

If you have any questions at all about My email Mentor or even Wealthy Affiliate, I will be more than happy to help.

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7 thoughts on “Is My Email Mentor a Scam? They Can’t Hide the Truth

  1. Tar says:

    It’s great that you made a review of a program which was recently formed as it’s relevant that it might contact us in near future.

    Talk about review, you said that it’s not trusted. Well, if Paypal don’t trust this program, I don’t think us, client need to think twice.

    When I read the way it operates, to me, every single email would have to be opened, that’s a workload.

    I mean, not only it’s negatively perceived, it’s tiring and demotivating.

    • Ruth says:

      Thats correct Tar, and it has a terrible reputation already. I would be surprised if it was around much longer to be honest. Only time will tell. Maybe it’s all teething problems. I don’t think so, but you never know.

      Thanks for your comments

  2. Kaz says:

    I have never heard of my email mentor, but I guess that’s because, as you say, it’s a new program. Interesting though, that the results are just coming through to show it for what it really is.

    I could see how easily people could get caught up in this kind of thing and put in time and effor only to not get paid. Shame on My Email Mentor!

    Thanks for the heads up!


    • Ruth says:

      Yeah, I agree Kaz, when I was first looking into this, I must admit, I was a little tempted to give it a go. I am so glad I didn’t as that would have been a waste of time and money. I hope other people find out before it’s too late!

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