Is My Flex Job a Scam? – What They Don’t Tell You!

Is My Flex Job a Scam

If you are looking for work from home jobs, My Flex Jobs sounds good doesn’t it?

But is it what they make out it is, or are you getting into a big scam?

Find out here what My Flex Job is all about:



Product name: My Flex Job

Website url:

Cost: $25

My Rating: 1.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: Don’t bother with My Flex Jobs. You won’t earn as much money as they say, and you have to pay unnecessary charges. If you are interested in building a real home business, check out my top recommendation


What is My Flex Jobs?

When you get to the My Flex Jobs website you can see that they appear to offer the opportunity to get started with working from home in a flexible job, full or part time with any of the top Fortune 500 companies, with work that you can fit around your life. Sounds perfect.

Of course it’s not what it seems.

You are called a processor – sounds glamorous huh!? What you ACTUALLY get if you sign up for My Flex jobs is access to free trial offers. And you have to pay to download some software to allow you to access these trial offers, despite the fact that it is advertised that you can join for free.

And that’s not it, there is more that they don’t tell you:


How does it work? is a service that technically you can join for free but before you can proceed to becoming a paid ‘processor’ and are able to complete the trial offers, you need to pay a fee for some software which enables you to complete these tasks.

This fee is $25 and the software you have to download is called My PC Backup. Now this program Is all about safely backing up your files when you have no hard drive so you don’t lose anything. So what does that have to do with working online? Nothing!

So why do My Flex Job says you need to install this program? They say

  1. It’s to protect the information in the trial offers – but you are filling in online forms, what is there to protect on your hard drive?
  2. You use a credit card to pay for this software which proves you are 18 years old. There are other ways to do this.
  3. It demonstrates that you can follow simple instructions – Patronising.

Wow! Are you fooled by that?

I did a bit more research and it seems that this is a just a way to make some sales through the affiliate program of My PC backup. It’s quite a lucrative one where you can earn $120 for each person you refer. A nice little earner for them then.

Personally I am very wary about downloading ANY software to my computer. I’ve been burned by that before and I certainly won’t be risking anything again.

Anyway moving on:

To justify this unnecessary payment of $25, My Flex Jobs gives you 2500 credits. Only then you are able to complete the verification process. Without this you can’t proceed and you can’t start earning from the program.

The next step is that once you are verified, then you get to the market place to find these jobs which are all about email verification and processing data.


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What are the trial offers?

This is where it all gets a little more risky. What you are not told upfront is exactly what these trial offers are:

If you sign for a trial offer, most of which are free, you have to be very careful and take a look at the t’s and c’s.

Although they are free, you are often asked to give in your credit card details. The reason for this is that in most cases, after a period of time if you don’t cancel your ‘subscription’ you will be charged.

It’s important to keep a note of what you signed up for and when that free period expires AND what amount of notice period you have to give to cancel that ‘membership’ or ‘subscription’. This can become tricky to manage if you think you are entered multiple offers a day and is not something that is accounted for in the ‘amount you can earn’ section.

Check out this video from the FTC which can help you look out for the pitfalls in Free trial offers.


What can you earn?

My Flex Jobs claim you can earn anywhere between $10 ad $30 a job with trial offers taking about half an hour to complete. They calculate this to be around, $23.75 an hour. Sounds good?

Of course, that is massively over inflated. Most of the offers pay considerably less at around the $4 mark per job. And to top if off you can’t cash out until you have earned over $50 worth of points.


Alarm Bells

There are few things that I spotted that make this product look scammy to me.

Firstly, its the Fake Testimonials. One guy I spotted right away. He must be good, I have seen him on at least three other make money online websites. You can buy his fake testimony on a marketplace called for $5. Check this out.

My Flex Job Review


I suspect the other testimonials are also from

So if these people, who say they are making a ton of money from My Flex Job, are not real, can you trust anything they else they say? If the earnings are so true, then why don’t REAL people give their testimonials?

Something else to be wary of is that the owner of the business and the location of the office is not given. That’s not all bad because a lot of these business can be online and don’t need to have a physical addresses as such BUT there should be something from the owner on the website. A business without a face is a bit worrying.


Who can join?

Anyone, as long as you are over 18 and live in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand


My Verdict

I have read several complaints online about My Flex jobs being a scam. People have complained about the following:

  • paying for the software and then not being able to access their accounts
  • finding out AFTER signing up that these are NOT real jobs, just trial offers
  • Finding it difficult to cancel with the free trial offer companies
  • Income expectations are WAY over-inflated.

So I would say run a mile from this ‘opportunity’. If you are really interested in doing free trial offers, check out the video above first to make sure you are covering all of your bases. And then you could look at other sites out there that let you do this for free, when you don’t have to pay out for some unnecessary software to load to your computer. Check out Swagbucks or Inboxdollars.

Having said this, doing free trial offers is no where near going to make you the kind of money that they talk about, not even close. If you want to start a real home business and make a full time income online, check out my no 1 recommendation and get started for free. 


What is My Flex Job


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4 thoughts on “Is My Flex Job a Scam? – What They Don’t Tell You!

  1. beatrice brown says:

    Hi Maisey,
    I looked into this some time back, but the red signal came on so I left it.. thank god I did. But I do know other people who have been sucked in with my flex.. I hope people don’t get sucked in to this as this is a total scam..

    • Ruth says:

      Yes it is Beatrice. It adds no extra value and gives you nothing good. Its a good job you steered clear! Lots of luck to you

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never heard of My Flex Job, but that definitely sounds like a scam. The fake testimonials is a huge red flag to me. I too have been burned by scam sites that promise great things but you quickly realize that they aren’t being truthful.

    Saying something is free and then requiring you to pay for software in order to make money is ridiculous. Most scam sites do this. Thanks for the information about this site. I will definitely stay away.

    • Ruth says:

      Especially software that isn’t even relevant or necessary. And the reasons they give for you needing it is crazy! Thank you for stopping by and I wish you lots of luck.

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