Is Plug-In Profit Site a scam? What they don’t tell you

Is Plug-In Profit Site a Scam? What they don't tell you

So you’ve seen it all before. A kind and generous millionaire wants to GIVE you his secrets for free. Just to be kind. Do you believe it?

This is what the Plug-in profit site is all about.

Shall we see if it’s a scam?



Product Name: Plug In Profit Site

Website url:

Cost: Free or is it?

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation:  Plug-In Profit Site claims that you are getting everything for free. But you actually need to sign up to 5 separate, costly and quite disreputable programs before you can start making commissions. If you want to set up an online business without an enormous start up cost, try my no 1 recommendation. 


What is Plug-in Profit Site about?

Created by a man called Stone Evans it is essentially asking you to sign into a mixture of his MLM programs and rev share businesses under him, in his team, in order to make money. You do the same and recruit people into YOUR team and that is how you make money. By getting people to sign up.

So how do you get people to sign up? Well this is where he adds a twist. He is going to give you a money making website for free. Yup, it’s true.  Why? Because he cares about people and wants to see other people do well. He’s not like other Gurus.

He tells us a story about how hard up he was. And how he doesn’t want anyone else to be in his shoes. I have to say I have heard this story of rags to riches, in this format, a text based video presentation, SO many times. It’s like the words have been regurgitated. It’s the same story.. everything was SOO bad, he was thousands in debt, there’s a family story in there, the house was falling down.. and then…. it all changed… he worked hard… found a secret… and now he wants you to have it too.

So kind.

What is plug-in profit site


How does Plug-In Profit Site work?

The website that he is building you for FREE, promotes 5 programs that Stone Evans believes in.

He is promoting online MLMs and trying to get you into his team.

On the website that he builds for you (which incidentally is an exact copy of the site you see above on the url, so he’s not really building anything), when someone sees the programs advertised on his website, and signs up for them, he gets a commission.

So, you have your FREE website, just as you see in the link above, then you share this link and drive traffic to it using his techniques and recruit people under you. When they do the same, then you earn more commission.

So.. the programs:

SO in order to make this business work, you need to sign up to each of the 5 programs that he recommends. Guess what, this isn’t free. More on this later


If you are here looking for a way to make money online, check out my top

recommendation for the absolute best program out there. 


The bonuses

And if you sign up today you will get some bonuses, let’s take a look. My feeling is that offering an extra-ordinary amount of bonuses is a coverall for the actual program itself. The program should really speak for itself.


plug-in profit site reviewBonus 1: – 30 days to success guide – how to get an unlimited flow of targeted traffic to your website. Presumably this is paid for traffic

Bonus 2: more traffic generating systems to drive FREE traffic. This is likely from a pay to click site where you click links and earn points for every click. You exchange these for the same sort of traffic to your website (very low quality traffic) You can tell this because of the traffic exchanges he suggests you join as part of his 5 programs.

Bonus 3: – a list of 3000 real subscribers that you can contact and start promoting to immediately. This one worries me. See the warning below. If you suddenly received an email from someone who you had never heard of, what would you do? Delete it most likely. In addition, it is against data protection laws to send emails to people who have not explicitly said they would like to receive email from you. I would imagine this list would be VERY unresponsive.

Bonus 4: – 47 internet marketing training videos. Nice and Vague

Bonus 5: – 25 lifetime links pointing to your site. These are what are known as backlinks. The WRONG kind of backlinks can completely destroy your business. The ones that help your business are the ones from authority sites. Do you think these authority sites would be happy pointing to a load of duplicate sites all over the place? Doubtful. So you will have low quality backlinks that help nothing.

Bonus 6: – a step by step traffic system to get visitors to your site. Is that not the same as bonus 1 and 2?

Bonus 7: – access to the members area and community support. Useful.

Bonus 8: – access to his book dotcomology, which you can give away on your website for free as an incentive. Which will get people signing up quickly.

Bonus 9: – access to his contacts for solo ads so that you can send emails to that database too.

Bonus 10: – You are given the ability to give away plug in profit sites for free.


So what do YOU have to do?

You have to promote your own website. To drive traffic to it in order to get people to sign up to the Plug-In Profit Site


You will need to buy into all of the programs that he recommends in order to get the commissions


All he tells you about is that each of these programs gives you huge checks. But let me tell you something about each of these programs.

  1. Empower network: One of the more expensive MLM’s to join. Starts at $19.99 per month then you are constantly being upsold in order to make money to spend $100 a month, then many one off payments right up to $3,500. In their income disclaimer they state that 92% of their members make around $55 a year! yes, a year!
  2. Six figure income (SFI):  you can join this one for free but in order to earn commissions you must recruit a certain number of people into the program. Another MLM which is more complicated.
  3. Traffic Authority:  not a very well respected traffic site where you can buy traffic to your site starting at £220 per month, right up to $8,000 per month. That’s a lot!
  4. Traffic Monsoon one of the worst Rev share platforms out there where the visitors on your site are just there to click on links and earn money for each click. They aren’t interested in what you have to sell. EVERY single link that they click on is like yours, another way to make money online. And if everyone who is there using plug-in profit site to advertise, how many times do you think visitors will see many different promotions of the same thing. Yes you will get traffic, but is it any good?
  5. Got Backup – I haven’t heard of this one, so with a little research I found that this is another MLM which is all about selling backup systems for computers. Dull huh. but again, you have to recruit people into your team in order to earn any commission.


A warning!

In 2003, the FTC went after Stone Evans. My research found that he was involved in a get rich quick scam, that was reported to have been through unsolicited email communication. Now, we could give him a chance, maybe he has turned over a new leaf. And maybe he hasn’t.


Where do you think these emails addresses for Plug-In Profit Site are coming from? Hmm very dubious!


My verdict

I would stay well away from this.

Is Plug-in Profit site a scam? Technically no, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t like most of the affiliate programs he recommends, and the cost to get started in most of them is pretty high to say the least. So the fact that he is giving you an exact copy of his website for free. Whoop de do! I wouldn’t get too excited, it involves no work on his behalf. He is not going to be personally building you a unique business.

I am sure people have made money with Plug-In Profit Site and sadly I can’t prove that they haven’t, but I certainly wouldn’t suggest you try.

If you want to start a serious business online, which can stand the test of time, and follows the RIGHT methods, then check out my top program for getting you started and keeping you growing to success.

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4 thoughts on “Is Plug-In Profit Site a scam? What they don’t tell you

  1. Kristof says:

    Very good and honest review. I like the name of your website: “Build a Real Home Business”. To really build a real home business, people should forget all get-rich-quick methods. Getting a copy of someone’s website won’t work. You need to create your own website that will help people to build a real and long term online home business.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Kristof for the compliments. And you are right, if you are serious about building a home business, then you need to understand that nothing that is a plug in and go site will work. You won’t build something sustainable that way that will stand the test of time. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as it teaches you the right way.

  2. Jim says:

    I had never heard of this “Plug-in Profit” website. But I know that claims to make you rich are all over the place. Most would have you believe that you can get rich in very little time, and with very little effort too. That alone is a red flag isn’t it? It’s nice to be forewarned about these sites. I’m sure many people just waste a lot of money on these things, just hoping that one of these get-rich-quick schemes will be the real thing. I see that you do endorse Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you will have success in steering people in the right direction. Thanks for the info, Jim

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Jim

      Yes I agree, that is one of the key signs of a scam, promised of massive wealth in a really short space of time. But people hear get rich quick stories all the time, and think, but what if this is the one.

      I have been there myself… and trust me, there isn’t one that is that simple!

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