Is Secret Success Machine a Scam? Do YOU have $20K to start a business?

is secret success machine a scam

The first thing you see when you try to find this business’ website is that there isn’t much there. You need an invitation to access the website. Thats useful. But maybe that is why you are here, to find out is secret success machine a scam. Because they certainly aren’t giving you any information!

But I have ways of getting in, and here’s what I found.



Product Name: The secret success machine

Website url:

Cost: from $500 to $20,000. PLUS an admin fee of $197

My rating: 1 out of 5


What is the Secret Success Machine About?

As they don’t tell you anything upfront, I will have to be the one to tell you, what is the secret success machine about

Firstly, always be wary of businesses that don’t tell you anything upfront. Why? Is there something to hide? Presumably the reason they set the business up like this to maintain the illusion of secrecy, hence the name.

But once you research around you find out that they make the kind of promises that I’m sure you have heard about before. This particular business talks about making $41,000 a month! This is nothing more than sales hype. You’ve seen it all before. If it sounds too easy or too good to be true, then you know that it is.

So, Secret Success Machine is a training site which provides you with levels of training products that teach you how to make money. It is essentially an MLM business where you recruit others into the system and earn a commission off them.

So you make money in two ways, firstly by selling the training ‘products’ and making money off the sales of these, AND secondly you make money off the sales that people make who you have recruited into the business.

What is the secret Success Machine about

The training course or ‘products’ are composed of levels, each with a selection of training videos and audio files including marketing disciplines from basic online marketing to advanced online marketing. And each level costs a different amount of money to access.


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How does it work?

As you will frequently find with an MLM business, the compensation plan is needlessly complicated. And it is notoriously difficult to be successful with this kind of plan. It’s so difficult to understand so that people just sign up and THEN they start to realise where it will be costing them money.

Secret Success Machine use a compensation plan known as the 1 UP system.

In a nutshell, the way this works is that you recruit people into Secret Success Machine and you earn a commission on the sales of the people that you recruit make and so on to infinity. Specifically the 1 UP system means that you don’t make money on the first sale you make. The commission from the first sale goes to your recruiter, you only make money on the second sale. And I think you can guess that each sale is going to be pretty tough!

What is secret success machine about


They focus on recruitment into the business as the best way to make money. They barely focus on the product itself. But how can you recruit people to sell a product when the product isn’t that great. So how do they do this? They blast you with promises of untold wealth. Where your life will be when you own a yacht, that sort of thing.. Been there before? Heard it all before?

They shy away from admitting that they are an MLM business, because in fact they are veering towards an illegal pyramid scheme. They call themselves a franchise which is completely inaccurate.

So, they ARE an MLM business. And we know that the MLM business model is very difficult to be successful with and the absolute hardest part of this is recruitment. If this is the sole route to success with this business, I would consider something else, that doesn’t rely on recruitment as it’s the only real source of income.


How do you make money?

They outline that there a 4 ways to make money with the system,

  1. Member Upgrades – When people that you have recruited pay to upgrade to the next level, you will make a commission.
  2. Personal Sales – These are the sales of the products you have made to people.  As I mentioned you won’t make money until your second sale as the 1 UP compensation plan means your first sale goes to your recruiter.
  3. Qualifying Sales – As in the point above, when your team is building and YOU are the recruiter, then you will make a commission on your ‘downlines’ first sale
  4. Roll-ups –  You can only get commission if you have bought the product yourself. This means that if someone buys the higher level commission package and you haven’t bought it too then you get no commission. The idea here being that you have to buy everything to make sure you get all the commissions. You have to buy ALL the cosmission levels to make the most of it..

Is Secret Success Machine a Scam?


How much does it cost?

They have a selection of packages, which vary from $500 to no less than $20,000 Plus am astronomical admin fee of $197. Jeez! These are the tiers of training as described in the beginning.

So what do you get for this?

The astounding thing about this business is how secretive they are. You are told that for the bronze package (which is the cheapest one at $500 + $197 admin) you get a business in a box. But a business doing what, selling what? You get a website, some emails done for you, videos, that sort of thing. But no more information than that. Do they really expect you to lay down money to find out?

Similar to other businesses like this, such as Empower network, you can only make money on packages that other people sell if you have purchased them yourself. So you need to buy everything in order to make a commission on anything. This is where the $20K comes into play.

Here is an outlined of the business packages that they offer, so you can see the hike in prices.

  • Bronze – $500
  • Silver – $2000
  • Gold – $3500
  • Platinum – $6500
  • Diamond – $12000
  • Elite/Royal – $20000


Build your business with some truly brilliant training for $47 a month with a FREE trial.

No upsells


The benefits

No matter what, I can’t get over the cost of this program. So it’s a Zilch for this section


The drawbacks

  • This program is plain and simple – a rip off. Some of the training elements are ok, but you can get a lot better training for a fraction of the price. You don’t need to pay these inflated prices.
  • Working with a business model where the only way to make money is by recruiting others into the program, in this scenario, is a borderline illegal pyramid scheme.
  • The fact that you have to have bought every product level before you can make a commission of that level is a massive drawback. This is where the cost can spiral out of control. How can you predict who will buy what, and you don’t want to miss out on commissions, so what do you do? You have to buy everything. This is where the $20K comes into play
  • The site is very poor quality. How can you sell a product where the product itself is so weak. How can you buy an online business whose online presence is questionable?


What is the automated wealth network aboutMy Verdict

For me, the biggest thing about this program is the price. Paying even the minimum of $500 + $197 to start an online business is WAY too much. You don’t need to pay this, especially when you can’t really find out much about the business upfront. Any business that you have to pay $500 to start up when you know very little about it, is a huge risk.

The MLM model is notoriously hard to make a success of, even when you have an amazing product to sell. And the process of recruiting people join an MLM business is not something I personally like. I prefer to have potential customers come to me rather than having to hunt down and chase my customers.


So what now?

If you were looking at this busienss as a truly viable way to make money online, and now feel like it’s not for you, where do you go next? Firstly, its really important to understand that to make money online you don’t need to spend this sort of money. It’s too risky.

You can learn how to make money online without anywhere this level of risk. It’s my no 1 business recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate.

Its Free to join so there is no risk there, you can see what there is to offer before you commit. And if you do its only $47 a monthly. And this course trains you how to make money in a business that YOU are interested in. You are not promoting them. You create YOUR OWN business.


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7 thoughts on “Is Secret Success Machine a Scam? Do YOU have $20K to start a business?

  1. Matthew Thomas says:

    Holy cow! 20 grand to start if you want to be able to make commissions off all of their products?? That’s absurd. Individuals certainly better be able to generate $40,000+ per month like they claim in their advertisements. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’s not even close to as easy as they try to make it sound, especially if you’re trying to sell a subpar product at a premium price.

    As you’ve quickly come to realize, Secret Success Machine is not at all worth the cost. And you even mentioned that they don’t even really tell you what you get with each of their packages – why would anyone buy into it without knowing what they’ll get in return? That’s crazy. It’s possible that there might be some decent training and tools offered, but I highly doubt it’s worth the astronomical cost. Great review on a product to avoid.

    • Ruth says:

      I know, I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would fall for this, or even have the money to risk anyway. If you had that sort of money lying around, the chance are you don’t need secret success machine anyway! Thanks for your comments and for stopping by!

  2. Sundar says:

    The review about this secret success machine is really true. How could a company which is charging that much money as the fees is going to help the user in earning money. It is a complete scam which we should never think of giving it a try. There are thousands of similar websites which are still scamming the people like this. So this post will really help people in avoiding this site.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Sundar. It’s good to see that people are doing their research before jumping into anything like this. There are so many excellent programs out there (see my recommendations) but also even more bad ones, so it’s always good to do your research. Then at least you know what you are getting into. Good luck to you!

  3. angelce903 says:

    Wow, this website seems to be to be a huge scam! Honestly, after reading your review, I am wondering how on earth can people still fall on such traps! You shouldn’t ask so much money to start a business, this is odd… And by the way, as you say, MLM is an awful system for people who are not very strong and exceptional sellers. So thanks for your insight and for recommending WA to your readers!

    • Ruth says:

      I think the trick is that they get you in with promises of untold wealth. Then you think that $500 isn;t much and as you progress up the tiers you buy one more package here, one more there, and before you realise it… Although I don’t know who has that sort of money to throw away. There must be some out there, otherwise this business will not be operating! Thanks for leaving your comments.

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