Is Swagbucks a good way to make money online?

is swagbucks a goodd way to make money online

Heard of Swagbucks? If you are in the the US, the chances are you have.

But the question remains is Swagbucks a good way to make money online? Sure you can make some money, but to what extent? Is it worth your time to invest into undertaking it’s activities for the rewards you receive.

Let’s have a look into it.



Company name: Swagbucks

Website url:

Cost: Free

My Rating: 4 out of 5


What is

Swagbucks is the market leader in the US, for earning while you spend.

You earn online dollars in the form of rewards when you use Swagbucks as your shopping portal instead of any other. You can also earn just for searching, watching videos, doing surveys, for buying through websites such as Amazon, Walmart etc, the list goes on. These different earning methods makes it quite a fun way of earning online.

It has a strong reputation and a solid customer base. That’s worth a lot when you come to these types make money online businesses.

In fact everytime you do a search this is noted on your Swagbucks account and you earn rewards. These rewards can turn into either cash via paypal OR credit at any of their selected stores. It’s great to have this option as a lot of sites like this only offer payment via reward. I prefer hard cash myself!


How does Swagbucks work?

The question of how does Swagbucks work is really quite simple.

If you are using a desktop, all you need to do is install the plug in and search through the Swag bucks toolbar.. You don’t need to install any software. If you are a mobile user, there is an app you need to install.

You earn online dollars by undertaking a variety of tasks which i have listed out below to see if it is something you might be interested in. Just by signing up you get 30 Swagbucks. I love the variety here. It makes choosing the tasks much more interesting.

  1. Playing games
  2. Purchasing products online
  3. Searching the web
  4. Daily Polls
  5. Mini tasks
  6. Watching selected videos
  7. Doing surveys
  8. Taking up specific offers
  9. Apply for a credit card through Swagbucks

is swagbucks a good way to make money online


Who is Swagbucks for?

You only have to be 13 or over in order to participate in Swagbucks, so I think this program is great if you are young and wanting to earn a little bit of cash doing thing you would otherwise be doing anyway. A little pocket money or weekend spending money. Or perhaps something to help with the bills. Everyone could do with some extra dollars, right!?

Otherwise, it is literally for anyone who has a computer, and uses it regularly to shop online, take surveys, any of the activities listed above. The games and surveys are maybes something you could do whilst watching television of an evening? It’s not one for entrepreneurs trying to earn that full time income


Find an online job that does give you a FULL TIME income

Can you make money using swagbucks?

Yes of course you can. But the question is how much?

Typically you are looking at about $10 to $50 a month, if you use it quite casually. But if you really focus on it, you can rack up a lot more.

To give you an example, to get $25 in cash from PayPal you would need about 2,500 points , and in terms of reward cars, 450 points would get you a £5 Amazon gift voucher.

If you are looking for a serious business to work from home and online and to earn a full time income, have a look at my no 1 recommendation.

what is swagbucks com


The benefits

  • There is no commitment and it’s absolutely free to sign up
  • Plus you get $5 for just signing up
  • If you are doing these things online already, why not earn a little cash on the side as well.
  • All of their tasks are really simple so you don’t have to sit down and concentrate on your work
  • Its suitable for anyone over 13 years of age
  • The retailers that they have tied up with are pretty good.
  • There is a lot to choose from so you will always find something you want to buy


The drawbacks

  • It’s a lot of work for very little reward and takes a long time to build up your Swagbucks
  • if you worked it out as a hourly rate, it’s not the best, but then you are doing it as and when YOU like.
  • It’s not something that would mean you could give up your day job!
  • There are limits. You can only do 3-4 searches daily which qualify and you get a limited 5 gift cards of each particular type
  • The mobile application needs work still and is more limited than the desktop version.
  • Using their search engine is no where near as good as Google (unsurprisingly) so it can take you a lot longer to get what you need
  • Swagbucks in only in a few countries, so check before you sign up

is swagbucks a scamMy Verdict – What is

So going back to my original question, is Swagbucks a good way to make money online?

Firstly, is the thing to note is that Swagbucks isn’t a scam. Not at all.

I would recommend it as one of the much better reward programs out there

Members who put the time into it talk about getting quite good returns. BUt you need to spend some time getting to know what you are doing, and your way around the system.

With Swagbucks, you have to put in the time. But it’s flexible and can fit in when you are watching TV, or have some spare minutes here and there. Great for earning some extra cash, and as I said, it’s the best one out there as far as I am concerned.

Join SwagBucks Here


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Do you think Swagbucks is a good way to make money online? Have you tried it? What do you think? I would love to hear anyone’e experience or thoughts on it.

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