Is the Millionaire Blueprint a Scam? Run a mile!

Is Millionaire Blueprint a scam

Have you heard of the Millionaire Blueprint and want to know if it’s worth investing in. Can you really make the millions that these claims give?

Find out all the answers right here:



Product Name: The millionaire Blueprint

Website Url:

Cost: $250

My Rating: 0 out of 5

My Recommendation: The millionaire Blueprint is yet another scammy binary options program with a back story that sounds like its something out of Hollywood. Check out my no 1 Recommendation if you are looking to make REAL money online


What is the Millionaire Blueprint?

It’s binary options software. That is what you are getting if you sign up. So what is the idea here, and how can you make money with Millionaire Blueprint?

There are SO many scams surrounding the binary options market at the moment. They are rife, and they are tough. The sell is hard and the promises are really high. So they are VERY tempting.

You have to be really careful. Sadly, the MAJORITY of the software programs out there are scam products, and I will say right upfront, that Millionaire Blueprint is another of them.

This one, like all the others, starts by promising you the world, riches beyond your comprehension. With no work required.

But before we get any further, just a refresh on Binary options, if you don’t know what they are about.


What are binary options?

Just a really quick summary of binary options in case you are new to this:

  • You usually start off with an initial investment of $250
  • Then you place a ‘bet’ on whether the stock market will go up or down in a given period
  • if you are right you win the entire amount of your bet, minus a little commission usually, and if you are wrong, you lose the value of that bet.

If you want to know more, the introduction to this article will help


What is Millionaire Blueprint


How does Millionaire Blueprint work?

Well first of all you are promised free software. Wow.

But it’s not free because the idea here is that the selling is partnering you up with binary options traders from whom he makes a commission. IN addition to start any trading you need to deposit $250. This is standard for this kind of program.


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Why is it Millionaire Blueprint a scam?

  • That you are told its free, when it’s not, you need $250 to get started
  • Forced to partner with pre-selected, usually twisted binary options traders
  • You are told that this product can somehow pinpoint the direction the market will go. This is what all of these systems promise. Other system such as 30 day change and binary boom for example. But they have no way of doing this. This is just a sales pitch. IN fact what you are doing is gambling. There is no science and no technique.
  • They make it sound so easy to earn a fortune, you don’t have to do anything, they do it all for you. This is a big alarm bell!
  • The positive testimonials that are splashed everywhere. These are testimonials that you see from people on I have seen these before countless times. You pay just $5 for someone to say whatever you like. Looks real doesn’t it?



My Verdict

Millionaire Blueprint ReviewThis is a mini review of Millionaire Blueprint because for me it’s easy to tell right away that this is a complete scam. I have seen this model over and over again and it is nothing more than gambling.

By buying into the software you are led to believe that you are buying a secret weapon, that will make you huge amounts of cash every minute with NO effort. It’s very compelling, and you probably can’t helping thinking ‘What If this is all true’, ‘wouldn’t that be amazing’.

Please believe me when I say that it’s not true. The testimonials are all fake. You are simply gambling. Run a mile and invest in something more worthwhile


What now?

If you are still interested in making money online and you agree that Millionaire Blueprint is a scam and that binary options as a whole is not a great way to make money online, then check out my no 1 recommendation to build a sustainable full time income online.

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Is Millionaire Blueprint a scam


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4 thoughts on “Is the Millionaire Blueprint a Scam? Run a mile!

  1. ROLAND WIREDU says:

    Thank you for exposing this so called millionaire blueprint. Indeed I was a !minute away from registering for this scam.I can believe the numerous of calls I receive from my colleagues for not to signup,I wanted to find my own way so I suched on the net to find your review.infact you have save me millions. Thank you so much.

    • Ruth says:

      Great news Roland! I am so happy to have helped you. It’s important that we let people know whats real and what isn’t as there is no internet police out there!

  2. Retha says:

    I always like to thank the person who reveal these kinds of scams, so thank you very much! There are tons of scams out there like this one, and I’m glad to know about it because I can share them with my readers and let them know to beware. I myself will never get involved in these types of scams because I opt out of anything that calls for me to pay for something. But many people are true betters and they need to be aware of information that leads them to a trap, so I will share this with them. Again, thank you so much for this!

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Retha

      That is a good rule of thumb. To opt out of anything that calls for you to pay for something without trying it first. You should always be able to try it first, otherwise what do they have to hide? Thank you for sharing this article too.

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