Is the Quick Cash System a scam? Definitely!

Is the Quick Cash System a Scam?

You would be forgiven, when you see a name like this, in thinking that this is answer to your prayers, an easy home business. A way to make cash quickly.

Well can it make your dreams come true or is the Quick Cash System a Scam?



Product Name: Quick Cash System

Website url:

Cost:  Minimum deposit of $250

My Rating: 0 out of 5

My Recommendation: The quick Cash System is yet another binary options trading Scam. Stay away or you will rapidly lose your money. If you are serious about making money online, try my no 1 recommendation to build a home business.


What is the Quick Cash System About?

The first thing you see when you load the website is a screen with a message saying how would you like to earn $1000 today?  And then become a millionaire 100 Days after that.

Are you hooked? I am!

The Quick Cash System is Binary Trading Software, simply put.

What this means is that you invest money and at intervals you are betting on whether the stock market will go up or down. If your bet is right you win all of your money back plus the fixed sum stated at the beginning per trade, and if you are wrong you lose that bet and the money associated with it. It’s a win or lose situation.

I have to say that  Sarah Markel, the purported ‘owner’, in her video is quite enthralling to watch. She goes about her daily life while promising you the earth and positions herself as different to ‘the evil scamming men’.

The video is incredibly entertaining. I have seen videos of this type before but nothing this enthralling. There is a spy thriller edge to it, an elaborate story about how Sarah has found a secret code to make money. Its all very dramatic, and all very ridiculous.

It’s definitely worth a watch if you have half an hour to spare. But don’t believe a word, and I will tell you why. Click on the image to watch it.

What is the Quick Cash System


So she is selling a binary options trading software that is GUARANTEED to make you money, and guess what, you are getting her system for FREE. Really, she gets nothing?

I have seen this over and over before when it comes to binary trading.

Don’t worry, she WILL be making money off you, I’ll tell you more about that later.


How does Quick Cash System work?

The thing that is different about Quick Cash System, Sarah says, is that it is worked around the ‘Black budget’, which is apparently a secret budget within the US government that has that no one knows about.. but oh yes, she knows…

What Sarah says is that there are a load of statisticians, funded by this black budget that have been searching for algorithms in the stock market movements for 18 years, searching for algorithms that can predict the fluctuations in the stock market accurately to nearly 100%.

Guess what, they found it, and yes, she has access to this secret code. And you too can earn money for free, without any work.

Sounds tempting right, but lets have a think about it.

Based on her story, her husband has had to go into hiding because of this using this code, but now, on a cheap money making website, she is handing it out to whoever she can for free.

So you aren’t asked for money upfront, but binary options doesn’t work like that. Rarely will you find a software out there that isn’t free and you will always find the owner generously giving it to you because they want to share their success. How very kind. In order to win on binary options you need to invest money upfront. And this is the case here. You usually have to start off with $250.

Other binary software scams that I have reviewed such as Binary Boom or Online Wealth Markets use the same sort of sales tactic and messages of care for others to get you hooked.

So you give up your email address, then what happens?

Quick Cash System Review

You get introduced to another video by Sarah. Still pretty entertaining.

Then the classic make money on line pitch where you get 10 minutes to sign up. In order to sign up you have to pick a trader, and then deposit money into your broker account to start trading. Ah so there is some money.involved.


Want to make serious money online in an honest way?


So is the Quick Cash system a scam?

Yes yes yes. And here is why:

Reason 1: ‘Sarah Markel’ is an actress. There is no face behind this program, there is no trace of her anywhere.

Reason 2: Binary options as a concept is pretty difficult to profit through, essentially it’s gambling, but to say that you have a system that gives you 100% wins, is a complete falsehood. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to make money through the binary options market, but you need to have a good trader and a solid understanding yourself. It certainly doesn’t work by just pressing a button and watching the money roll in.

Reason 3: The conspiracy theories, the dramatic back story, whilst very entertaining, is ludicrous really. Come on, what do you take us for!? There is no such thing as a secret government budget working for 18 years to fix the stock market.

Reason 4: The income proofs can be created very easily. Never trust these. In fact, these always put me off.


How do they make money?

Firstly some money will go to the person who promoted this to you. Through a link you received on Facebook or something someone sent you maybe or maybe even a website you found online. Certainly not this one.

Secondly, Sarah, or shall I say, the people behind the actress who own Quick Cash System will make money from the brokers. They will have pre-selected brokers from which they can make a commission for every deposit you make. So the owners will be getting rich while you lose your money.


My verdict

In case you couldn’t guess already, my verdict on this program is that the Quick Cash System is a scam. Run a mile!

You will not become a millionaire in 100 days. Come on! But if you are short of movies to watch one night, maybe give this a go. It’s not bad! I hope my Quick Cash System review has helped you to see what it’s all about.

But don’t despair, there are ways that you can really make money online, you won’t become a millionaire in 100 days but you will build a real online business of your own that actually works. Take a look at my top choice to build a home business. 

Make money online


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5 thoughts on “Is the Quick Cash System a scam? Definitely!

  1. Ryan L says:

    Great post,
    Your review is so accurate. I can speak from experience as I have traded in Binary Options before. It’s true that there are many scam companies operating. To be successful you need to be experienced and must find a reputable broker. Else you are just gambling. There are technical indicators and other tools which you can use. In essence, most people who try out binary options will be naive and lose all of their money under the impression, they can earn thousands of dollars in minutes! Unless you have experience in the stock market (STAY AWAY)

    Thanks for sharing

    • Ruth says:

      You are spot on. This is the impression that these kind of systems of which there are LOADS, give. That you can be a millionaire in days. Just ludicrous. But people believe it, and sometimes I can’t blame them. It’s that What if.. what if it’s true. BUt it’s not. There is no way to get rich quick. Anyone who tells you this is jsut trying to take your money! Thanks for leaving your comment Ryan and lots of success to you.

  2. Bob Brooks says:

    Just finished reading your article about quick cash system and agree it is a scam. No one can predict the future, and yes there are trends but again no one can predict the future. I was taken away from your site when I clicked to watch her video and was glad I book marked to get back. Thanks for sharing, people like this make it hard for people to find a real way to make money. Thanks for your post

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Bob. Yes this really is one big scam this one. Its really quite laughable, but I really enjoyed writing this one!

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