Is Zyn Travel a Scam? Or Just Another Average MLM?

Just another travel MLM business - Is Zyn Travel a Scam

So is Zyn Travel a Scam? Well it’s a fairly new travel MLM business just launched late 2015. So what is it all about? Should you invest your money in it and can you make money if you join this MLM?  That’s what you want to know..

You will find out in this review.

So hold onto your hats, there are some numbers in here!



Product Name:  Zyn Travel

Website url:

Cost: Silver – $49.99, Gold – $199.99 or Platinum – $499.99

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation: Zyn Travel is a classic MLM where the product isn’t that great. I wouldn’t recommend it for a way to earn money in your own business. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Zyn Travel?

Zyn Travel is a MLM business which saves you money on luxury holidays.

The idea is that you pay a yearly membership and this offers you savings on your holidays which far outweighs the membership costs. They talk about up to 85% savings on hotels. The service includes rental cars, concierge service, flight bookings, and the program aims to make your holiday as stress free and luxurious as possible for a mimimal cost.

Not only do you cut out the third party booking charges but you can pay yourself an amazing bonus at the end.

And you get access to exclusive resorts and unique experiences.

Sounds Good? Sounds like a dream come true.  But hold your horses…


Lets have a look at who owns this business:

Zyn Travel has just launched in late 2015 so information out there is limited. But I found out some stuff.

Zyn travel is the portal for the travel products which are owned by Zyndio, as you will see Zyndio mentioned.

When you go onto to the website there is no real information about who owns it. This is crazy. I would always be a bit wary about a business when they aren’t open who about heads it up. Why do you need to hide it?

From a bit of digging I found the name Anthony Powell. He has been associated with Herbalife where he was pushed out due to not following the rules for recruitment and then moved to Vemma who are undergoing a legal battle at the moment for being an illegal Pyramid Scheme. Hmmm

But let’s move past that for now:


Interested in a home based business that

doesn’t involve recruitment and selling?


How much does it cost?

If you join Zyn Travel there are member benefits as I mentioned above with up to 65,000 resorts and 200,000 hotels across the world and discounts of up to 85%.

So take a look at the membership costs below. The way this works is that, depending on the level in which you come in at, you are given credits. You can see these in the packages below. These can be redeemed against your own travel costs so the aim is that you can travel without any costs.

What is Zyn Travel

So how do you earn money working with Zyn Travel?

As with all MLM’s you earn money by recruiting people and you must join the program yourself. You wouldn’t make a good promoter if you hadn’t! Sorry bit of an obvious point!

Plus you get commissions on packages that you have sold.


Making Money by Recruitment – compensation plan

The compensation plan is based on a  3 x 2 matrix:

The main basis of this is that the first affiliate member (you) enlists 3 members and they in turn enlist three.  Have you ever tried to recruit 3 people into an MLM. Well let me tell you, that in itself, is not easy.

Anyway. the way this works is that you recruit people and your three referrals recruit 3 people each too. This gives a total of 12 places. This is how many places are available if you are in at the lowest membership level, Silver.

There are more places to fill the higher up the membership packages you go which gives you more chances to earn commissions.

If you are a gold member then you get 12 for gold membership plus 12 for silver. Likewise if you are Platinum member you will get 12 more for this, so you then get 12 for platinum, 12 for Gold and 12 for silver. Therefore by moving up the membership level you have more chances to earn commissions.

If you aren’t into MLM compensation plans, try this business where you can make money without recruiting.


What are the commissions?

So if you were to directly recruit a silver member, you would get $10 commission. If this member was recruited into level 2, by one of your recruits, then you would get a quarter of this at $2.50.

This same pattern follows depending on the membership level.

So for a Gold member, its $40, and then $10 for level 2.

And for a Platinum member its $90 and then $22.50 at level 2

If you happen to recruit more than your 3 it is called a spillover which means that any other vacant positions are filled by those new referrals, anywhere in YOUR tree.

Zyn Travel Review

Are you still with me.. ?!

A completely full tree with all the spaced filled is called a cycle tree.

There is a whole raft of additional bonuses that come with completing a cycle. These are largely based on what membership level you came in at. You will get varying percentages of commissions which increase as your membership level goes up, rather like the above example. These include matching bosnues, free ipads, special holiday features. A lot of different stuff. I could go on..

I started listing this all out in this review, but actually deleted it all as I felt, to be honest, it was REALLY dull reading.


Making money by selling packages

Legally an MLM has to have products to sell which stand on their own.

So let’s look at the products.. The discount packages:

Zyn Travel work out your commission on selling this out based on the level of commission you earn is based on what level of membership you join at.

So looking at the membership packages, in the images above, you can see the commission levels you are looking at. But note, very importantly. This isn’t a percentage of the price of the holiday that is booked. It is a percentage that Zyn Travel gets as the third party booking agent, their commission. Not sounding so impressive now is it?

  • Silver level you earn 25% commission
  • Gold level you earn 50% commission
  • Platinum level you earn 100% commission


So what about the travel benefits for members?

Well this is interesting.

Say you have a $750 travel voucher, you cannot use it all in one trip. You can use it against multiple trips which actually is not as great deal as no doubt you will be spending more to make sure you make those additional travel discounts realised.

In addition, if you check out the prices, they are comparable to what you can get on other discount travel websites. So this makes the sell even harder to new customers, and the benefits much less appealing to you.


My Verdict

Everyone likes to travel, right, so surely it sounds even better if you can save money and make money at the same time?

So is Zyn Travel a Scam? No, I don’t believe it is, although its a new business and time will tell. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Let’s face it, the earnings levels on which all the information is based are for recruiting platinum levels members. What are the REAL chances of that happening? Pretty slim I would think.

One of the recruitment methods that Zyn travel uses which I absolutely detest is getting you to write down all of the people you know who, for example, hate their job, or who are teachers, or who like to shop.. I know, really vague and random. Basically anyone who wants money.  Or in my words, anyone you know.

And then you start targeting them, and getting them to watch a sales video followed by a call with your sponsor. Urgh! Sounds awful, I can’t imagine anything more cringe worthy than asking people I know to do this! This unfortunately is quite often the way MLMs approach recruitment. I much prefer online business that doesn’t involve doing this. 

And then when all your friends run and hide from you, what next? Knocking on doors?


So what now?

I am not a fan of MLM and I make no secret of this.

There are so many better ways of earning money and creating a profitable home business. If you have been put off by MLM and recruitment and want something sustainable and long term they I suggest trying my no 1 recommendation for home online business.

Here you can learn to build a REAL business that really works. And you can get started for free. It’s a no brainer as far as I am concerned.

I hope you got something out of this Review of Zyn Travel. If you have any questions, please do let me know in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Is Zyn Travel a Scam? Or Just Another Average MLM?

  1. Robert Lawrence says:


    This program initially sparked my interest because I travel a lot and I’m always looking to save money where I can.

    Based on your review it seems like the savings here aren’t really that great. Or at least not worth it for most people.

    I get the feeling that they put more emphasis on the recruiting other people than they do on the product itself. I have a problem with this because I wouldn’t like to recruit people into a program that I’m not totally on board with.

    It just doesn’t seem like a promising opportunity. Thanks for the info.


    • Ruth says:

      Hi Robert.

      There are a lot of travel MLMs out there, and this is just a new one. The formula is usually the same where you buy into a system to save money on travel for you but actually its just about recruiting people into the business. This is the part I don’t like with MLMs, and why I stay away from them. Thanks for your comments!

  2. AasiyahB says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Again a very well written, very informative article. There are so many scams out there, we really can’t be tooo careful. Usually when something sounds to good to be true it is. I didn’t know Zyn travel existed, but i’m sure glad I do now. Will definitely be warning my circle about them.

    Thanks again ,

    • Ruth says:

      HI Aasiyah. Thank you for your comments. I think the big problem here is the MLM business plan. I am just not a fan. 95% of people fail in MLM, and its just not worth the heartache. You have to look at the numbers. Thanks for leaving your comment!

  3. gravatarerika says:

    I like that you were honest with this post by saying no, i don’t think it’s a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend it and there are better ways… One thing that really did grab my attention from beginning to end was the question: What is an MLM? I need to google that! Otherwise great post – the layout, the pictures, wording, etc. Very readable and enjoyable.

  4. Sangeeta says:

    Hi Ruth. Good review on Zyn Travel. You did a lot of study and it says that it is genuine and offering good discounts to its customers. I think, members are recruiting high numbers. I hope, Zyn Travel is keeping their words and offering best to their customers. I will definitely try this option of income and discount offer in hotels in near future.

    • Ruth says:

      HI Sangeeta. I think maybe I haven’t put my point across well enough. I think if you are just looking for discount travel, this is the not the way. The prices are similar to what you see in places like expeida already. This is a business opportunity. And I would say a pretty mediocre one at that. I hope that clears things up a little?

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