LottoSpring and ProSpring Review – Is it Legit?

Is LottoSpring and ProSpring Legit

LottoSpring and their VIP element, called ProSpring, call themselves the ‘Worlds First Social Lotto game’. They say they are both a game and a business opportunity. How can this be? Interesting.

Essentially this means that you can tip the odds in your favour of winning the Lotto, with multiple chances to win. Could you make this into a full time business opportunity? Lotto Spring says you can.

So read my LottoSpring Review and ProSpring Review and see if they are right.



Product Name: Lotto Spring or Pro Spring

Website Url:

Cost: Euros 33 for the base LottoSpring or Euros 66 for ProSpring

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: Lotto Spring is an interesting concept and maybe if you have some spare cash and want to spend it, give it a go. But If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Lotto Spring and Pro Spring About?

LottoSpring Review and ProSpring ReviewEver played the Lotto or the Lottery? Well then you will get the basics of this idea.

In a nutshell joining Lotto Spring, (you must become a member), allows you more chances to win in a lottery. At the top level, you can win just by joining as a member and being placed into a syndicate PLUS you can give yourself further chances to win by creating a social circle and adding to your potential winnings.

More details about this later.

Let’s first be clear, this is not associated in any way the any National Lottery in any country or the Euromillions Lottery.  Lotto Spring just uses their NUMBERS so that their members can see that there is no number fixing and that all the results are totally fair.

Although everything is priced in Euros, Lotto Spring and Pro Spring are open to pretty much every country regardless of the currency. So don’t let the fact that it’s in Euros put you off.


Background of Lotto Spring

So, first a little bit of background for you. The company is based in Malta, said to be the gaming capital of Europe. You would hope that implies they have some serious expertise.

The CEO is Jamie Mather.  His background is as an online marketing consultant and gaming software specialist. Pretty relevant. This is his website, so he’s clearly a busy man if he is just launching Lotto Spring and Pro Spring as well as keeping up with his other services. A good thing maybe? Or maybe he has overstretched himself?

After a bit of digging I can see nothing that would suggest he isn’t legit and doesn’t know his stuff.

So a tick there.

Lotto Spring is the base product and the very first draw only took place on 10th November 2015. So this is a really new product.

Pro Spring, as the name would suggest. is the VIP part of this program which is in launch phase now.

So this program is in it’s infancy and the jury is still out, but so far everything looks legit.

Let’s find out more:


How does the system work and how do you earn money?

The system is quite easy to understand.

First of all you have to become a member of either Lotto Spring or Pro Spring. There are two prices.

  • Lotto Spring member is €33
  • Pro Spring Member is €66

What next?

There are TWO WAYS to make money.

    1. Just by being a member and using your syndicate tickets
    2. Creating a social circle to boost your earnings

Have a look at this video which explains it quite clearly, but I have broken it down myself in words after the video if you prefer to read about it this way.

Way 1 – Winning through your syndicate only

When you join,  you are automatically entered into a syndicate of 50 people. There are 8 draws every 4 weeks, and you share 400 entries amongst your syndicate (50 entries per draw). Note all winnings are tax free.

Within a 4 week period there are the following draws.

  1. EVERY TUESDAY – Jackpot is €5 Million. If you have the winning ticket YOU get €1 Million and the other 49 in your group share the other €4 MIllion
  2. EVERY 3 FRIDAYS – Jackpot is €10 MIllion.  If you have the winning ticket YOU get €2 Million and the other 49 in your group share the other €8 MIllion
  3. EVERY 4th FRIDAY – Jackpot is €50 MIllion.  If you have the winning ticket YOU get €10 Million and the other 49 in your group share the other €40 MIllion

Sound tempting?


Want to learn how to build a REAL income online starting today?


Way 2 – Winning through your social circle using Blitz tickets

So this feature is in addition to way 1. It is a way to boost your earnings further, and this is where the social element of the game comes in.

So once you join, you need to start recruiting people into your social circle. Essentially, this means referring them into the business to sign up and become a member.  It is starting to sound like an MLM where you recruit people into your team but for some reason it sounds a lot less sinister. Perhaps it’s because everyone knows how lottery works and a lot of people play.

Using Twitter, Facebook, or in fact any social media the aim is to add people to your social circles. Easy huh?  You can have up to 19.000 people or so in your social circle. The idea here is that, say, you refer 5 people, and each of those people refer 5 people, this is the way you make up a completely full social circle of 19,000.

Everytime someone in your social circle wins a prize, you get 5% of the value of that prize. If you have PERSONALLY referred them, then you get 10% of that prize.

So, that’s the social circle. To win from your social circle, aside from just the 5% or 10% commission, you need to get Blitz tickets


Blitz Tickets

The draw for these Blitz Tickets takes place EVERY Friday and uses the first 5 drawn numbers in the official EuroMillions draw for that day.

So hold your hats for this one, it gets a little more complicated..

For every person in your social circle who stays and pays their membership for 4 weeks you get 100 points. These are known as Blitz points. If you PERSONALLY introduced that person, you get 200 Blitz points.

For every 300 Blitz points that you gain, you are given a Free Blitz Ticket that WILL definitely win you between €1 and €50,000.

Let me break this down so that we can see how it works.

For example, if you have the maximum of 19500 in your circle and each one of them stays for 4 weeks, that’s 100 points each. That’s a total of  + 1.95 million blitz points. Convert that into Blitz tickets (divide by 300) and that gives you 6500 Blitz tickets.

That’s 6500 chances to win.

What you can win from this is broken down in to the number of matches of numbers, just like in a standard lottery.

Ie if you match 3 numbers you get x, match 5 numbers you get x… and so on. BUT this is better, because if NO ONE in your group matches any numbers then you still get €1 pER BLITZ TICKET, so this means that you WILL win €6500. This is only if your social circle is at its maximum size and ALL of them are paying members. If anyone in your group matches more numbers the winnings go up so that you can earn up to €50,000.

Sounds fantastic right?

Let’s break it down to a more realistic number shall we.

Lets say you get a total of 200 people in your social circle,  through your recruits and through others recruiting, and say only 100 of them pay the membership and stay for 4 weeks. I think this is pretty tough still. So, without boring you with the working this leaves you with 3 blitz tickets. So if no one wins. then you get €3. Not sounding so exciting now is it.

So to be a success in this part of the plan really depends on your social circle, how big it is and if they stay and actually how dedicated you are to make it work. But they make no bones about this and don’t try to hide this.


Additional Prizes

To sweeten the deal a little more there are other prizes that run across the draws…

Match 2 Main Numbers – €5
Match 2 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star – €10
Match 1 Main Number + 2 Lucky Stars – €15
Match 3 Main Numbers – €20
Match 2 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars – €25
Match 3 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star – €25
Match 3 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars – €100
Match 4 Main Numbers – €150
Match 4 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star – €1,000
Match 4 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars – €10,000


So what about Pro Spring?

So I mentioned that Pro Spring is the VIP version of Lotto Spring. Essentially it affords you MORE chances to do all of the things above,

They claim that it allows you to turn this into a full time business, by providing more tools to allow this and training. Here are the difference between the two packages

What is Lotto Spring

The main difference here is the

  • Blitz bonuses where you get double the Blitz points so even more payout
  • You get a free entry giveaway game which allows you to show the game to people, leading to more buy in.
  • They have a special ranking system for Pro Spring members to win more and more prizes as your team grows to ensure you win more often
  • VIP support


Get your money back

If you introduce 3 people to LottoSpring or ProSpring as paying members per 4 week period you get your subscription back. This is a rolling function, so every month you would have to introduce 3 MORE new paying members to get your membership for free. Possible? Maybe.

But let’s see, how do they help you increase your social cirlces?


My Verdict

What is ProSpring I have to admit when I was writing this LottoSpring review and ProSpring review and doing my research, that I was quite tempted and I actually really liked the concept, although not completely new, Lotto Spring does seem to have a really great plan. Doesn’t everyone like the chance to win big? And if you can mulitply your chances, then why wouldn’t you give it a go?

You have a chance to win in way 1 without doing anything, but as this program gets bigger the number of syndicates will get bigger and your chances will reduce.

However, don’t let this rush you.

As something fun, with the CHANCE to win big, I think it MIGHT be worth a go, only time will tell. If you want to join my social circle (I’m not a paid member yet!), CLICK HERE

However, I definitely don’t think it is a replacement for a full time income, at all, which is what they suggest. Would you want to leave your future to luck? Would you want to spend your time HOPING that things will get better or actively Do something to make it better. There are much better ways in which you earn a full time dependable income online using skills and training rather than using luck.

I think by all means a bit of fun on the side, if you have the extra cash, but not a business opportunity.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this program and if YOU think it’s a business opportunity?

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7 thoughts on “LottoSpring and ProSpring Review – Is it Legit?

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, yet another pyramid scheme. I know you’ve given this a high rating but I wouldn’t go anywhere near ti with my money. Lotto schemes have been rife for years now – they always end up advertising on PTC sites as that’s the only place where they can draw in desperate work from home wannabes. Sorry but this one looks and sounds exactly the same as all the others before it. How long have you been a member with it for?

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Chris. That’s interesting. I have been a member since it started. But not a paid member, as I am not a gambler or risk taker so I signed up to investigate the business as I always do and I saw nothing untoward. But you are right, these types of business often do end up in pay to click websites with that hope that someone will see them. But this one seemed to have an interested compensation plan which made sense to me.

      As with all these businesses, it’s all about the numbers, so time will tell. If they have no numbers then they won’t succeed. That is why my recommendation is to wait.. AND it’s important to treat it as a bit of fun and not a business opportunity.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion though. Good luck to you in your business.

  2. Simon Watson says:

    A truly great review that happens to explain all that there is to know about the pro spring and spring lottery. It is very detailed and I found it so easy to understand.
    It actually helped to open my eyes as I was considering joining. But as you say the jury is out so I’ll leave it off for the moment.
    Great stuff my friend keep going!

    • Ruth says:

      I think you are wise Simon. I know it feels good to get in at the beginning, but nothing will change, only the business will prove itself to be legit or a scam. That’s worth waiting to find out I think!

      Good luck to you!

  3. bret says:

    This sounds like an interesting concept. I had no idea you could turn playing the lottery into a business. Or can you. You seem to say it’s good for a bit of fun, if you have the cash. I think I need a proper business idea before I start playing with money. Any suggestions?

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