My Ad Story review – A story worth telling?

My Ad Story Review

Just launched on the 9th April, My Ad story is yet another advertising and Revshare platform starting up. There is a reason for this, these platforms make the business owners money. But can YOU make money with this one, and is it any different to all the other rev share companies out there?

This My Ad Story Review will tell you all you need to know and answer the question whether you should get involved.



Product Name: My Ad Story

Website url:

Cost: Free to join, or purchase an ad pack to become a paid member.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

My recommendation: My Ad Story is an interesting NEW rev share company. Time will tell if it lives up to its promises. If you are interested in building an online business with the history and stability behind it instead, check out my no 1 recommendation 


What is My Ad Story About

This is what they say:

We are an online advertising site. We sell advertising services. Our primary product / service is Business Listing (mini Adpack) and our other products / services are Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads etc. You may use these to advertise your Business/Programs to all members and visitors of our site.

My Ad Story is all about earning while you advertise. You use the platform as a way to advertise your own business, if you have one, by creating banners and using the platform to get you traffic. That’s the advertising part.

The Revenue sharing part is where you buy a share in the company which will return you a profit based on the revenue generated by the business.

It is owned by a gentleman called Mahmoud Cherif who is based in Canada and has been involved in network marketing for around 15 years.

My Ad Story had previously attempted a launch a while back but postponed this launch. Why? Well according to my research it’s because of ‘environmental changes’. No not global warming, so this is a little vague. They felt that it wasn’t strong enough in the first instance and so have re-looked at the compensation plan to make it more lucrative. More about this later on.

What is My Ad Story About


What do you get when you join?

Firstly you get access to an advertising platform.

This platform, I would say is for people mainly interested in the make money online niche. As the people using this platform are those that already have a business, will what you have to sell be relevant? That is what you have to ask yourself?

With this program you get a few promotional tools, to help you build the following;

  • promotional banner
  • splash pages
  • landing pages
  • A place to design your own banner for $5
  • Email autoresponder

You can use these to promote your business on the My Ad Story site or use them to promote your business elsewhere.


How much does it cost to join?

You can join for free, or you can become a paid member which happens when you purchase an ad pack. These are available from $1. As yet there is no monthly subscriptions.

You do have to click on 10 ads a day when you log in. This is to get the exposure of your ads and other peoples ads. But the question is, how relevant are these visitors to what you have to sell. How targeted are they?


Want to learn how to set up a business that teaches you

how to get highly targeted visitors for FREE?


How do you earn money?

There are three ways to earn money with My Ad Story.

  • Recruiting into your team, see the My Ad Story compensation plan below
  • Through purchasing the rev share products and getting a return, see the ad packs section below
  • By generating leads through using their advertising platform where you can advertise your business.


What is the My Ad Story Compensation Plan?

The My Ad Story Compensation plan is based on a 3 level matrix. They keep it quite simple.

Level 1: When you refer someone personally you will receive 8% commission on each referral. That is 8% on what they EARN as well as 8% on what they purchase

Level 2: Your second tier of referrals, so these are people that your first tier have recruited, you will earn 2% on what they EARN as well as 2% on what they purchase

Level 3: Your third Tier of referrals, so these are people that your second tier have recruited, you will earn 1% on what they EARN as well as 1% on what they purchase


The rev share ad packs

There are two ad packs for you to choose from which include

  • $1 ad packs where you can earn roughly 2% on what you invest. These are good if you want to get started and test it out. Max of 12000
  • $50 ad packs where you can earn the same, roughly 2% on what you invest.

My Ad Story allows you to withdraw $500 a day, where most rev share companies fix daily withdrawals at about $100


Is My Ad Story a Scam?


So is there anything different about My Ad Story?

Yes, their main feature is what they call a MAS Mixer. (MAS for My Ad Story of course).

Every day, regardless of whether you have referrals or not, regardless of your earnings level, someone will be RANDOMLY placed under someone else. This is completely random, it could be you, it could be someone else. It’s essentially a free referral.

From this person you will earn 5% of everything they purchase but just FOR THAT DAY only. So they may buy nothing, or they might be a big spender. And this is completely random. So it could be one of the really high achievers.

YOU NEED TO BE A PAID MEMBER TO GET THIS (this means you need to have purchased an ad pack)

Another big difference that they talk about is that the income that goes back into the business and that is available for revenue shares is not solely generated by the sale of ad packs. For me this is a real positive, as often Revenue share businesses don’t last long because after launch the hype and the generation of new referrals slows and the purchase of ad packs slows, then the company cannot pay out the rev shares. This is a downward spiral.

But My Ad Story income sources are stated as in the following areas.

  • a top Forex player
  • Real estate market top players
  • Digital marketplace


My verdict

My Ad Story has just launched so we are yet to see how it goes. It seems to be a little slow to start, so if you are interested maybe watch it for a bit and see. The reason for a slow start could be because they have purposely said that they do not want the WRONG people to spam others to get them into their teams. They have restricted the promotion of this program to specific individuals. I am not one of them, I am just writing this My Ad Story review. But I like this approach, it means that the entire system seems less spammy.

They make it clear that they are not and of these: HYIP / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange/ securities site.

I am not a huge fan of rev share companies as they can be risky and if the rate of new referrals slow, the amount to share in terms of revenue decreases and the company fails, with your money in it.

However, there are two things I like about this business over other Rev shares:

  1. They use other sources of income other than just new referrals
  2. The have the MAS mixer, a nice added extra.

At the moment, they are gaining about 1000 members a day so we will see what this is after launch.

So my advice here is by all means join, but always be wary. Don’t invest too heavily and you should be safe. Let it play out for a bit and see where the company is in three months.

<< You can join the My Ad Story website here. >>

However, this is not a way to build a real full time income. If you want to learn how to build something that will give you a true full time income, check out my top recommendation


Make money online


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8 thoughts on “My Ad Story review – A story worth telling?

  1. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Ruth, thanks so much for this info. It shed light on a couple of programs I tried out. I find myself getting bored quickly with these kind of programs and agree, they do feel a bit scammy. I tried Global Moneyline and Social Media Traffic Exchange but found I got bored quickly with all the mindless clicking. Are these also examples of ad share revenue networks?

    • Ruth says:

      It’s true if you want to make an income for yourself, you need to do something you enjoy. That is the only way it will stand the test of time. The only way! Clicking on links, will never be enjoyable!

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Ruth,
    The Tier 1 & Tier 2 system of earning sounds like MLM for me and that is something that I always steer clear of.
    Also what with the randomly assignment of referrals [MAS Mixer]
    I think any business model that has ambiguity is not the kind of place someone serious about making money should spend time at.
    You’ve covered the various aspects of MAS very well.

    • Ruth says:

      HI Josh

      Thanks for your comments. This is a a very common compensation structure for revenue share businesses. For some it works and for others not. This all depends on the pedigree they have, the backing and the credibility. For example. Something like Zukul ad Network as the backing of Zukul which has been around for a while and has a large network for people. People do make money with these sorts of rev share businesses, but it’s not easy work and I don’t think it will change your life!

      I wish you luck with your business.

  3. stefan says:

    Hi there, thanks for your very informative and well written article. I am still reluctant to join and pay for the higher membership. I have no prior experience with revshare websites and I don’t really know what my risks are. Have you ever had a positive return on your investment using such platforms?

    Thanks for sharing
    Best regards

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Stefan

      It is possible to get a positive return from the RIGHT Rev shares. For example something like Traffic monsoon, I wouldn’t recommend.

      The trick with this kind of business is having a network to sell your business into. And to spread the word and get people to join under you. This is actually a part I dont’ like about this kind of business. And this is why i recommend wealthy affiliate, as you aren’t relying on pushing your product on people. It’s just uncomfortable for me! I hope that answers your question. Good luck!

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