My Leads System Pro Review – Just a Bit TOO Pricey!

my lead system pro review

My Leads System Pro has such accolades as being ‘the answer to all your online business problems’ if you work in an MLM business. MLM traditionally requires you to go out and seek your customers through contacts that you already have, such as friends and family. But My leads System Pro takes this all online, and teaches you how to let your customers find you.

But is it any good? I will tell you all in the My Leads System Pro Review.



Product Name: My lead system Pro

Website Url:

Cost: $49.97 per mth or $149.97 per mth plus Many upsells

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5


What is My Lead System Pro About?

Well here is what they say:

The world’s #1 solution for network marketers, affiliate marketers, & internet marketers since 2008: LIVE weekly lead-generation training, a full-blown funnel & website creator, a professional wordpress-based blogging platform, a world-class CRM, powerful affiliate products that pay 100%, and everything else you require to build YOUR brand, build YOUR business, and build the life of YOUR dreams all under 1 roof. The future is here…

is my lead system pro a scamIt really does sound like everything you need if you are in MLM, affiliate marketing or any form of internet marketing.

So let’s look into that statement, and see if it is just hype?

The MLSP platform has been around since 2008, and was set up by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer. They all seem like upstanding guys from what I can tell and the little bit of research I have done. This helps.

It is essentially a place for education and training and connecting with like minded people in internet marketing. Their education and training is based around attraction marketing. I will go into this a bit more below.

You can make money by recruiting people to join My Lead System Pro. but the compensation is really a mixture of MLM and affiliate marketing and it’s a very complicated compensation plan. I won’t go into this in this review as I think you will switch off before I can get even close to the end!

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training course out there

Lets have a look at what is included in MLSP, topline:

  • Details on THEIR MLM compensation plan
  • Weekly training on how to generate leads
  • Education and training library
  • Customizable tools such as websites, Facebook fan pages, and marketing funnels
  • Exposure to a database of 100,000 home business owners
  • Access to the community which is the ‘heart and soul of MLSP’
  • Included email autoresponder service
  • And More including domain hosting, beginners marketing guide and loads more.


A bit about attraction marketing

They define attraction marketing as

The beautiful act of becoming irresistibly attractive in the eyes of your prospects so that they seek you out versus you having to go out and chase prospects. You become the hunted instead of the hunter. No more rejection.

Sounds like a simple concept, but it is very difficult to master. The thing that MLSP does is tell you about it as a principle, but not a step by step guide on how to implement attraction marketing. They are however, much better at teaching you to promote MLSP to other home business owners. This is probably not the reason why you might be thinking of joining them in the first place. I could be wrong?

The training on attraction marketing is given through very lengthy videos, some of which are 90 minutes long.

And that is a long time to focus for. There is a lot of unnecessary motivational content around these training which is what is making them so long! I have worked in marketing for years and people who are into it, love to talk and talk and take a LONG time to get to the point. This is what I see here!


Who is it for?

In order to be successful with MLSP you need to have your own products. And you need to be fairly knowledgeable about technical web based stuff. This is becase the business is set up to help you with running your current business, NOT setting up a business, and to build a blog when you already have website knowledge.

I would say it’s definitely not newbie friendly. And the price of the mastery course at $149.99 a month means that it is unlikely to be something that newbies can afford for just training. There are much more affordable training courses out there

How much does it cost?

There are two levels of membership once you start off:

How much does my lead system pro cost

  1. MLSP University which is $49.97 a month
  2. MLSP Mastery which comes in at $149.97 a month

After going through this program I can see that in order to get the most from the training you need to upgrade to the mastery level. Otherwise you will not be making the most of the $49.99 you spend.

But right after you pay for the MLSP Mastery, the upsells start to pour in. You will be asked to pay yearly, and informed about more upsells including the MLSP Training Library, Attraction Marketing Intensive & Sound Traffic Mojo.

But hey, this is a business, so what is so wrong with upsells? For me, it’s the cost:

There is a 30 day risk free trial, which you can get your money back if you don’t like it. Although I would prefer a FREE trial, and then you buy into it. It’s a lot less hassle and just demonstrates that they have more trust in their products.

my leads sytem pro review - money back guarentee

So what about these famous upsells, what do they cost?

The MLSP training library: 

For access to ALL training dating back to 2008: $797 one off payment, or you would break it down into smaller payments but this means you will end up paying more

Attraction Marketing Intensive

For more details into attraction marketing over and above what you can get in the Mastery course:  $297 one off payment or again you can break it down but would end up paying more.

Sounds traffic Mojo

This is all about getting targetted leads through music. I didn’t delve any further into this one, sounds a bit too random.  And a bargain price of $149.99

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The benefits

  • The training is actually rather good and pretty comprehensive.
  • The training is continuously updated so you know  you are getting the cutting edge of knowledge
  • 30 day risk free trial with money back if you are not happy
  • The community aspect which is the ‘heart and soul’ of MLSP, is very useful especially for MLM and network marketing business.
  • You do get a lot of extra tools and  the exposure to their databse, once earnt, can be qquite lucrative
  • Weekly webinars
  • Custom site creator and hosting is included


The drawbacks

  • The cost, just the basic cost is too high, just for training and connections. You would need to purchase Mastery to have any success, and this is a huge outlay, especially if you are just starting out
  • The upsells are too hard a sell, and they are everywhere.
  • It’s not particularly newbie friendly, so you would struggle if you are new to MLM or internet marketing and not particularly tech savvy.
  • They promote other MLM business which I have no respect for such as Empower Network and MOBE! This is a red flag to me
  • There are several complaints about this company online.


My verdict

IS My leads sytem pro a scam. No I really don’t think so. There is a lot of really usefull training here, and some excellent tools and possibilityes for connections in the internet marketing world

My problem with MLSP is two fold.

Firstly its the cost. Even for just the mastery, that is a lot to pay for. If it devliered over and above this, then of course you would have got your moneys worth. I am not in a position to vouch for this to be the case. But I wouldn’t spend that much on training of any sort. There is much better value training to be found elsewhere.

Secondly, I have never been a fan of MLM as a business plan. It is so hard to be successful in it, that most people just waste money and fail. I have seen this time and time again, and with people who are truly hard workers, who have the characteristics to succeed in MLM, such as great sales people and no qualms about approaching friends and family. MLSP is supposed to help get around the need to do this, but I think at the basis of MLM, this kind of approach to the customer is still essential to business success.

It sounds great in theory and it is a well known marketing principle, but to me, it is the same as affiliate marketing. Where you use a pull stragetcu to attract your customers. Where your customers come to you seeking products rather than a push strategy where you seek your customers and try to sell to them, regardless of whether they want the products or not.

It is far easier to become successful in affiliate marketing with the right training course than it is to make it in MLM. That is my opinion though and based a business model that suits me and how I like to work


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9 thoughts on “My Leads System Pro Review – Just a Bit TOO Pricey!

  1. nlincoln712 says:

    I agree completely. Affiliate marketing is the way to go for people who are not very “sales-y”. When I personally started my journey into internet business I read a ton of reviews on these types of programs. Reviews like this one are helping people like me avoid wasting our money on products from which we won’t receive any benefits. Thanks for the help!

    • Ruth says:

      Great, I am pleased to have helped. I think if you are into MLM business, which I am not, then you might get something out of the training here, but if not, I think it’s a stretch to include that affiliate marketers can benefit too. I’m glad you saw it too.

      Good luck in your business!

  2. Stacey says:

    Ugh, another MLM.

    I haven’t tried one myself but I have friends and family that are into different ones and I feel like all my communication with them now is about being sold something!

    Anyway I agree about the price tag – that’s hefty (for the university) and then come all the upsells. Perhaps it’s a great initiative and program for some, but it’s not for me after reading your review, so thank you, Ruth!

    • Ruth says:

      I’m with you Stacey. I too have friends who have gone into MLMs, and it seriously takes over their lives. I have stopped seeing some because everytime I went over to visit there was something to ‘try’. It’s so uncomfortable! I wouldn’t want to run a business like that. It’s not for me!

      Good luck to you and what you do.

  3. Tar says:

    Howdy Ruth. When you first heard about the System Pro, what was initial reaction? I mean do you really believe it’s a problem solver.

    When I read what it was stated in the description, it’s kinda hype to the extent that there are so many ‘optimistic’ words like world class and full blown.

    Quite an engaging manner. Thanks for sharing what attraction marketing.

    I never heard of such term but it’s interesting that it’s a practical choice in today’s world.

    • Ruth says:

      I must admit, Like you Tar, I was swept in by the use of the right words. There is definitely something there if you are into network marketing and mlm. I am not, and I am not a fan of that business model, but that is my personal choice, it doesn’t suit me personally.

      So initially I was quite engaged and then once I saw the pricing and the focus on MLM, I felt a bit disappointed.

      I hope that answers your question! Thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. Kaz says:

    I have tried some MLM programs myself and this was always the problem, finding ways to get leads once you had exhausted, quite literally, your friends and family. SO this could be interesting for someone in MLM?

    What do you think? Could you use the principles for anything else that requires leads?

    • Ruth says:

      That is the idea. Although My Leads System Pro is targeted at MLM, they argue that the principles of attraction marketing can be used in any form of marketing, more specifically online marketing. SO you could perhaps use it for affiliate marketing. But I would be wary of this. If you are in MLM, then I think it might be worth a go, if you have the case, but if you are into affiliate marketing, you can find much cheaper, more relevant training elsewhere. I Hope that helps!

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