O2 Worldwide Review – A Revolution in Health?

O2 Worldwide Review - A Revolution in Health?

O2 Worldwide has just launched in January 2016 so if you have heard the buzz about this new business, no doubt you want to find out if it is legitimate and whether you can make money if you are interested in investing.

Well, let me take you through the business with my O2 Worldwide Review and let’s see just what it’s all about and help you come to a decision about it’s viability.

So here we go!



Product Name: O2 Worldwide

Website url: http://www.letusclose.com/

Cost: two starter pack prices of $39.95 and $59.95

My Rating: 2 out of 5

My Recommendation: O2 Worldwide has a seriously dubious product. How can you invest when the product is so flimsy? If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is O2 Worldwide?

Of course your first question is, what is O2 Worldwide?

It is a Multi-Level -Marketing business that sells drops which help to energise you and fix MANY health issues through providing you with ‘additional oxygen’. These drops can either be ingested as they are, added to a drink or applied topically..

Interesting concept. There is more on the product later.

It’s not to be confused with the mobile network giant in the UK, called, also O2.

what is O2 Worldwide?

Let’s delve a little into the history of the business:

So despite the talk of a brand new business, O2 worldwide used to be known as something else called ‘Let Us Close’.

Let us Close called itself a marketing system which really didn’t last very long. If you try and find the Let us Close website it redirects to O2 Worldwide.

O2 Worldwide now uses the ‘Let us Close Marketing system’. This ‘system’ was also used by another business prior to this, which didn’t last very long either. This one was called the Elite networker. Again, if you look for Elite Networker, you are directed to O2 Worldwide.

So it’s not looking good so far. Two massive business failures are now the ‘foundation’ or the next stage to O2 worldwide. Eek!


What is the O2 Product?

Well this product is really quite astonishing. Conversely to many and in fact, most, other MLMs, O2 Worldwide has ONE product only, so let’s hope that it’s a corker!

Have a look at their own video of the product. What do you think? Can you believe in this product. Don’t you think it’s important to sell a product you believe in. 


In case you didn’t watch the video, it tells you all about the essential amount of oxygen you must have in your body to not only operate properly and have optimum health, but to relieve chronic tiredness and save yourself from many ailments.

The product are drops that provide this essential oxygen which will revitalize your body and improve your health in ways beyond belief.

These drops are said to help you heal faster and get back to feeling good again if you are sick.

They can’t promise that they can add more years to your life but what if you could add more life to your years. (nice phrase!)

Yup, just by taking drops.

How do you take these drops? You can add them to water or put them on your skin topically.

There have been over 2 dozen independent laboratory research studies across the world, so research has been done. I am no scientist, but this doesn’t stack up for me. ALL these health benefits from a drop.

Ok, well let’s look at the business opportunity and see if this has legs.


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How do you make money? – The Compensation Plan

This is all about the compensation plan which I always find complicated when there are other ways to earn more simply. How does this compensation plan work?

One thing I like on the website is that they say they have simplified the compensation plan from what you normally find with MLM businesses. Let’s see if they really have:

First they offer a TURNKEY business. Now I am not 100% against this, but nothing is truly turnkey. That statement always makes me nervous.

They use a compensation plan which they call the Two Team Compensation Plan

It’s a pretty good compensation plan as far as they go, so have a look at the video here. This isn’t my video, so it’s just for information.

If you are interested in this company, it’s worth watching the video because you will need to know how the plan is structured to decide whether this is a business for you. This one is based on a 100% matching income, so you are making exactly what your referrals are making (simply put).. I will leave you to watch the video.


The K Club

All this is is an extra bonus scheme for reaching certain levels within the business.

There are certain incentives and gifts for making a different number of referrals and volume sales. I won’t go into this in detail as this kind of incentive scheme is really the norm for an MLM.


Who is O2 Worldwide for?

They say openly in their video that any one can work with their compensation plan. They go so far as to say that you if you can stick on a stamp you can work this business.

Therefore, it is for everyone.

They say that if you can sponsor 2 people a month through their compensation plan, you could be earning a million by the end of the year. I mean that sounds crazy and this is all Hype. But if you look at MOST business compensation plans or online businesses, working online, they tend to throw around these types of numbers. If you want to start a business that is more honest try my no 1 recommendation 


What’s the cost?

The starter package can be either $39.95 or $59.95 depending on what level of starter package you opt for.


My Verdict

If I am completely honest, I am on the fence on this one and actually slightly falling off towards this thumbs down on this one. See what I DO give a thumbs up to. 

The O2 Worldwide review has allowed me to really look into this company but as it is so new, there are a lot of unanswered questions.

The product is interesting, but it’s expensive, and I we don’t seem to have any information on proven results as such, apart from the statement that it has been tested. In fact the claims are a little wild in that they can solve almost EVERY problem that you could possibly be having. I don’t buy that. I am dubious that a product can achieve so much. I don’t have the medical knowledge to dispute it, just a gut feel.

My belief that an MLM needs an unbelievable product to really fly, especially in today’s market, and lets face it, this does seem more like hype than anything else.

Their video on the compensation plan promises a ridiculous amount of money you can make and in a very short time and this always gets alarm bells ringing for me.

And put that together with the history of the business owners. Hmm it’s not looking great.

But I won’t give it a proper thumbs down just yet. If you have been interested in this business, my advice would be to wait. Wait and see what happens. Don’t get sucked into the hype where they try and get you into the start. They would be happy to have to anytime. Guaranteed.


So what now?

If, after having read the review, you feel like this business isn’t for you, perhaps you would like to work with something that is more established.

A business which has a fantastic track record teaching you to build a truly successful online business of your own. Perhaps you are not really a fan of the whole MLM marketing strategy. That I can understand.

If this sounds like you, then try my recommendation for starting and running your own online business which doens’t rely on referrals for success!

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14 thoughts on “O2 Worldwide Review – A Revolution in Health?

    • Really interesting stuff. Everyone should read this article.. Thanks so much for posting it. I suspected as much when I wrote the review, but this is proof to stay away!

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Ruth

    It’s amazing what lengths some companies will go through in order to make a quick buck. I would have a hard time promoting a product that demonstrates such lunacy.

    MLM’s are pretty hard to be successful at the best of times let alone having a moderately weird product to promote. I am certainly a fan of your number one recommended program. Thanks for sharing a brilliant post. At least we know more about the company!

    Kind Regards


  2. Kit says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Great article! I heard about O2 from a friend and wanted to look into it as he thought it was a great business opportunity.

    I really wanted to try the drops, but because of your article, I don’t try it out.

    Great job to put the videos. They are really helpful to understand product.

    I also like the “you may also like”.

    Good luck,


    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Kit. Those are some really kind words. I am glad my article has helped you see. In fact there is a comment below from one of my readers who has a medical background who completely writes of this concept of oxygen drops as utter nonsense. Interesting to read. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Tatjana says:

    I can be more pleased than see such a detail review about another MLM scam. Why someone would use Q2 drops to improve health. I’m strong believer with proper eating habits, active lifestyle you can achieve health level without any supplements. I’m glad I come across your reviews to help me understand there is still a lot of scams out there. Thank you for such detail post.

    • Ruth says:

      It is a very random product isn’t it. They say it is backed up by scientific research but there is no proof of this. I hope people can see that this isn’t the best business opportunity out there and that there are others that are way more profitable.

  4. Nice article,
    Never heard of this before, a shame as it is a scam, would be great when this really works.
    I better stick to your other home business opportunity: Wealthy Affiliate. I certainly try that out!
    Thanks for writing and good luck,

  5. Dave says:

    Wow. I have never heard such a load of nonsense in my life! I’m a doctor in Scotland, and I can safely say any healthy person does not need to take “O2 drops” to be healthier. It won’t help you. If this was of any use, I would have heard of it long before this and I would be prescribing it to everyone! Clearly a scam, I’m glad your making people wise to it. Thanks for the review!

    • Ruth says:

      Ah great Feedback Dave. I am so pleased you stopped to comment. Their references of research are so vague it has to be a scam. The fact that you can say categorically is great. Thank you!

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