Review of Get Profit Adz – A Confusing MLM Matrix?

Review of GetProfitAdz - A Cofusing MLM matrix?

Get Profit Adz is essentially a revenue sharing scheme and pay to click (PTC) scheme with an MLM Matrix built in. Confused? There are many similar products around, but let’s see if this one, which has very recently launched, is legitimate.

This Get Profit Adz Review will help you to decipher what this program is about and whether it’s worth your time and money.

So pay close attention!



Product Name: Get Profit Adz 2.0

Website url: www.getprofitadz

Cost: $5 one time joining fee

Rating: 2 out of 5

My Recommendation: Get Profit Adz 2.0 is yet another advertising and rev share business, that I don’t think will last long. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Get Profit Adz?

GetProfitAdz, at the basic level, is an online advertising platform where you earn money for clicking on ads (PTC) and by buying ad packs so that you can promote your own website and drive traffic. This is similar to Traffic Monsoon, if you have read about them.. But with GetProfit Adz there is a complicated matrix which you can join to increase your chance of benefiting from revenue shares.

Phew, are you ready…

There is no information on the website about who owns the business and where it is run, although through my research, a lot of content appears to be in German but money is referred to in Dollars, perhaps to make it more international? I am always wary when there is no information on the owners available.

There are 4  ways to make money with Get Profit ads. Below is an outline, but I will cover more in detail in sections below.

  1. If you head over to the view ads section, you can make money by clicking on ads. Don’t get excited, as a free member you can make a whopping $0.002 per click and you have access to roughly 8 ads in a sessions. Whoop! Not really a passive income.
  2. You can get involved in revenue sharing where you gather a percentage of profits per share, depending on how many shares you buy.
  3. You can join the Matrix, either the GP quality Matrix or the advance Platinum Cycler. To join this matrix you can purchase a share for between $5 and $50, the more you invest the more potential there is to earn.
  4. You can refer others to use the system. Everytime one of your referrals upgrades their account or purchases an ad pack, you will receive a commission. This is all based around a matrix system, so I will go into this later on.

Have a look at this video, it’s quite long so I have outlined it in writing below so you can digest it as there is a lot to take in


Ways to make money with GetProfit Adz

Revenue sharing

Each revenue share is $25 or and equals 25,000 ad credits. The share value never expires. This $25 is broken down in to 3 areas. $12 goes into the ‘revenue sharing bucket’, $10 goes into the matrix (see below to see how you could get involved in that) and $3 is for admin.

Once you have your credits you can then advertise your product in the Get Profit Adz network. This network covers nearly 40,000 members. But who is viewing your ads? That would be the people that are paid $0.002 per click. Do you think they will be interested in what you have to sell or to move onto the next website to make more money? The value of these clicks is certainly questionable!

If you own revenue shares, Get Profit Adz pays out a minimum of 1% of its profits to a maximum of 10% of its profits per day. So the more ‘shares’ you have, (at $25), the more of that profit share you could take home. Sounds interesting. There are no actual testimonials online of people who can vouch for this kind of profit outlay. Perhaps because the product is in its infancy? Or maybe there is nothing positive to say?


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The GetProfit Adz quality Matrix

You can purchase a position in their matrix for $5. In this scenario, 50% of your revenue share earnings, (earned as described above) can be used to purchase a position in the GPA quality matrix. Note you can only use money generated from your revenue share earnings.

Every position, which costs $5 comes with 5000 advertising credits which you can use to promote your business, via banner and text advertising within the GPA network. Every position is then placed in the company matrix of which there are 7 levels. You can’t move up to the next level until you have completed the previous one. See the diagram below, although I am not sure that helps! They say that over time you will earn $550 for each position.

This is based on a Cycler matrix system, see Wikipedia for definitions, which means that it is bordering an illegal Ponzi scheme. Starting to feel more dubious now?

What is GetprofitAdz


Platinum Cycler

To add another level of confusion, this is ANOTHER matrix, like a top of the range matrix.. Where you can turn $50 into, and I quote, ‘an infinite fortune’. Hmm alarm bells ringing for me now. There are so many more straightforward ways to make money online, that don’t make up hyped up promises, so be wary of those that do.

The Platinum Cycler ad pack costs $50 and will give you 50,000 ad credits. This is goes into a cycle system like you see above, but it runs faster than the $5 cycler.


Referral Program

And there’s more: All of the above ways to earn money with GetProfitAdz don’t require you to sponsor or recruit any person to earn what they term as an 100% passive income.

But by sponsoring you can apparently speed up the process of gathering your passive income by getting MORE revenue shares and matrix positions. This set up is based on a MLM style compensation plan where you earn on what your team members earn and what the people THEY recruit earns too. As an example you could earn between $1 and $3 when someone purchases a $25 share or a matrix position.


My Verdict

Review of GetProfitAdzI have to say this Review of GetProfitAdz is based on the basics I have put together, but I have my opinion too.

This program is not currently a scam, but it is bordering on an illegal Ponzi scheme.

On the website, there is no information about who owns the business which rings alarm bells with me.

I would need to know where my money is going if I am to invest in such a scheme. I can’t therefore tell you that the owners have a history of legit business, or that you can trust them in their new venture. This makes me very wary and I would advise you to stay away because of this!

In terms of their systems, there is sense in some of the ways they are using to promote, but the problem I have is although you are buying shares in the business, you are also buying credits to get visitors to YOUR website. How useful are these visitors? I seriously doubt they have any value as they are likely from people being paid per click, who are doing it to earn cash and aren’t interested in your products. This is terrible for your bounces rates and therefore your SEO and Google ranking.

Overall, although the jury is still out, I would say stay away. Give it some time and it will show it’s true colours.


So what now?

If you are feeling a bit disheartened after reading this review, please don’t let it put you off your dreams of making money online. If you are still keen to make money online but want an honest, legitimate and profitable way to build a business, then try my no 1 suggested program to build something long term starting now.

But if you have any experience of GetProfitAdz, I would love to hear what you think.


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11 thoughts on “Review of Get Profit Adz – A Confusing MLM Matrix?

  1. GPA 2.0 is going more and more down like it seems….

    It is absolutely ok that the daily earnings are getting less and less, but it is absolutely not ok, That they don’t deliver what I have paid for..

    They promised an “Advertising-Platform” where my bought product (Advertising Packs) will be displayed…
    But there is still nothing….

    I bought Advertising but I got nothing.

    People who ask for this in the GPA2.0 Groups get deleted or banned…

    What is going on there ?

    • Oh that’s really not good. In my experience a lot of the advertising and rev share platforms out there really suffer from incredibly bad customer service, which sends you into a panic that they have run off with your money. I have been through this myself. But with a bit of time, and a lot of emails I got my money back. Although I can’t say I was happy with the whole situation. It seems that something more untoward is going on here though especially if payouts are getting less and less. It would seem that the program is on the way out. Are you able to get out of this as unfortunately the pattern is that once this trend starts it’s hard to recover and the business cannot support itself. So if you can get out with what you can.

      Keep me updated with how you get on.

  2. Pitin says:

    Hello. I am new to this and have actually heard of Traffic Monsoon and this one feels very similar. There was another one I have tried where all I need to do was to “surf” 100 websites a day and I get paid 5dollars a day. Yes I was scammed. And I know by “pretending to surf” the websites, those websites’ bouncerates all went up! Hmmm. Do you think this has a relationship with Boosting your post on your facebook page? I tried boosting my post for 5 dollars and although I actually gets clicks, my bouncerates went up! I am very curious. hmmm

    • Ruth says:

      Yes indeed, these kind of schemes are never great for those paying for those visits. People are visit for such a short time, they don’t care and are not interested in your business. So when they leave the page after 30 seconds, this increases your bounce rate (the rate in which someone leaves your website without interacting with it) – this looks terrible to search engines and as such means that your rankings can goo down. Have a look at my article about google ranking

      I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for your comments

  3. Retha says:

    I never tire of hearing about the bad schemes of certain websites, and I really enjoy it when people like you expose them for what they’re actually trying to do. And I hate it when their motive is to trick people out of their hard-earned money. I listened to the video for a while and I failed to get HOW anybody was to make money because nothing seemed to be guaranteed. Is there ANYBODY you can contact should you have any questions?

    A red flag always goes up with me when they say that you have to purchase something to get started, then there’s another price for something else, then you find out that there are hidden fees, but they say that it will help you earn big money if you do this. I really thank you for the heads-up. Wonderful post!

    • Ruth says:

      No problem Retha. Happy to help. If you are new to this kind of business, it is difficult not to get sucked in by the sales pitch, believe me, I definitely have in the past! Sometimes I still do get swallowed up with them, but I pause, go through all the information and then think it through. This is what my reviews are about. After a while you get to know the signs of a scam, so I am happy that helped you!

  4. ZEGU says:

    Get Profit Adz page is very informative. I have learned a few lessons here. When buying a product, I need to be wary when information about the business owner is not given.
    Also, without testimonies to prove whether a product really works, I also need to tread with caution. This is absolutely true, sometimes it is easy to get carried away and just buy instantly.

    • Ruth says:

      Indeed Zegu. Sometimes the sales pitch of these businesses can be so compelling it is easy to get dragged in. I know I Have been in the past, so I feel like I know what to look out for. Happy to have help you Zegu!

  5. Holly says:

    I am very dubious about these schemes as I have heard many stories about people working really hard to make money and then not even getting paid.You mentioned that there is no indication of who owns the business or who runs the site etc. which is not a very good first impression, as those who may be willing to give this a go would be put off by not having anyone to hold accountable if they needed some help etc.

    • Ruth says:

      Sometimes people just don’t know what to look for to see if something is legit. When I first started out, I would never have thought to look for an indication of who owned the site and what their history was. Why would you. It’s so easy to get sucked in. I hope I can help clarify a few things for people!

      Good luck to you Holly, in whatever you are doing.

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