The At Home Income Package Real Scam


Maybe the title of my article has given away my point of view.  ‘The At Home Income Package Real Scam’. Okay, so maybe it has, but If you have found yourself here you are probably interested in finding out what this business is all about, and this is what I am going to take you through.

So read on for the full information.



Company name: At Home  Income Package

Website url:

Cost: $97

My Rating: 1 out of 5


What is the At Home Income Package about?

The first thing to tell you all about, it that it is actually two products, well as it stands today! I believe that the name is continuously changing. Hmm suspicious!

At the moment, one is call the At home Income Package, and the other is called Online Income Solution. They are identical. Everything except for the price.

The most likely reason for this duplication is that the business is being shut down and they have transferred the content to one onto the other. This is a massive clue as to the fact that this is a SCAM. I would say that At Home Income Package is the initial business, and since then they have dropped the price and renamed the business to Online Income Solution, so they can go on scamming you.

Let me take you further in, as if you needed further convincing..

at home income package real scam

So if you have read their sales page.. Guess what, there is NO clue as to what this business is. Nothing, just that you can make money online. How vague can you be?

So to save you the bother, I have looked further into it. What they say is that you can make $379 a day just by copying and posting links.

They are quick to tell you what they are NOT, but not what they ARE:

This is Not an MLM or pyramid scheme
This is Not a bogus data entry scam
This is Not an envelope stuffing rip-off
This is Not a rebate processing scam

In it’s rawest term, posting links can sometimes be called affiliate marketing. But I don’t want that to put a bad name to affiliate marketing, because this is a really strong business idea.  Essentially, affiliate marketing is about drawing people to your website within a niche where you then redirect them to a product which is sold through a third party.

This is 100% legitimate business and you will find most businesses, including amazon, walmart and many more all run affiliate programs that you can join. You make a commission on every sale you push through.


Find out how you can work in affiliate marketing,



Anyway, I have gone off on an affiliate marketing tangent. Back to At Home Income Package..

Can you make money with At Home Income Package?

At Home Income Package says that you can make money just from posting links. There is no way you can do this. Think about it, who is going to see these links, how will you drive people to these links? You can’t just post links.. crazy. It’s just not possible!

The company says that it is endorsed by Google, but look at the small print. It basically says, nothing we have said can be held against us.. And nicely done with white text on beige.. lovely and unreadable. (apologies for such a boring image!)

At Home Income Package Real Scam


So what does it cost?

So you pay the $97 one off charge and what do you get?

  • Automated money making website (suspicious definition, there is no such thing as an automated website)
  • Free 1 on 1 training consultation
  • Training guides and video tutorials – this is very low quality training

That’s it, and then you are left on your own.

There is no further support. They do offer a money back guarentee, but to get this money back is a nightmare. there have been thousands of complaints about people not getting their refund. This is the most likely reason why they are changing their name. Previous to At Home Income Package, they were known simply as Home Income Package. They keep running, but hopefully you will have read this and stay well away


The benefits

Zero, a nice wood background effect to their website perhaps?


The drawbacks

  • They hide what they are from the beginning
  • The testimonials are all so false and their disclaimer talks about how you shouldn’t base any of your expectations on this. Why use them then?
  • Get rich quick attitude, earn with no work. Anyone who knows anything about building ANY business, not just an online business, is that there are no quick wins. You need to work hard. Anyone that says get rick quick is scamming you
  • There is NO company information.
  • They don’t dare state they are trying to call themselves affiliate marketers, as this would bring the whole industry into disrepute to have associations such as this
  • They use well know brands to ‘endorse’ their product, then disclaim this at the bottom.
  • A lot of false statements. See the logo that states, voted no 1 by many top publications. Who issues this rosette. ludicrous!


My verdict

scamI think it’s quite obvious what I think of this business. Stay AWAY! Run! You would only lose $97 max, so in terms of financial risk, it’s not too much. But you would spend precious time working on the business, and for nothing. There isn’t much more to say on this one. It’s just not worth it.

If you have any experience of this business or just any comments on this article, I would love to hear from you!


So what now?

I really hope you don’t feel disheartened about this review if you have a dream to make money from home, online.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic and profitable business to be into an if you learn how to do it properly it can lead to a really successful business.  But as I said you have to learn how to get set up properly and follow the rules. The best program to teach you this is my no 1 suggestion. So give it a try.


How to make money online


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21 thoughts on “The At Home Income Package Real Scam

  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Ruth,
    I had to come back to this review and thank you, I showed my brother who was this close to joining to avoid it instead.

    I have a request if you don’t mind, could you do a review on Paid Social Media Jobs? It looks so tempting but I’ not really sure if its a legitimate home business opportunity or not

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Riaz

      Thanks for your comments. I am so pleased I could help your brother. I will most definitely do a review on Paid Social Media Jobs, Make sure you come back to check it out.

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Ruth,
    Great review on this one, I just came across it yesterday while I was watching korean drama online. You know when you go to those free sites you will have to click on an ad or two right?

    I was thinking of trying it out but felt suspicious, glad I came across this review! These scams are everywhere these day.

    • Ruth says:

      I’m pleased I could help Riaz. You have to be so careful these days. There are a lot of cons out there and the sales pitch can be hard to ignore. I am glad I could help!

  3. says:

    So sick and tired of these types of programs that are just out there to take money without delivering any real value.

    I’ve also been reviewing products lately and I have found that the majority of programs are exactly like the “at Home Income Package”.

    Good for you for exposing such a product. You’re doing the world much good with these reviews.

  4. Jovo says:

    Hi, I think what you write here is a fair and honest presentation of something that looks like a scam in every segment. So they are just prepacking the same worthless stuff and sell as a new product. The business about posting links and making money from that sounds really crazy, and you rightly write that this is useless. Thank you for this warning.

  5. Hillbilly Vapor says:

    Nice job. this could be very helpful to someone looking to start an online business. is this a scam that you fell for or is this just from research? I have lost money I the past and before I came to WA my wife had me do the research on them. I had looked at so many scam that I was about to give up on the idea.
    The best to you,
    Hillbilly Vapor

    • Ruth says:

      Hi there

      Thanks for your comments. I did look into the At home Income Package real scam when I was searching for an online business idea to set up but my real research was after I found Wealthy Affiliate. Then I was able to delve into it in depth, and expose the true scam. I sound like a detective huh! Not at all. Once you know what to look for, its easy to spot them!

  6. This has be a good warning for people looking to start a online business.
    I know that I have be taken by this scams in the past.
    Did you get this information first hand or just from resource?
    Keep up the good work and the best to you.

    • It was partially my own experience. I found this program when I was looking to get started online and quickly realised this couldn’t be right. When I came to find wealthy affiliate, one of the things I wanted to do to help people was to make sure people were aware of these scams, and that they don’t profit from innocent people. So I’m pleased that I could help you

  7. donnacaliegh says:

    Nice review. I always appreciate when others come across these scams and point them out for people because there are so many people that are still falling for these scams, believing what they read. Hopefully they will also believe what they read when they come across reviews such as yours warning them to save their time and money.Most of us that do actually work online have unfortunately been scammed ourselves in the past and then we started getting smarter about it and doing our homework by looking for reviews before jumping in. So keep up what you’re doing – it will be helping guide people away from these scams.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Donna. That’s what I intend to do is to help others not get scammed. I have been there in the past and its incredibly frustrating, to say the least. I wish you good luck in your business.

  8. Shrey says:

    It looks more like fake anyway and I really want to know if they actually provide any meaningful information in their course or is it just fake promises even after buying the product and a $100 is a little too much and why would I invest in such a fake product.
    However what do you personally think about the product ??

    • Ruth says:

      The information on the course is very surface level and not enough in depth to enable you to set up a profitable business properly. It’s the bare minimum they could get away with. I think, personally, it is appalling and wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole! They are another Clicksure product which really doesn’t help their cause. Any thing else you want to know, please just let me know! All the best in your endevours

  9. Chris says:

    It’s easy to be gullible and buying stuff like this when you think it might be the answer to get rich scheme. They are plastered all over the internet, sad to be honest. Especially when it’s just information that anyone can gain from google honestly.

    Great review though, looking forward to seeing more.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Chris. There are so many out there like this, and it’s hard to know which are scammy and which are not, unless you try, but those that don’t tell you outright what they are.. thats what you have to watch out for if nothing else. What are they trying to hide! If you are looking for work from home jobs, have a look at my article, which might help. Thanks again for your comments on the At Home Incomce package real scam.

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