Copy and Profit Blueprint Review – Good Business Sense?

The Copy and Profit Blueprint Review

Copy and Profit. How easy does that sound?

Well you know the old adage that goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Does this apply to The Copy and Profit Blueprint?

Lets find out in this review and see whether it’s a scam or a legitimate business idea.



Product Name: Copy and Profit Blueprint

Website url: www.copyandprofitblueprint

Cost: $47 a month

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My Recommendation: It’s possible to make money with the Copy and Profit Blueprint if you like the idea of writing e-books for a living. But do you know if they will sell? If you would rather make money from products that you KNOW will sell, check out my no 1 recommendation to build a home business. 


What is The Copy and Profit Blueprint?

The Copy and Profit Blueprint, written by Neil Stafford, is a training program in the form of downloadable e-books, which helps you start from scratch and build an internet business from the ground up.

It will teach you how to create digital information products, such as your own e-books, how to market them and how to drive sales and traffic to those e-books to build yourself a business and generate income. It will help you find an idea for your niche as well so you know where to start and take you through every step.

The owner, Neil Stafford, says he is giving you business model and saying that you can legally copy this model, in the form of 3 different blueprints covering:

  1. Creating an offer,
  2. Building a list,
  3. Getting traffic

Let’s look into each of these:


How does The Copy and Profit Blueprint work?

The Copy and Profit Blueprint is broken down into 3 key steps or 3 separate blueprints to build your business which I have outlined below:

What is the copy and profit blueprint


BLUEPRINT 1: Create an offer:

Your offer is a digital information product.

Essentially in the case of most people it would be creating short e-books you want to sell. If you don’t have an area of interest already in which you are happy to write about then the program will help you to find a profitable niche and teach you how to hire someone to write the content for you. My guess here is using a service such as

In my experience you are best off writing these books yourself. The reason is that a lot of these cheap freelance sites really don’t provide high quality content, and if you are starting from the ground up you won’t have the money to pay for a decent writer.

Let me ask you this. How many e-books have you come across in your experience of online marketing? It seems every list has one. I have read so many I have them coming out of my ears. Are you going to do something different?

Does writing short e-books appeal to you? Things worth thinking about.

Included in this module is the following:

  • how to find the right niche that is most profitable – they provide a shortlist of 20 or so of the most profitable niches
  • how to find the perfect idea for your report – 7 -15 pages.
  • how to create your content and make it interesting, including title tips and content templates
  • how to package, price and position this report
  • how to create a sales letter for this report, including copywriting tips
  • how to set up a website to sell your small report including the purchase function within your website
  • Then how to turn that small report into a six figure business


Blueprint 2: Build a List

This blueprint is about sending out mailings to your list with your new e-book offer once it has been created. You will be taught how to build your list and quickly.

Email marketing is one of the key drivers of business success, and when you are selling a product it is important that you have a list with a vested interest, that you can sell to over and over again. As long as you do it right.

This module sounds interesting and includes some of the following

  • Ways to talk to your subscribers so you don’t overload them with offers
  • Swipe file of email titles
  • How to get subscribers to your email list
  • How to create your own opt in page
  • Opt in triggers to get people to join your list
  • Many other ways to get people interested, to sign up, to build your list and get them thirsty for more (excuse the phrase!)


Blueprint 3: Get traffic to your website

The Copy and Profit Blueprint’s top tip here is to use your OWN affiliates to drive sales.

You use them to promote your products for you and you pay them a commission, a percentage of your sales, around 50% or more. But remember here your product needs to be good enough to promote. A few 7-15 page e-books might not do the job unless you know what you are talking about! And how much do you think people will pay for a book like this? And with 50% commission, what is left for you?

The way to get your own affiliates is to put your product on an affiliate market place such as Clickbank, where people are searching for programs or ideas to promote.

This module includes the following:

  • How to set up your affiliate program
  • How to find affiliates that are motivated to sell.
  • How to get people to sell and continuously engage with them
  • How to convince affiliates who are not sure to sell your products
  • Creating magnets for affiliates
  • How to help your affiliates make money


If you are here looking for a way to build an online business,

there is only one program I really recommend. Find out more here


Who is Copy and Profit Blueprint for?

Copy and Profit Blueprint states right from the off, that it’s for beginners, who want to build an online business from scratch.

What I like is that they say quite openly that there is no guarantee that you will make money, there is nothing that says you will be a millionaire in a week. You have to put in the work in order to get there. Honest.

is the Copy and profit blueprint a scam


How much does the Copy and Profit Blueprint cost?

There is usual spiel here which is all about, ‘I should charge you $1997’,  but actually I am giving it to you for $97. A one off payment.

No sorry it’s $47. This is the usual discount story. And you have a 60 day money back guarantee

And of course there is a bonus which is of 8 different additional products.  I won’t go into all of these, you can read them for yourself, but they include small reports to help you with your small reports. As well, there are some training modules you will get for free too.

So to recap you essentially pay $47 for the 3 blueprints, then $47 every month for 18 months for the gold membership – there is more about this below (which you can cancel)


Is there any support?

Building your own business in information products will be a lot of work and you will have a lot of questions, so is there any support?

As far as I can see, Copy and Profit Blueprint offers support from the owner for the first 30 days for free within your $47 purchase price. Will this be enough to get you through all of this information? There is a hell of a lot to learn here and a lot to take on board.

So then the idea is that you then continue with the gold membership at a cost of $47 a month because you would have seen the value you have got for free.


My Verdict

I am on the fence on this one.

Firstly, The Copy and Profit Blueprint is definitely not a scam. There is A LOT of information that you get here for your money. The training course seems very detailed and they really have provided step by step instructions on how to get there. Don’t let the scammy sounding name put you off.

<<Click here to visit the Copy and Profit Blueprint website>>

There are a few concerns I have, but these can be tempered by having the right attitude

  • As a newbie to internet business, I would think that building a business in this way sounds really daunting. There is a lot to learn and a lot to take in. It depends if you are really determined in being successful. And I believe you can be successful with this product if you are in the right mindset.
  • Although having your own product does sound like a solid business model, it isn’t risk free like Copy and Profit Blueprint suggests. You are creating a product and you don’t KNOW if it will sell. It could all be a waste of time
  • Neil slams affiliate marketing but personally I prefer this business model. You are selling other peoples products, physical OR digital within a niche in which you are interested, and these are products that you know DO sell. From large retailers and trusted affiliate programs, with a business model that is proven to work time and time again. These businesses won’t go down any time soon, like he suggests. So  the risk here is A LOT smaller.
  • Are you ready to write a lot of e-books to make money? You would need to create quite a few e-books because how much do you think people will pay for a 7-15 page e-book? Plus you would have to give away around 50% in commission to your affiliates.

So if I were you and if you are on the fence about the Copy and Profit Blueprint, I would check out my top recommendation in affiliate marketing and build a business with products that are guaranteed to sell

I hope you have enjoyed this Copy and Profit Review and if you have any questions, I would be pleased to help.

How does the copy and profit blueprint work


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6 thoughts on “Copy and Profit Blueprint Review – Good Business Sense?

  1. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Ruth, thanks for another excellent, detailed review. While this product sounds great for someone like me who is writing e-books, I find the price a bit steep.
    I agree with you, we get more value for money investing that $47 a month into our education at Wealthy Affiliate, especially as it includes webhosting for multiple sites, a brilliant keyword tool and the site comments tool. I can’t see how we would get traffic so quickly without these.
    The community help and support is also a win and it doesn’t sound like thats included in the Copy and Profit Blueprint.

  2. Anthony says:

    From what you have said here, I would say that Copy and Profit are not too bad. I wouldn’t use their program though because books can be good, but it depends on the niche.

    For example, Social media is growing at a really fast rate so I do not think that writing a book about Social media would make sense. What do you think about that?

    • Ruth says:

      Yes I agree, your topic has to be right. This is what the training course helps you to do, to find the right topics, so that you don’t waste time. But as with anything, nothing is guaranteed, you aren’t guaranteed success. If you find the right niche you could make a lot of money.. IF

  3. Lee says:

    Thanks for this review and yes you’re right, the copy and profit blueprint does sound very easy lol!

    On one hand, the system seems to make sense but on the other hand, I wonder if you could ever really build a business large enough to support you by simply selling ebooks.

    Even if you do have a group of affiliates selling them for you.

    Do people even read ebooks these days? I don’t.

    I also see your recommended business model is affiliate marketing. Is this the same concept, design a product and then have affiliates sell them for you?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Lee

      Thanks for your comments. No affiliate marketing is coming at it from the other side. You aren’t creating anything. You don’t have to have a product to sell, or to worry about distribution, you are simply helping people who are looking for something to find it and when they purchase it, you get a commission. No ongoing account management or anything like that. It’s such a simple business model. If you are interested, you should try out my top training program for affiliate marketing.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write.

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