Traffic Ad Bar Review – Build your Business?

Traffic Ad Bar Review

Traffic Ad Bar helps you to drive traffic to your business. But how good is the traffic and is it worth the effort?

Let’s find out right now in the Traffic Ad Bar Review.



Product Name: Traffic Ad Bar

Website Url:

Price: Free or you can upgrade for $9, $18 or $35 per month

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation: Traffic ad bar is a way to get traffic to your site. But that’s it. It’s not targeted or particularly useful traffic. If you want to know the best way to drive the RIGHT traffic which is interested in what you have to say or sell, check out my top recommendation which will teach you how to do just that for free.


What is Traffic Ad Bar About?

Traffic Ad bar is a website that allows you to drive traffic to your website, what they call hits through their traffic exchange.

You can earn these hits in  ways:

  • By clicking on other peoples websites from the Traffic Ad Bar website itself. Each click is no more than 10 seconds. This counts as a hit to their website
  • By clicking on the link that you get in your daily email and viewing the websites advertised here, similar to the above.
  • Ad the Traffic Ad Bar banner to your own website and whenever someone visits traffic ad bar through it, you gain credits


How does it work?

Traffic Ad bar uses a points system which as you use the site more and more, to visit other peoples business sites, to click on ads, and to react to your daily email, then you get awarded more and more points or hits.

As you get more points you get more traffic and you rise up the the system.

You start by uploading your website or websites to your profile and then these can be seen by other people doing the same as you, clicking on it.

It is quite simple to get started and simple to start generating traffic to your website.


How much does it cost?

If you want you can upgrade for $9, $18 or $35 per month, depending on the number of free visits you want to get, the number of points per click and a host of other variables including your priority level on the ad bar. (For me, this is like throwing money away)


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recommendation for the absolute best program out there. 


The levels

Traffic ad bar works on a number of levels. When you join you start at the bottom with everyone, with lots of people.

As you use the site more and more and you get more hits to your website, you move up the levels and this will give you access to more automated free traffic.
What is traffic Ad Bar about

BUT  They reset this every 3 days. So you have to start again to rise up the levels. Annoying if you think you are making some headway.

So the key here to note is that you have to be very active everyday.

If you decide to place your own ads with Ad Traffic bar, these will be placed on their network of traffic exchange sites.

If you have a website on level 10 and above, we will send out 1,022 links every 3 days, level 9, 510 links and so on.

That’s all there is to it really. It’s very simple, but does it work?


My Verdict

In order to write this Traffic Ad Bar Review properly, I tested the program. I signed up for Traffic Ad Bar as a free member and started using it right away. What happened do you think? Well I got lots of traffic, AND I spent quite a fair bit of time clicking on links to get my hits for that traffic. DULL DULL DULL. So in that sense, yes it works, I got clicks.

But the big question here, is that of any value?

Have a think about the sort of traffic you will be getting? Well it’s people like me. People who are clicking on ads to rise up the ranks. People who have absolutely NO interest in what they are reading and NO interest in what you are selling, because they already have their own business and are just watching the timer.

So what is the point in that? Traffic that doesn’t convert into sales and traffic that is NOT interested – a waste of time

There are other traffic exchanges our there which are better and provide SOME level of engagement (not a lot so don’t get excited), but unless you are in the make money online business, then this is pretty useless in my opinion. You might be lucky and get a couple of sales, but that would be down to luck.

If you want to learn about a way to get laser targeted traffic to your website, or indeed to create your own business, whether you have an idea or not, check out this review of my top program. 

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4 thoughts on “Traffic Ad Bar Review – Build your Business?

  1. Yuko says:

    Interesting post!
    I’ve never heard of Traffic Ad Bar but as far as I learned from you this is not worth our time. What really matters in traffic is quality rather than quantity. If the dwell time (how long our visitors stay on our website) is super short, it actually affects our ranking negatively, so this program may actually harm our businesses than benefit.

    I guess after all, there is no shortcut to get quality traffic to our site but working hard and keep providing quality content.


  2. Julian says:

    I sort of like the idea behind Traffic Ad Bar.

    But most of the traffic would be pointless. Especially for sites that target beginners. If you’re in the blog/marketing niche, for instance.

    And since it works with a points-based system, it’d be so easy to manipulate.

    Yeah, most of the traffic you’d get from here would probably be random clicks, eh? Just members clicking and trying to get as many credits as they can.

    The only way you’d get good traffic probably, is if you’re someone who targets website owners and bloggers. Right?

    Since the people who use TAB are site owners and bloggers looking to get traffic.

    So if your target customers are sites that need traffic, etc, you can get lucky and attract one of these people.

    Haha. But you’d need a lot of luck.

    Anyway, it’s not for me.

    Thanks for the review.

    – Julian

    • Ruth says:

      HI Julian

      Yes it would be down to pure luck. I have carried on with traffic ad bar and still had nothing other than clicks from it. And it does take time to generate those hits. So I don’t think there is much value there.

      Thanks for leaving a comment

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