Weapons of Mass Commissions Review – A Mediocre Program at Best

weapons of mass commissions

Did the name ‘Weapons of Mass Commissions get you interested? Whether you like it or not, it’s a good play on words. But is the business any good. Can you believe what the sales pages says?

Let me walk you through what it is all about and we can find out more, and then maybe you can tell ME what you think.



Product name: Weapons of Mass Commissions

Website url: www.weaponsofmasscommission.com

Cost: $9.97 follow by many upsells

Rating: 1 out of 5

My recommendation:  This program is poorly put together and is nothing special. If you want to learn to build a real home business the right way, then check out my top recommendation

What is Weapons of Mass Commissions?

Well to answer the question of ‘What is Weapons of Mass Commissions’, I can sum it up in a sentence. It is a program that teaches you to make money online by creating an email list through a squeeze page, and then emailing that list to sell them products.

You will see when you go to the landing page that the first monetary promise is that you can make $980 in 3 hours. The owner who is called Matthew Neer talks about making profit through selling products from Clickbank.

If you are unfamiliar with Clickbank, they are an affiliate marketing network, which means they are a place where people can find products that others have created and sell them for a commission.


what is weapons of mass commissions


Clickbank is completely legitimate and many affiliate marketers use it. So don’t be worried about this side of it. Although I would say that not EVERY product on Clickbank is the best in it’s niche, so if you use them as an affiliate marketer, then just be wary.


If you are here looking to build your own online business

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Now, Matthew Neer’s concept is no new concept.

Other programs teach this method of using email or at least something similar to this method, and ones that I wholly support are programs such as Chris Farrell membership and Niche Profit Full Control. I would recommend these over Weapons of Mass Commissions. So, why is this?

I’ll go through the program and explain how I came to this conclusion.


How does it work?

Firstly, when you get to the website, it’s the classic sales page with a video and sales copy placed below. Nothing revolutionary here.

The video is very poor, the sales copy is badly written, grammatically, and the pictures don’t load. But lets say that doesn’t matter and get into the program,

Once you have scrolled through the long list of promises and stories of untold wealth and income proof which, to be honest, looks like a spreadsheet. IN fact I don’t think I have ever seen one that is do obviously fake, then you get to the get to the crux of the program.

What Neer is selling over any other package like this, is the ability to get traffic.


Driving traffic to your business

Neer calls the foundation of his business the S.Y.S.T.E.M which in this case stands for

Save Yourself Some Time, Energy and Money

Of course, every online business needs traffic, and the lack of traffic can be a failure in an online business. Anyone who has set up an online business before, knows that it can be one of the biggest challenges to get high quality, relevant and interested traffic to your business. Find out about an excellent program that teaches a long term legitimate and FREE way to drive traffic to your business.

How does he teach you to drive traffic?  I will go into that next

what is weapons of mass commissions


What are the ‘weapons’?

Weapon no 1:

An autoresponder tool which allows you to set up pre-programmed emails to your sign ups. This works so that when you get your interested visitors to sign up to your deal, they are automatically funneled into a series of emails intended to sell them the product you are trying to promote.

This is a great idea, and Matt Neer, provides guidance for the structure of these emails, but you do have to be careful in the fact that you don’t push the sale too hard. This will only put your customers off. His training on this is quite good.

Weapon no 2:

This is your sales page, or otherwise known as your squeeze page.  The purpose of this is to collect email addresses. He will teach you how to build one and how to use it to drive sign ups to your email like.

So how do you get these email addresses?

Weapon no 3:

This is your traffic driving strategies. This is a good element to have in any training products and is often forgotten by a lot of ”gurus’ which seems like madness to me. As I said at the beginning, with out traffic you have no business.

But my issue here is with the traffic driving tactics that he uses. More about this later.


Then to go with your weapons you are told about 3 secrets he has that work with the weapons.

Secret 1: Is the S.Y.S.T.E.M. This is all about how to set up your campaign

Secret 2: Where to find your targetted traffic

Secret 3: How to turn that traffic into sales and get them to subscribe to your email list.

This progtram is very similar to the Chris Farrell Membership program, which in my opinion is FAR better and highly credited in online marketing circles. Have a look here for more information

what is weapons of mass commissions


Sounds great, are there any concerns with WOMC?

I do have some concerns. Although some of the training is really strong there are some things that just are red flags for me.

  1. You cannot rely on paid traffic. Matt Neer’s traffic methods are all paid for. In order to build a residual income that will build and build over time you need to learn how to create a website business that is structured properly and is fully optimised for Search engines (SEO). Then your business can run on autopilot. There are ways to learn about how to set up this kind of long term business. 
  2. There are a couple of upsells – I am not a fan of upsells, which are annoying to say the least, but make you feel like you are missing out in your initial subscription. The upsells in this package are
    1. VIP access which is essentially ‘hand holding’ coaching, which you are led to believe is what you get when you sign up from the off. This is $197. Although this is useful, it’s another additional cost, which let’s be honest you would be tempted to pay for, if you have the money
    2. Completely done for you cash campaigns. These types of offers are tempting. For a one time investment of $97 you can get 7 campaigns set up for you. Pretty reasonable, but you are not learning anything here. When those leads run dry then you are left to pay again.


The benefits

  • The initial cost of $9.95 is pretty good and you do get a good amount of training for this very low price
  • The course was interesting and quite well structured
  • The training is quite up to date


The drawbacks

  • You aren’t able to see the price until you etner your email address and I can’t be sure of why this is as the price point is pretty low.
  • With this approach you could end up being one of those e-mailers who people just consider to be spammers, sending offer after offer.
  • His traffic generating tips aren’t as revolutionary as he makes out. They are mostly focussed around solo ads, which yes, can be profitable, but you have to spend a lot to work out how to get it right. You need ot have the right copy in place and try and test and tweak and tweak and it can be one of the most expensive ways to generate traffic out there.


My verdict

Weapons of mass commission isn’t great, but it’s not the worst out there. If you like this idea of email marketing, then I would recommend the Chris Farrell Membership program, which is much more structured and just better quality, in my opinion. The Chris Farrell membership. program teaches you more about building a relationship with your customers than just selling to them which is KEY to being successful in the long term.

I would be wary about a short term prospect for a business. Personally if I were starting again I would always consider something more solid, that maybe takes longer to build and more work to start but ultimately would be more profitable and more sustainable with much less work, this would end up being a truly passive income. It depends what you are looking for and HOW you want to build your business. This is a personal choice, but consider this carefully before you start investing any money.

If you want my top recommendation on how to build a really successful LONG TERM business, find out more here.

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4 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Commissions Review – A Mediocre Program at Best

  1. Matthew Thomas says:

    Right off the bat, Weapons of Mass Commissions sounds like it’s bogus. The name itself screams scam. There might be some value here, but probably not worth the cost, especially for the upsells. Overall, the website itself seems unprofessional.

    I’d avoid it and go for something like Wealthy Affiliate instead. They offer a free starter membership that offers a ton of value at no cost, and also a major focus on building content and ranking organically within the search engines.

    • Ruth says:

      I’m pleased you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. It is a really great program to get started in Online home business. In terms of Weapons of Mass commissions, it hasn’t got a a lot going for it, but it isn’t a scam and you can learn a little for $10, so it’s not a complete loss. I wouldn’t recommend it though as a solid basis for your home business, so I agree with you.

      Thanks for your comments

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