What is 5 Figure Day? – A Scam or A Real Opportunity?

What is 5 Figure Day - A Scam or a Great Oppotunity

As the name would suggest, this programs promises you will make a 5 figure salary in a day. But let’s take a look at exactly how this will happen, and more to the point, WILL this happen?

Let’s find out what is 5 Figure day and is 5 Figure Day a scam?

Hold onto your hats…



Product Name: 5 Figure Day

Website url: www.5figureday.com

Price: Test drive for 1 week for $7, then $97 per month

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My recommendation: You may be able to earn a moderate income with 5 Figure Day, but it won’t be as easy as it seems, especially if you are a beginner. Take a look at my top recommendation if you want to build a serious full time online income.


What is 5 figure day?

Simply put, 5 Figure day is a way to make money online by building a list and selling Clickbank products to that list.

If you are not aware already, Clickbank is an affiliate market place where you can promote digital products like 5 Figure Day and many others. It’s a legit place, but some of the products you see there are great, others average and others are scams. There is no policing of this, so it’s important that you do your due diligence if you are interested in a specific program. Which is why, no doubt, you are here.

This program is sometimes known as 5 Figure Day Unleashed.

How does 5 Figure Day work?

  • When you join to will get access to their list of ‘hot’ Clickbank products, the ones they claim will really sell. These come in the form of 26 different website that you can promote each containing a separate product
  • As you promote 5 Figure Day, you can give away websites for free to those people who you want to sign up to your list. This is your freebie that is meant to be really enticing. Within these free websites your information is hard coded so that you make a commission from every sale that your referral makes as well as the ones you make directly
  • They teach you how to get people to sign up by giving away something free and of value
  • Once you have built your list you can start sending them information on Click bank products
  • Everytime someone on your list buys a product, you will get a commission. Anything from 25% to 75% of the product price.
  • If someone subscribes to 5 Figure Day as a program you will earn monthly commissions of 50%


What do you get in the ‘package’?

If you sign up for 5 Figure Day, you can get the following training modules:

  • Traffic Strategy Blueprint
  • Training on how to use Solo Ads
  • How to use Banner ads to generate traffics
  • How to use Free Ad Swaps to drive sign ups
  • Cheap and free video Traffic

The big thing about how this program works is to be able to drive traffic that will be interested to your website or sales page. Take a look at the training above. What kind of traffic will be coming from these sources?

In my opinion it will be low quality traffic with very little interest in what you have to sell. So getting sign ups from theses sources will be difficult.

So what you would need to do is look at high quality paid traffic to get going such as Google Adwords or Bing. Now this is great traffic but it can be REALLY expensive if you get it wrong.

I prefer to find the highest quality targeted traffic to my website through Search Engine Optimisation. Those people that are actually seeking you out, the ones that are interested already and ready to buy. This for me is a much better way to find traffic – you can learn exactly how to do this properly through this program.


How much does it cost?

Bryan Winters, the owner is offering you access for 7 days for $7. Which is great. Try before you buy. I like this. $7 isn’t so much to take a look around and see if it’s for you.

Is 5 Figure Day A Scam

In order to get full access to all the add ons you need to pay $97 a month. This is a stumbling block as it’s quite a lot in my opinion especially when there are much better value programs out there. But if you have tried it for $7 and you like it, you know what you are getting into.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee with all Clickbank products and from my own experience with Clickbank products it’s very easy to claim this money back and there are no questions asked. I can vouch for that.


Some words of warning

So it all sounds easy doesn’t it. And while I do believe this method of affiliate marketing can bring in some money, it isn’t as easy as it sounds and here is why:

  • $97 a month is a lot of money. You will have to start making money really quickly in order to pay this back
  • Generating leads isn’t a simple process. Yes they will give you training, but driving traffic to a sales page is a hard slog. And getting people to sign up to your sales page is also tough. Think about how many times you have seen something where people are asking you to sign up, and how many times you have actually done it.
  • Once you have those leads, do you think you just send them information about the clickbank products, and BAM they buy them. Sadly not, you have to nurture those leads and build a relationship before you even try and sell them one thing. If you signed up for something and then every week that person was trying to sell you a different product, don’t you think you would be quick to unsubscribe?
  • This style of affiliate marketing is most definitely not for beginners or the feint hearted. It takes a lot of knowledge to get this right


Is 5 Figure Day A Scam?

In my view it isn’t a scam as the concept of what 5 Figure Day is selling is legit and people do make money this way. BUT the name ‘5 Figure Day’ does suggest a false promise that you could be earning that sort of money. That is what I am most wary of.

What I do like is the sales page isn’t scammy, there is no hard sell with pictures of yachts and stories of hard done by owners who are sharing their secrets to help you. That to me is all BS, and with 5 Figure Day you don’t get any of this. Bryan Winters doesn’t try to hide what the program is and he tells you upfront exactly how the program works. How Refreshing!


My Verdict

I hope this review of 5 Figure Day has helped you to see what it’s all about and decide whether it’s worth your time and effort.

As I have summarised above there are a number of flaws with this style of affiliate marketing which could make it really difficult for you to make a success with 5 Figure Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I think affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online, in fact if you learn the right way you can make a lot of money. I believe you need to build an online business from the ground up with the right sort of training using the right principles and you can make a huge success of your business. But using 5 Figure Day, for me is not the way to make a big success. But you can test it out and see what you think/

There is only one program that I recommend to get you started and going strong with affiliate marketing. Find out more about it right here. 


What is 5 Figure Day?


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2 thoughts on “What is 5 Figure Day? – A Scam or A Real Opportunity?

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Ruth,

    I have been shocked to see how the steps add up that easily to 1st position on the 1st page of Google, which carries over 90% of all Internet users.

    One quick question, is it really necessary for me to include keywords in the “alt text” of all my pictures to rank them as well?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Dave. Everything matters with SEO. Everything that you do can help, so in answer to your question, yes it can really help to add keywords to your images. But they must make sense to the picture. Google is so smart and simply keyword stuffing is not going to help you, so give it some thought and make those keywords relevant to your images.

      I hope that helps. And good luck

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