What is CB Passive Income about: Is it just an empty promise?

What is CB passive income about

CB Passive income is a get rich quick scheme developed around using an email marketing system to drive sales. Sound tempting? Why would you want to work to develop a solid email database of customers who trust you, when you do it quickly.

Well, nothing is that simple, and many people new to internet marketing get sucked in by these ludicrous claims, that you can be a millionaire with no work. Let have a look at what is CB passive income about.



Product name: CB Passive income

Website Url: https://cbpassiveincome30.com/live

Cost: £1 for 14 days and then $37 per month the more upsells

My rating: 1.5 out of 5


What is CB Passive Income about?

CB passive income is a system developed by Patric Chan that teaches you how to make money using email as your main contact point. So how does this work when you don’t have a website or a business to speak of?

First thing you ask is how do you get this email list? You create a squeeze page which is a sales landing page which entices customers to sign up to your email list with the promise of fabulous information in the future and a free ‘something’ right now.

Then, automatically, Clickbank products are sent out to this list. (These are products that you sell on behalf of other companies and make a commission on the sales, affiliate marketing.) So if you wondered what CB stands for, its Click Bank.

This is a PUSH button or TURNKEY system, which means you buy it, push the button and presto you are a millionaire. As lovely as it would be to make money that easily, sadly it is not, especially online. Don’t get me wrong, you can make incredible profits through different programs online, but you have to work hard, if you get sucked into believing it is as simple as pushing a button then you will be falling for a scam.

Have a look at what Patric Chan himself has to say

Actually, what this video does it tell you what a great idea affiliate marketing is, which is right, but the way he suggests to go about it, isn’t the right way.

Start a training course that teaches you affiliate marketing the RIGHT way

This is how it all works

Sounds so easy doesn’t it. So essentially, you don’t really have to do anything.

what is CB passsive income about process

Does this sound right to you? Can it really be this simple? If it were, we would all be doing it right? And we would all be millionaires. Can you spot the immediate flaw.. Drive traffic to your page. Simple isn’t it. In fact this is the biggest challenges that all internet marketers face, and this is not tackled in the training, well not in enough depth.


Who is it for?

As with all these programs, they say it’s for everyone. But not so, it doesn’t teach you how to build your own business, how to build a website, or how to do affiliate marketing.

It teaches you nothing apart from how to use this system, so in order to be really successful you need to have some marketing knowledge beforehand to really generate profits and drive visitors. And even with this, there are several reasons why this business won’t work.


If you are here looking to build your own online business

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How much is it, all in?

  • $1 for a 14 day Trial.
  • $37 a month for Fast Cash Series Basic Membership.
  • $47 (one-time fee) CB Passive Income License.
  • $97 (one-time fee) CB Passive Income Pro.
  • $197 each year for Fast Cash Series.


What’s in the training?

To be honest, not much. But when you are promised that you don’t need to do any work, why would you need to learn anything?

  • Free website and hosting
  • Free squeeze page where you promote joining your email list
  • Free automated email send outs
  • Limited ideas on traffic generation
  • Ideas on improving conversion to purchase from your list



The benefits

  • You do get a 14 day trial for $1, which is something I like. Try before you buy
  • And a 60 day money back guarentee, which is definitely useful


The drawbacks

  • The biggest flaw here is not teaching you how to drive traffic to your website. If you are new to internet marketing or even if you are old hat, it takes a long time to learn the right techniques to drive traffic. And there is no training on this. You won’t rank with google for a single squeeze page. So all your advertising will have to be paid advertising
  • no control over the content you are sharing, the email, the squeeze page
  • The training is mediocre at best, you aren’t taught how to be a responsive email list


My Verdict

is CB passive income a scamIf I haven’t made my feeling obvious by now, I think you know my answer to the question is CB passive income a scam? It’s a big, fat yes. 100%. Don’t get me wrong, email marketing is absolutely the best way to drive a business forward, and can be your most powerful marketing tool. But done in the right way.

How would you feel if you received endless amounts of these automated emails. With email marketing you need to build your client base and build trust and a relationship by sending them valuable content. If you are constantly being sent product lists then how quickly are you going to unsubscribe, and with a feeling of annoyance for the sender. I know what I would be doing.  How quickly are you going to be losing your email list?

As an affiliate marketer, you have to be the ambassador for the products you promote. You should have a least some knowledge of them. Who is going to trust you when you send them completely random products.

And passive, there is nothing passive about this business. You need to learn how to generate traffic. That is really not easy and requires a lot of hard work.

Having said all of this, they do give you a money back guarentee, so I could be wrong and you might just want to try it out. 


So, what next?

If you really want to learn how to build a true online business, I suggest running away from CB passive income and trying Wealthy Affiliate. This is a truly comprehensive affiliate marketing training program, which you can learn from scratch. With an amazing community of experts to help you at every turn, free website and hosting and FREE to try, then only $47 a month, and NO upsells.

You can’t go wrong! Take a look. 

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