What is DS Domination About? Find Out the Real Facts

what is ds domination about

So we need to know what DS stands for. It’s Dance Step Domination. No not really, I couldn’t resist… It’s actually Drop Shipping.  So to answer the question of what is DS domination about, to make it as clear as possible, I will break it down into two parts: Firstly the online selling aspect of the business and secondly the MLM aspect of the business. 

Let me show you more about what is DS domination about.



Company Name: DS Domination

Website url: www.dsdomination.com

Cost: $19.95 for pro level plus number of upsell opportunities. See the pricing outline below.

My rating: 3 out of 5

What is a drop shipping scheme?

is DS domination a scamDrop Shipping is really quite simple. The concept is about selling something for a cheaper price that what you pay for it. Maverick huh, Never hear of that one before? It’s the first standard rule of business and the most basic way to make money. To explain a bit more about what is a drop shipping scheme, I’ve outlined how it works below. I have used ebay as the end seller, as this is who DS domination use. Frequently they recommend using Amazon as your supplier.

  • Imagine you have found out that Amazon sells a certain TV for $50 less than Ebay. So on Amazon is $150 and on Ebay its $200.
  • You take all of the content and imagery of the product from Amazon and post it on Ebay but for a little less. Say £190. So this product now looks attractive to Ebay buyers. And they do recommend that you cut and paste it.
  • A customer will then purchase the product from you on Ebay for $190 where you get their details and shipping address
  • Then you place the order on Amazon and put your customers shipping address details in instead.
  • So therefore you have make a $40 profit on one sale.
  • Sounds simple?… Read on…


Find a simpler business where you can get commission from

selling Amazon products directly


How does it work?

So you have two options to work with DS domination as I mentioned above. You can either Join DS and learn from the training how to set up as a drop shipper OR you can promote DS domination yourself and make money by getting referrals into the system. This works on a 10 tier MLM system. which I will explain a bit more about Later.

Here is an outlined of what you get if you join. I know it’s small, and I don’t expect you to read it all, I will summarise it a bit better below.

what is ds domination about

To join and start working in Drop shipping, you start off with the pro level program and purchase the upsells, outlined below, in order to progress up the knowledge ladder and become an expert in Drop shipping. So bear in mind that you will have to pay out for all these training courses. This educates you more and more about different tactics of drop shipping. I haven’t gone through all the training myself, but can it really be THIS complicated?

If you join to promote it as a program, as part of the MLM scheme, you earn 75% commissions if you are introducing others to the platform. 50% commissions on the first level and 25% of referrals reaching down ten levels. There are much better referral programs out there which are far more lucrative and easy to sell.


Who is DS domination for?

As with most online programs, DS domination is for anyone. You don’t have to have any prior skills to operate in this business. However as all of your selling is done on Ebay, you will need to be over 18 to have an account. Let’s have a look at what DS Domination say about themselves. Check out their promotional video:


How much does DS domination cost? – As a Drop Shipper

Below is the outline of the cost and the different stages in the training program. These are the costs if you are interested in running a drop shipping business. I have outlined what you get at each level. You can’t try it out for free.

How much does DS domination cost

Pro Level – $19.95 per Month

This is the basic training and videos, enough to get you started, and carry on at a mediocre level

Elite Level – $99 per month

This is further, more advanced training PLUS you will have access to more wholesale products to sell on and additional software to help build your business.

Unleashed training = $249.99 one off cost –

Additional training on how to make more money on ebay. You learn more about how to save money on ebay fees and get cash back on certain products, to make more money

Monopoly training – $499 one off cost

How to find the lowest price products with more indpeth training on the ins and outs of Amazon

See my no 1 business recommendation for $47 a month for everything,

training, support, a website & hosting. 

And FREE to try

How much does DS domination cost? – As an Affiliate

If you don’t fancy learning about and working in drop shipping then you can go the route of promoting DS domination as part of the MLM. In order to to this, there are two stages of payment:

To simply get paid as an affiliate, ie if you refer someone to join the program and they do join, you must have paid $9.95 per month to get any payments.

To train on how to set yourself up to promote DS domination, you will need  to buy the market extreme pack, which is $199 one off cost which give you all the training you need to understand the different options and promote the program. It will help you with lead generation too.


The benefits

  • The concept of buying low and selling high is the oldest and simplest money making idea out there. SO it has to work
  • It’s a new business, about 2 years old, and that could be a good opportuniaty to get invovled. Especilly with MLMs, the ones that make the money are the ones that were there at the beginning.
  • The training is extensive.

The drawbacks

Apologies if the weighting seems little higher on the drawbacks!

  • The Price. If you want to make a success of this business, you will need to buy the entire system, otherwise you will never have a chance of making the big money. That is a really heavy total cost of $748.99 one off and then monthly costs of about $119. So you have to have really bought into this idea.
  • It’s new, just 2 years old in September 2015 so we don’t have many really true success stories and don’t know if it will work long term. This is the biggest worry as far as I am concerned for the following reasons:
    • As time goes on more and more people will be trying to undercut that cost of $200 (as in my example in the beginning), in order to get customers. The profits will be eroded more and more, until its so small
    • You need to take into account that both ebay and paypal have charges for using the service, ebay charges a commission and a listing fee. So there go your profits again
    • DS domination recommend copying and pasting content from amazon to put on Ebay. This is a really grey area of amazons policies. So you would have to be really careful. And if you got shit out of amazon or ebay that could be the end of your business!
  • Promotion of the DS domination scheme seems to be more popular than the actual drop shipping itself. Which would suggest that it’s not as simple as it sounds.
  • Drop shipping is something you can learn without having to pay for expensive monthly charges. Have a look at this article which could get you started in drop shipping much more quickly, and in my opinion, more successfully


My Verdict – is DS Domination a scam?

is DS domination a scamSo the big question, is DS domination a scam?

DS domination is NOT a scam, you re not cheated out of any money, so technically speaking, it’s not…, but I wouldn’t go there myself. Mainly because I seriously doubt the longevity of the program. Also, I am a bit dubious about cutting and pasting content from Amazon. Once they cotton on and find you, you could be in trouble for this.

Maybe if you are looking for something quick, it could do the job, but it’s a big outlay, for most people. But if you are looking for a long term business, that can grow and grow, rather than be likely to shrink over time, I don’t believe this is it. If you want to know what I DO believe in, check out my top recommendation.


So what now?

You could continue with the idea of Drop Shipping, which lets be honest, is a good business proposition,  but you don’t need a overblown course like this. You will need some guidance and some training. Take a look at this article for some alternatives


You could try something else that works on a similar principle of selling other peoples products – affiliate marketing. But in this instance you have complete control of the business and you are creating something long term and well respected. Again, if you are new to this, you will need guidance on how to start and there are many affiliate marketing courses out there. I have created an article about the top 3 affiliate marketing programs for beginners which might help you to decide what is right for you.

If I can help in any other way, please let me know!


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12 thoughts on “What is DS Domination About? Find Out the Real Facts

  1. Warren says:

    Anytime someone has a promotional video or stationary ad that mentions the words auto pilot, I get really skeptical. I believe that a lot of people also got burned over the years with MLM programs that this one, to me, is the double whammy…..auto pilot and mlm. This doesn’t mean it won’t work, but it seems you shell out a lot of money for this training. To some it will be worth it. Others may not bother because, as you say, they are the new kid in town and may not last.

    • Ruth says:

      Well put Warren. Autopilot is exactly that, a warning word. I would personally stay away from anything that says you get get rich by doing nothing. Really?! This never works, there is no way you can get rich by doing nothing, unless you win the lottery. Thats it. Thanks for leaving your feedback Warren and good luck!

  2. James says:

    This is a great and honest review. After reading it through and learning a little bit about drop shipping I don’t think this is for me.

    I have sold items on Ebay before and didn’t really care for it especially with those fees.

    Is there another program that you recommend?

    • Ruth says:

      I think it can be a lot of hard work, which I am not averse to, but it is probably a lot for the money you get in. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is affiliate marketing training with a whole support system around it and a whole bunch of things included in your membership fee.. Give it a try, its free to have a go, and if you don’t like it, then nothing lost!

  3. koelner says:

    Very nice in-depth DS domination review. Like you said, this program seems to be legit, the concept is easy and effective, but almost everyone can learn it alone because it is not complex.
    What about Wealthy Affiliate, you highly recommend it, is it worth 47$ per month? Did you try it?

  4. Marc Cantave says:

    This was a great review. I have never heard of DS Domination before and i am glad that you have informed me of it. I don’t think it is a scam however i do believe that it is rather deceiving and a get rich quick scheme. I personally wouldn’t do it but to each is own. Great review and great description of DS Domination.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Marc, and thanks for taking the time to feedback. It is a legitimate business, but I think the concern for me is the longevity. But who knows what the future holds huh?!

  5. Tyler Bevins says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I just read your article on What is DS Domination About? Was really interesting as i have never heard of it. I definitely think you could do that without subscriptions but a little harder work.

    I checked out your other page for your No1 review, and as expected it was Wealthy Affiliate!

    Really great stuff, keep at it,


    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Tyler. Yes I think you can too. You can learn about it just by doing some research online and without having to pay those large sum. But I guess, where there’s a market….

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