What is Experts Academy About? An Honest Review

What is experts academy about

Sounds like it’s for those people who already know a lot? Will they make you an expert? An expert in what? Let me give you some more information on ‘What is Experts Academy about?’ and hopefully I can save you the time spending hours researching for yourself.



Company Name: Experts Academy

Website Url: www.expertsacademy.com/

Cost: $1,997

My Rating: 2.8 out of 5


What is Experts Academy About?

Another training program which will make you an online success, so they say. It teaches you to create your OWN Products and how to sell them. It talks about following a passion. Then turn that into a product. A product in the form of seminars, ebooks, CDs, other programs, webinars. Basically anything you can sell online.

It covers 10 steps to success including building your own website, generating leads for that site and selling your own products on that site. Then there is a lot of motivational speak about how to be in the right mindset for this business to succeed. He also covers a very good point, that in order to succeed in an online business you have to be aware that you need to work hard, it’s not overnight if you want to build a REAL business. This is key and leads me to believe that this is a legitimate business.

So what do you have to do to find out more yourself? You have to watch this free video when you log onto the home page. Free! I should have been paid to watch it. It went on for an hour and then a follow up video for another 45 minutes. But, in truth, he knows his stuff and he speaks well, so if you have the time, maybe it’s worth a watch. However, I have covered the majority of the content in the above paragraph.

What is experts academy about


Who is it intended for?

This program could work from a beginner to an expert marketer, at least this is how it is promoted. As with many training programs, they need to cater for all levels to ensure buy in. But my feeling is that you need to have a reasonable amount of knowledge about either internet marketing or creating your own sellable product in order to make a go of this. To try and do it all with NO knowledge is a VERY steep learning curve. You are better off learning just internet marketing or just creating a product.

I would say more accurately, this product is for someone who is looking to build an empire and not just a brilliant online income.


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The Experts Academy cost

The start up cost is nearly $2K. That’s pretty steep in my opinion. Especially when there are so many more training programs out there which are much cheaper and in my opinion much better.

I would imagine that once you get in and have paid your $2K (I won’t risk it for this article!), there would be many upsells too. This is because they talk about the 10 steps. Do you think they would give you all those 10 steps for $2K. I don’t think so.

what is experts academy about


The benefits

  • You can find out more for free. The video gives you a chance to have a deeper look about this program. Many businesses like this give you very little information upfront to tempt you in to buying. But if its not worth talking about upfront, then it’s not worth buying into in my opinion.
  • Good business ethic – work hard for reward and no get rich quick promises
  • The training is pretty good


The drawbacks

  • It is incredibly expensive for what it is
  • It’s a VERY long process. We know that to build a successful online business you need to put in the work and have patience, but to create your own products as well.
  • It’s not for everyone. Creating your own products and coming up with concepts and ideas to work across a selection of platforms is really hard to do. And not many people will be successful doing it. You could look at affiliate marketing as a way to sell other peoples products instead.


Find out how you can build an online business

using other peoples products


scamMy verdict

Well I hope I have answered the question of What is Experts Academy about?

There are some good points to this business, but I would still say, stay away.. The cost outlay is too much, and you don’t need to pay this.   There are much better training programs out there which are much better and much cheaper – Try this training course – And you don’t need to create your own product to sell online to make a success of it.

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As ever, if you have any questions on this article, please let me know below.


15 thoughts on “What is Experts Academy About? An Honest Review

  1. Steven says:

    I take comfort there is no get rich quick line attached to this programme but my discomfort comes from that price tag.

    In your opinion how long would it take for a return on this investment if you was to join this programme.

    Did you join your self or did you do a lot of research?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Steven

      I did not personally join this program because of the huge initial layout. That was enough of a turn off. With a lot of programs like this, they hike up the price tag to make the product look of higher perceived value, when actually you can get equally good training elseswhere for a fraction of the cost.

      I did do a lot of research though in order to form my opinions. In terms of a return on investment, I think we would be talking at 2-5 years. Realistically

      I hope that answers your question. All the best to you

  2. Ryan Sims says:

    I’m gonna be honest and straight up…I didn’t watch the video. I’ve seen this angle many times. The concept is pretty simple. Put a steep price on it and people will think the value is very high.

    Now… that being said, maybe if you have a product idea already and you need the step by step process into creating the products and then monetizing them, hey this could be for you.

    It seems to me a really high price and if the information isn’t very forthcoming I would be leery.

    Thanks for the review. It’s good to get an honest opinion from someone who has spent the time to do the research.

    Ryan Sims

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Ryan. The video is just intended to provide some sort of further information. Creating your own digital products can be a way to make real money online, but it doesn’t have to cost this much to learn how to do it. This is what I don’t like, the price is so over inflated.

      If you have the money, and an idea, then maybe. I wish you luck in your business.

  3. Terry says:

    The content you post on What is Experts Academy about? An Honest Review is interesting. I see that the training program is quite extensive, with a good 10 step process. I like that you learn to develop a product and also learn to sell that same product on the website you developed. As we all know hear at WA and quite aware in order to success in an online business you have to work hard, because it doesn’t come overnight. So you’re right he makes a valid point. But I wonder why his introductory videos are so long? Good stuff.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes the long introductory videos are long. I think he just loves to talk and is passionate about his business. But we want to get to the point and start learning, waffle is time wasting. Its a big undertaking and a large outlay, but you can be successful! Thanks for your comments

  4. Andreas S says:

    Great review of Experts Academy. That price is too high for me, and I guess lots of people don’t give it a try because of that. I too know a lot of other solutions for learning online marketing, as you have already mentioned.

    To beginners… Don’t ever accept paying a lot for starting your own online business! 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      I agree, there is no need. The pressure is immense if you have spent all that money upfront. You want to enjoy what you do, so consider this when you make your choice. Good luck!

  5. Kaveh says:

    Thank you for that honest and useful review, I checked it myself and seems interesting from outside but as you said it will cost you more than that. One thing more, I believe selling your own product needs to have a trusted and ranked website and I think it is impossible to manage these two at the same time.Am I right?

    Best wishes and good luck.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for stopping By Kaveh. Yes this is this really tricky thing about this program, is not just building your website and getting that ranked but having a product yourself to sell. Developing a product that is worth buying and then marketing it takes a VERY long time, which is why I recommend affiliate marketing, where you sell other peoples establised product within a niche in which you are interested which is what Wealthy Affiliate is about. There is more information here. http://buildarealhomebusiness.com/wealthy-affiliat

      I hope that helps!

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