What is FaceBeast? – A Review of the Business Idea

What is FaceBeast - A Review of the Business Idea

In case the name hadn’t given it away, FaceBeast is all about building a business with Facebook. However, if you have seen the homepage you are probably wondering how on earth this works. It sounds like total nonsense.

Well find out here the truth about what is FaceBeast?



Product Name: FaceBeast

Website url: www.Facebeast.com

Cost: $97 to start, plus $197 in upsells

My Rating: 2 out of 5

My Recommendation: FaceBeast teaches you how to make money from Facebook, but trust me it’s not as easy as they make out, with overinflated promises and fake testimonials, do you trust them? If you want a real way to start a home business, check out my top choice to build a full time income. 


What is FaceBeast About?

Simply put, and believe me, it’s not easy to get to the bottom of this, but FaceBeast is about learning to use Facebook to promote products and make affiliate sales. You essentially are building your own page and getting people to like this page to then sell products to them.

These products don’t have to be yours, they are other company’s products such as amazon, so don’t worry about not having a product to sell.

However, they describe FaceBeast to be as simple as pointing and clicking and following the step by step training. This is definitely NOT the case!


How does FaceBeast Work?

This program is all about training you to work with Affiliate Marketing through Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to build an online business. Take a look at my top recommendation for the right way to do this.

The training program that you get when you join FaceBeast is broken down into teaching you the following process to get to the kind of income levels they are talking about:

  • Teaching you how to find a niche around which to build your Facebook Page
  • How to gather likes on that page
  • How to promote to people who have liked that page
  • Using Facebook Ads to get your customers and build your business
  • Selling products to those people through which you make a commission on every sale

But there are a few things I don’t like about FaceBeast. They aren’t upfront, and so I don’t trust them 100%. Here’s why:


The Warning signs

Warning sign no 1: Overinflated promises

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could earn $10,000 per month that easily and that quickly? Well this is what they say.

However, do you really think that it’s THAT easy. Have you seen it all before, all these promises of quick cash where you have to do very little? I know I have! Overinflated promises to me equals the signs to stay away

And actually when you break the program down as above, it’s not as simple as point and click, at all, the fact that they say that is TOTALLY misleading! There is quite a lot of work to follow all of their training, and trust me it will take some time, you won’t be earning in your first month, or anywhere near that.

Do you think you can get someone to like a Facebook page and the very next day they will buy something from you?


Warning sign no 2: The tesimonials aren’t real

Take a look at the video testimonials that you see. Here are their featured success stories..

What is Facebeast a review

Recognise these two from the pictures below?

I didn’t search for them all but I found these two on Fiverr.com, I’ll bet the other two are there too. If you don’t know what Fiverr.com is, it’s a website where you can buy made up testimonials for $5. If they don’t have any real testimonials to add, then all the inflated promises can’t be true!

Is FaceBeast a scam


Facebeast Review


Warning sign no 3: Not being upfront

When you go to the website there is literally no information about the detail of this program, which may even be why you are here.

But why they are they hiding it, do they think that as a concept it would put you off? Do you need all these false promises to buy into something? I wouldn’t have thought so, the concept does have legs, and I do think you can make money with it, as I myself know that affiliate marketing, done the right way, can be incredibly profitable.

Therefore you are expected to take a huge leap of faith and just pay the $97 to join in the HOPE that you are not being led astray. Annoying to say the least!


Warning sign no 4: The upsells

I have done a fair bit of research into this program and it does have a load of upsells.

If you are unfamiliar with what these are, then to put it simply, when you have purchased your first product you are placed into what marketers call a sales funnel and ‘encouraged’ to spend more and more, because you just need that little extra to make you truly successful.

Personally, I hate upsells, you buy something because you think that’s all, an all encompassing program, and then find out to truly be successful you need x and y and z, at a cost of up to $197 more. I find this practice verging on fraudulent.


Warning Sign 5: You Must pay for ads with Facebook.

You will see it all over the place, that Facebook doesn’t make it easy to get people to see a business page for free. Even if you have a HUGE amount of likes on your page and a lot of interaction (which you are led to believe is all you need to get your posts seen), then the algorithm has changed so much that you still won’t get even slightly close to reaching people, especially if you are a business page.

Therefore, you HAVE to pay for ads. So if you were thinking that you could still make this work without paying for ads, then think again. Sadly Facebook won’t let you!

And using Facebook ads, although they can be some of the cheapest paid traffic out there, are still paid. So you will need money for this. And you will need some bumbf for trial and error. Have you got extra money as a safety buffer?


Want to build a business with training you can REALLY trust

and get started for FREE?


How much does FaceBeast cost?

The starting price is $97, a one off charge.

But then you are entered into the sales funnel where costs of upsells go up to $197.


My verdict

The concept behind this program isn’t bad. Affiliate marketing, done the right way, can be an excellent source of income.

But this program teaches just one avenue for sales, Facebook. I think this is limiting your potential by sticking with just one sales stream. If you have your own website, and a full social media strategy a business can really take off. My top recommendation for affiliate marketing training teaches you all of these thing and even gives you two free websites. Plus there are no upsells and you can try it out for FREE.

In terms of training, FaceBeast is not bad, and I think you could make some money with this program, but not as quickly as they say or as much as they say, and I can’t help but be bothered by the warning signs that I outlined above.

<<If you think FaceBeast could be for you, check it out RIGHT HERE >>

I would love to hear of any experience that anyone has with this training program, so please drop any comments below.

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10 thoughts on “What is FaceBeast? – A Review of the Business Idea

  1. Warren says:

    Overall it sounds like a good idea, but this doesn’t sound like the company you want training you in how to do this.
    I just love programs that promise you the moon and make it look like you are not doing much work. Plus the cost seems high and then there are the Facebook ads. While Facebook and other social media are great for promoting your business, it’s best to get help from a little more reputable source. If you can’t trust the testimonials, then who can you trust? Thanks for the warning.

    • Ruth says:

      No problem Warren. I see you have checked out a few of my reviews. Great stuff. Everyone is looking for a way to make money for themselves, so I hope I have helped you out with some recommendations. 

  2. Matthew Thomas says:

    There are many other aspects to affiliate marketing that can teach you to generate free traffic, like search engine optimization, for example. Does FaceBeast focus on that concept at all? Overall, I’m not a fan of the income promises and fake testimonials.

    I think FaceBeast really isn’t a bad concept – it’s certainly possible to make money with affiliate marketing through Facebook. But only teaching through one social media platform is quite limiting and could be expensive since you have to pay for the advertisements.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Matthew

      I think you have hit the nail on the head there. Using just one platform means that you are limited. Yes you can make money with affiliate marketing through Facebook, but I believe this should be part of a plan not the whole plan.

      Thanks for leaving your comment!

  3. Steve says:

    This program does not seem good for me. If I kept trying to use my friends to get sales on facebook I think that I would soon have no friends. I also don’t like the cost. It seams like a lot to pay for doing affiliate marketing. I think that the trick is to sell to people without them feeling sold to.

    Not for me. Thanks for the warning.

  4. Nelson says:

    Great review on Facebeast,
    I almost bought into there program as well and immediately my guard went up because I just felt deep inside that this company was not being honest. Thank you for saving alot of people money.

    I also did research on the fake testimonials and discovered the same two actors.

    it pays off in the long run just to be honest and do things the right way..

    then you have nothing to hide.
    Way to put these scammers on blast

    • Ruth says:

      You would think people would know about these actors. I have seen them on other make money online testimonials too. If you can’t trust that then you can’t trust the product in my opinion.

      Thanks for your comments

  5. stefan says:

    HI Ruth, nice review. I have came across this product when searching for methods to make money from social media and I think it’s a terrible strategy for making money online. We learn from serious training in affiliate marketing that the foundation for our online business has to be a website. Without a website, it becomes extremely difficult to find people interested in what we have to say. Consequently, they will hesitate in following our recommendations. Thanks for sharing, I will stay well away from this useless product.

    • Ruth says:

      Good news Stephan.

      My concern is that a lot of people will fall for this as it sounds so easy, but the truth is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Thanks for leaving your comments

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