What is Magnetic Profit? Run a Mile!

What is Magnetic Profit

Generate $1 million in 30 days. What do you think? What is Magnetic Profit and could all these promises be true?

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Product Name: Magnetic Profit

Website url: www.magneticprofit.co

Cost: $250

My Rating: 0 out of 5

My Recommendation: Magnetic Profit offers a free binary options trading software to make you millions. I’m afraid it’s not what it says it is. If you are looking to make a full time online income, check out my top choice. 


What is Magnetic Profit?

So Magnetic Profit is all about binary options trading software.

In other words Magnetic Profit wants you to believe that you can make bucket loads of cash by doing absolutely nothing. Sound good? Do you believe it?

Binary options trading to the untrained eye looks like a game of luck. But what if you could buy a software that is automatic and means you aren’t relying on luck. –  then you are onto a winner. So for people wanting to make a lot of money quickly and easily, the lure of this sort of scam using Binary options software which promises easy quick money is very appealing.

Unfortunately the Binary Options trading arena is rife with scams such as Magnetic Profit. Yes I am calling it a scam.

And here’s why..

1 There is no face to the business

If you are going to buy into a business and if it’s going to be the way you make your ‘fortune’ then you need to know whose business you are getting involved with.

But with Magnetic Profit, there is no REAL face to the business.

Recognise this man below? This is the business owner, otherwise known as the Magnetic Profit CEO, David Silversmith, the guy who shows you his fortune and his bank statements and how he makes thousands hourly.

Sorry…. but he is simply a hired actor from a website called Fiverr.com. There is no David Silversmith, his huge bank statements don’t exist. He is not making this kind of money. If this is such a great system why isn’t the REAL owner showing his face and showing us his bank statements.

How can you believe anything Magnetic Profit says if the man who is saying it, isn’t even real?


What is Magnetic Profit


2. Limited Spaces

A common marketing trick for this kind of scam business is a limited number of spaces left.

In Magnetic Profit there are 138 spaces left when you start up the video, so you have to be quick. By the time you get to the end of the video there are only 4 places left. I guarantee you if you play the video again, like magic we are back to 138 spaces again.

The reason they do this is to put the pressure on and not give you enough time to do your due diligence and come across an article like this and find out that Magnetic Profit is a scam


Want a real genuine way to earn a full time income online?


3. Inflated promises of wealth

Showing yachts and fancy cars and amazing holiday homes is a sure trick to get you swooning at the thought of being a millionaire with no effort. I have to admit it’s VERY tempting. It’s easy to add stock shots to a video but not so easy to earn this kind of money

Especially with no effort. Don’t believe it. These words mean nothing.


4. It’s Free

Not true. David talks about how he is giving you a gift, But in order to actually activate the system you need to deposit $250. So technically it’s not free. you have to risk $250 to see if the system works.


5. The testimonials

Guess what, they are fake, done by actor from Fiverr.com too.

Check out this one. The first image is a millionaire from the Magnetic Profit video and the second one is where she is selling her services. All the others are the same. If the system is so wonderful, why would you have to pay for reviews?

Magnetic profit review

Is Magnetic Profit a Scam


6. Refund if you don’t make a profit

David says that if you don’t make a profit he will give you $50K from his own pocket. Quite a guarantee!

But let me tell you that in order to qualify for this refund, you will need to prove that you have used the system correctly, and guess what, they will be able to prove that you haven’t. So you won’t be getting $50K, that much is guaranteed.


7. The Story

Aside from the fact that the person, David Silversmith, is fictitious, his whole story is BS.

He wants to give you something back. He is sharing out of kindness. He has gone from a business investigator to software developer. Amazing. He is one of the worlds top expert in binary options. His blog is one of the worlds most trusted sources.

Really? How come it is impossible to find any reference to him at all.


The verdict

If you have got this far in the review, then I think it’s pretty obvious that I think that Magnetic Profits is a scam. Out and out.

Run away. You cannot make millions this way using this kind of scammy software. Magnetic profits will take what they can from you and run. Reports out there include money being deposited and then no response, access to non responsive software and many more disturbing issues.

If you want to make money online, you still can. You don’t have to buy into a scammy system.

Finding legitimate ways to earn a full time income online is really quite difficult as there are scams anywhere and if you are new to it, then you don’t know what to expect.

But not everything is a scam, my recommendation to anyone who is looking is to take a look at Affiliate Marketing. This way you can make money online with the right training. And my top training program is reviewed right here. 

Is Magnetic Profit a Scam


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