What is MOBE About? Read the Truth

What is MOBE about

MOBE or otherwise know as My Online Business Empire is essentially an online Multi Level Marketing Program.

The name suggests that you will building your own online business ’empire’. But let’s see just how true that is.

Unfortunately, MOBE hasn’t got a very good reputation as a reputable business. Let’s see if that’s true and find out a bit more about ‘what is MOBE about?’



Company Name: MOBE or My Online Business Empire

Website url: https://mobe.com/

Cost: $49 per money plus $19 per month plus A LOT of upsells.

My Ranking: 0.5 out of 5 stars


What is MOBE about and how does it work?

This program is all about online business (very generally) and provides training courses on how to improve your online business.

This includes a whole range of single products such as training products and email marketing engines.

To be honest, it is not clear when you sign up just exactly what MOBE is about! If you are expecting to buy the 21 step program to internet success, it’s not that straightforward! You have to buy each product included in the ‘training’ before you can sell it. And the program is PACKED full of upsells.

So you join the program for $49 a month expecting to get started, but you are not even close..

Once you join there is a whole host of additional products that you need to buy in order, ‘to really be a success in this business’! And each of these comes at a hefty price tag.

The aim is that you promote MOBE, the training products, so you are learning how to promote what you are learning about, if that makes sense.


Who is it for?

what is MOBE aboutWell anyone, but I would say it’s for anyone with no ethics and the ability to hard sell. Someone who doesn’t mind scamming people for a product that is completely overpriced. You might think I am being too harsh from the off on this article, but this scheme has the ability to really get my goat! I actually can’t believe it’s still operating!

So I want to give you as much information as possible to get you to see what I have seen.

There are honest and legitimate ways to earn money online, you don’t need to scam people into buying from you to make money


How much does it cost?

What is MOBE about

If only the $49 a month were it.  Sadly not!

There is more. This cost is just for the privilege of joining.

Next you HAVE to buy the following to proceed. This is not mentioned at the outset otherwise numerous people would be put off. You have to have signed up and be, let’s say, brainwashed into buying these packages, which is why its not mentioned.

So you are REQUIRED to buy these if you want to succeed: Hold onto your hats and your wallets. To be honest, I’m shocked anyone has ever bought into this! To the right is the lovely Matt Lloyd.

You have to buy the MOBE license rights program in order to promote the ‘products’ to others. So this is a bargain $1997 (This price has gone up recently, so expect to pay more)! For a license!. This is the cost of the FULL MOBE license rights program.  You do get some training with this including:

  • MOBE licensee course
  • MOBE overview training  which lasts for 8 hours
  • A proposal to follow (17 hours of training)
  • Affiliate bonus (11 hours of training)
  • OPT formula (14 hours of training)

The main thing with MOBE is that you have to purchase the products before you can sell them to anyone else.

It is this feature that makes them an MLM company. And it’s the quality of the products which push them closer and closer to becoming an illegal pyramid scheme. (if the quality of the products mean that you can’t make money JUST from selling those, then it’s a pyramid scheme.. which is illegal in most western countries).

  • So back to the products,  you will get a 90% commission rate off the following if you sell them on.
    • Inner Circle Membership $97 per month
    • MOBE Elite Earners $97 per month
    • What is MOBE aboutDone For You Emails $97 per month
    • My Email Marketing Empire $194 one off cost
    • OPT Formula (Outsourcing Formula) $194  one off cost
    • Affiliate Bonus Domination $291 one off cost
    • Funded Proposal $194 one off cost
    • IM Revolution Handbook $9.95

Plus these are some of the products that you will earn 50% commission with

    • 10,000 Leads in 100 Days $1997
    • Online Income Revolution $997
    • The 90 Day Challenge $997
    • Six Figure Coaching Secrets $997
    • Add the Nitrous $997
    • Diamond Coaching Program ($1,200 commission) $4,997
    • Titanium Mastermind $8,997

So let’s just work that out.. If you wanted to sell all these products you would have to pay well over $20K! plus over $300 a month I’m sorry, that’s shocking! Anyone have that lying around?

In addition, they ask that you attend all sorts of conferences and travel, and none of this is at their expense. Imagine how that can add up!

If you are here looking to build a REAL online business

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The main support channel for MOBE is Facebook.

When you pay this sort of money you would expect your own personal advisor would you not? But here there isn’t even a specialist channel or community just for the members. Just a free social media group which you can set up for absolutely ANYTHING. Hmm, this shows complete lack of interest in its members as far as I am concerned.

And there is no technical support should you have any problems. There are many online businesses out there which have these two features as standard, and I can tell you they are essential to successful business, especially when working from home. Here’s an example called Wealthy Affiliate which has all those things but teaches you how to build a true ethical online business.



What is the MTTB Program? Another Acronym which stands for My Top Tier Business Program which is essentially the program that you start off on within MOBE, the introduction to the business.

So what is the MOBE MTTB Scam? A bit harsh to start off calling this program a scam maybe, but I’ll show you what I mean.

This MTTB program is based off a promise. Matt Lloyd (the owner of MOBE) says that he is so confident with his program that he will give you $500 if you don’t make a commission within 30 days. Wow! BUT you must follow all 21 steps of the program and you must do them in the day they are given to you.. you must do them in order and miss nothing or you will not be eligible for the guarantee.

So there must be more:

When you get about a third of the way through the steps a pop up appears saying you have to pay $1997 to complete the training! And this cuts you out of the access. By the time you have paid the $2K you won’t have time to finish all the steps  that day so the guarantee is nullified. Completely outrageous!! So the MOBE MTTB Scam is just that: A complete scam


The benefits of MOBE

  • You do get some training, although it is marginal in quality. Some of it is beneficial
  • You can get high commissions


The drawbacks off MOBE

  • The upsells are the real drawback here. They are ludicrous. And expensive
  • The products are massively overpriced, so really hard to sell
  • You are only buying products to sell them, not to learn from them
  • You have to have a lot of money upfront to carry on and be able to afford quite a large monthly payment
  • It’s easy to see how someone can be sucked into buying more and more, just another program to sell
  • There is no actual business model, you are just recruiting people to buy the same thing as you
  • There is no technical support to help you with problems
  • Highly unethical, so you have to be conformable with this.

My Verdict

Is MOBE a scamMOBE is an illegal pyramid scheme or at least as close as it’s going to get.

But it gets away with operating as it isn’t based in the US or the UK. The owner, Matt Lloyd is in Australia, but the main office is in Malaysia. Interesting huh, I wonder why!  With a Pyramid scheme the illegality is the fact that the product itself isn’t worth selling and that you have to buy the product to promote it. The more you buy, the more you can promote. You cannot sell the products on their own without buying more and more. Run a mile, PLEASE! Or your bank manager will be chasing you!

It’s infuriating and crazy that this kind of business can still be operating. I hope I have helped you to make a decision on this business if it was something you were considering!


So what now?

So perhaps you thought you found something that could help you make money online. And I have no doubt that you are feeling disappointed now. To be honest, I hope I helped you have a lucky escape.

If you want a legitimate way to earn money online, with no upsells and tricks and just real honest help, then try my no 1 way to earn online. It’s Free to get started, so nothing lost. Good luck!


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As always, please leave any comments below, and I will be happy to help!


46 thoughts on “What is MOBE About? Read the Truth

  1. Jacob Schilling says:

    I have heard of MOBE before, They are very sneaky with the way that they sell their product, and it is quite shady. First, they tell you about all the value of their product, and how you can get their 21 step program for only $49, but then you find out as you go on the various upsells that they don’t even mention in their sales pitch video!

    I would hate for people to fall into this trap, thanks for your review!

    • Ruth says:

      The upsells are appalling Jacob. And once you get in, its hard to get out. Before you know it you are in deep.. I hope I have helped people stay away!

  2. Minhaj says:

    Hi Ruth

    I wish I had come across this review before I joined MOBE. Everything you say here is correct. This is why I despise the MLM industry, not only do they peddle average products but they are so overpriced, I wouldn’t even promote them if I could.
    I have also seen some MOBE’s top earners promote other MLM schemes as well. This industry has a low success rate as it is, they make it worse for their customers by promoting multiple offers to them.
    I wish it were regulated more.

    • Ruth says:

      I am so sorry that you got involved in MOBE. It is a classic bad case of MLM. Not to say that MLM can’t work, but generally, its all for gain at the top and losses at the bottom. Not really the way you want to start off. 

      I hope you find something that suits you, but glad you are well out of it now!

  3. Brian says:

    Thank you for posting this review of Mobe. I hadn’t really heard of it before today and after reading this I certainly won’t be trying it out. The fact that after you pay the $49 and then $19 there after as well as having to BUY the training and other upsells is definitely a major detractor for joining in trying this out. I will definitely stay away from this and stick with Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Chris says:

    I heard about this bunch of MLM scammers many times over the last few years – I didn’t really realize they were still in business. Their member competition is too high because of market saturation so that causes real problems. Also, at least $2,046 just to get started is the apparent building blocks to this MLM – not for me!

    • Ruth says:

      Yeah it’s shocking really. They are currently in the process of rebranding or should i say repackaging the exact same product because of their bad name. They have called this 45 minute paydays. So make sure you avoid this one as well!

  5. Christine says:

    Thank you for reviewing this business. I was looking at it to start a business but now I will steer clear of it. I do not have the kind of money they want. If I had 20k to invest in a business I think it would be better spent on something that would give more value to clients.

    I am going to research your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, to start an online business.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Christine. Yes I would say MOBE is definitely one of those to avoid. And I am pleased you are going to look into Wealthy affiliate. It’s my number one choice for anyone wanting to start a business!

  6. Robert Lawrence says:


    I’ve heard of MOBE before but this article is the first real information I’ve really seen on it.

    it sounds like a crappy program to me. I really hate when programs promise to make you money but then after you pay they hit you with a bunch of upsells. Then you feel like you need to get those upsells to give yourself the best chance of success.

    It’s not a good feeling. I Always go running when I see that there are upsells.

    Also I don’t really like MLM’s because I always get the feeling that they put more emphasis on the recruiting than they do on the products themselves. Would you say that this is tru with MOBE also?


    • Ruth says:

      Yes definitely Robert. MOBE is barely anything to do with the products. It’s just about selling them. I don’t think there are many people out there who buy the products because they are great and they just want to use them. They buy them to be part of the plan. Terrible stuff. I am glad you weren’t tempted by it!

  7. Brett Deadly says:

    What a great looking website! I don’t like the idea of MOBE. There is nothing that sounds good about it.

    I am amazed that it has been running for so long.

    Thanks for sharing this information and hopefully people will learn to stay away.

    Do you really think there is absolutely no value here?

  8. Juan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you that it is hard to believe that scams like this one could still be operating. How many people are willing to work for this pyramid scheme after learning that their actually intent is to mislead and trick people?

    We need more people like you informing us about websites like this. I would love to learn more about your #1 recommendation to learn the way of creating an online business. Thank you for sharing!

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your feedback on what is MOBE Juan. It’s bad that people get sucked into this kind of business isn’t it. I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate for people wanting to build a legitimate and long term online business. The training is fantastic, and you can really build something solid and highly profitable. Have a look at more information here.

  9. Lee Zhi Wei says:

    A great post & tons of laughter for me as well. How could anyone actually sell this product? I was anticipating some upsell by you but turns out, it’s a negative review on the product itself lol.

    This has to be one of the worst program out there.

    Rock on.
    Zhi Wei

    • Ruth says:

      Ha ha, I am glad you had a some laughter. It’s amazing huh! No, no upsells from me, I am just telling it how I see it! And sadly, for MOBE, it’s not great! Thanks for your commends Zhi Wei!

  10. netp says:

    Cheers for saying this exactly how it is. I haven’t heard of this before, but I’m pleased I came across this article and hope I never do. Like you say, it is a complete scam and I feel bad for anyone who has been sucked into it and not done their research – such a shame so many desperate people do get pulled into scams like this. I can’t stand upsells anyway, especially when they are so relentless, but this is absolutely crazy. 🙁

  11. Sheila says:

    Thank you for this review of MOBE. I just recently heard about this program and thought it sound to good to be true. So glad I came across your site during my research. I have always been leery of MLM companies with this type scheme and for good reason. The person at the bottom is working the hardest and paying the most to make the guys at the rich. How did you first hear about this company and what prompted you to research it?

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Sheila. I came across this program too, when I was looking to make money online. I had a delve into MOBE and I was so outraged, I parked it as a thought for later. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate, who I make no secret of, I am with now, and I wanted to tell other people about these scams so that they didn’t get tricked like I nearly did. I’m glad I helped you!

  12. Andrew says:

    Hi, you have put together a great review here. I hope you weren’t quoting figures from experience! I have heard of MOBE, but I had no idea of the costs involved with this one, wow, some really big price tags here!
    I for one won’t be going anywhere near this scam. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Andrew. I’m glad I have convinced you to stay away, how awul to be stuck in this trap huh?! Good luck with whatever you do.

  13. Paul says:

    I’m really impressed with this review. Scams really make my blood boil. I hate how the owners of these types of programs get away with blatantly ripping people off with the promise of great riches.

    In truth we know that there needs to be a good deal of work in building something profitable. People shouldn’t sell it any other way.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a solid option. All based on training and a supportive community to get people up and going quickly.

    Thanks again for the review. I have to say that this is one of the more bold scams I have seen – especially asking for so much cash for the license fee – that’s just totally criminal!

    • Ruth says:

      Its totally covered as well by all the upsells, you probably don’t know how much you are spending until its too late, and its a case of, just a little more… criminal! Thanks for your comments

  14. Richard H says:

    I’m so glad I did my research on mobe!

    I can’t believe that companies like this exist, preying on people who just don’t know.

    I’ve been searching up how to get leads for an MLM business and all I find are scams like these. Talking about how you can get so many leads through their program, but the only thing you will be marketing is “their program”

    They say, buy the program, and then sell the program to your downline. Yea right.

    I’ve got nothing against legal mlms some people do very well with them, but these exact scams you speak of are a waste of time.

    • Ruth says:

      It’s true Richard. It’s the money that you have to invest that gets me. It’s immense. Im sure people do make good money with this program, but who wants to take the risk to try! Good luck in your search. Let me know if I can be of any other help?

  15. Kenneth says:

    I find it hard to believe that scum artists such as the owner, Matt Lloyd, is actually having any success with this program. I thought most people would see through this as something that a 5th grader would dream up.

    You are very courageous to dig into this program to uncover the value – which is None. It must be well written to even think anyone would believe it as an honest way to online success.

    You did mention another choice or alternative to MOBE, which is Wealthy Affiliate. I can vouch for this choice. It would be my pick for a program to learn from to make money online. They have a proven record of legitimate resources and the fewest complaints of any online program.

    Google needs to black-ball this program and anyone dumb enough to follow it!

    • Ruth says:

      You are right Kenneth. It is appaling. I’ve heard so many reviews and seen their motivation videos all run by Matt himself telling us what is MOBE about. He is a great speaker and I think there is a perception that if you spend you will earn. This is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. They are upfront from the beginning. There is no more than $47 a month expense and no get rich quick promises. Just good old hard work paying off, but paying off really well! Good on them. Bring on the honesty!

  16. Branka says:

    Woow..great information.. these are like real thieves.. Reviews like this one are, I guess, the only thing that stands between people and these scams.
    I am so glad you wrote it. I really enjoyed reading, your writing is very readable and I love appearance of your site. I wish you more of these eye opening reviews to come!
    Thank you!

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Branka! That’s so kind of you. I hope that I can save some people not only wasting their time but their money too!

  17. Zarina says:

    Thank you for providing such a useful review. There are so many scams out there that it is helpful to read objective opinions/reviews in order to avoid falling into pyramid program traps. I haven’t really heard of the MOBE thing but knowledge is power, so I will keep this information in mind!
    P.S. Last sentence made me smile :))


    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Hi Zarina, A good one to keep your eye on for sure. Its funny when you start looking you see all the complaints everywhere! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  18. Roberts says:

    I like your website and this is a great article, very detailed and easy to read and find the bits that are relevant to me. It’s an interesting article on What is MOBE about. The whole idea sounds terrible. I’m glad that you are writing it, so that others can learn and stay away.

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Good, its good to be able to help you out and flag any probelmatic scams out there. Sure, people will still get involved but hopefully they can with their eyes open and know more about what is MOBE about. Cheers for reading and commenting

  19. Michel says:

    Wow, have never heard of this program but it sounds way over priced and like a scam.

    It is amazing that anybody would want to join something like this when there are way better and cheaper online businesses to join.

    I think you must really have to work 24/7 to make this one work. Thank you for the information.

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      No problem Michel. I think you CAN make money on this, but not without spending a HUGE amount first, and let’s face it, who has that sort of money lying around!? And if you did you’d know how to make it in the first place!

  20. CoryZ says:

    Very hard to believe a “business” (if you wish to call it that) can operate in this manner without any repercussions. I certainly hope people do their research and come across this page before investing into such a shoddy operation! I mean really: $500 back guarantee, only costs $2K… appalling.

    Good luck, keep people aware!


  21. Robin Sawyer says:

    I have to admit that I was laughing by the end of your post… It is pretty hard to believe that such a product exists! One only has to hope that you are exaggerating – the only problem is that you were giving facts, not opinions…

    I think this is one of the worst I’ve read about! LOL

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      I know! Its atrocious isn’t it! And yes its all based on facts, and it’s a travesty that it is allowed to continue. I hope no one gets sucked in!

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