What is My First Online Payday System? – Scam or Not?

What is My First Online Payday System

Have you seen the hype about My First Online Payday System. Perhaps you have seen the sales video and are wondering if the claims are true? Can you really make that soft of money doing nothing.

Well let me tell you right now, the answer is no. It’s a big fat scam. Find out right here what My First Online Payday System is all about:



Product Name: My First Online Payday System

Website url: https://www.myfirstonlinepaydaysystem.biz

Cost: £250

My Rating: 0 of out of 5

My Recommendation: My First Online Payday System is nothing but a fraud from start to finish. If you want a REAL way to build an online income without any false promises and hype, then check out my top recommendation 


What is My First Online Payday System all About?

The first thing you will notice about My First online Payday System is that it calls itself a ‘push button’ system. You should know from the off, that nothing magical like this works to make an income online. This sales pitch and hype about making money quickly with no effort is exactly that, just sales pitch and hype.

It appeals to people who think it is possible to get rich quick. Let me tell you now that with true online business – this is not possible to get rich quick. Yes it’s possible to get rich but you have to put in the work.

So back to My FIrst Online Payday System: What is it?

It’s a Binary options trading software. You can try it for ‘Free’ and just trade with $50. The idea is that you click on the button that reaches 90% or above to submit your trade. This gives you the option to bet on whether the market is going up (green) or down (red). It doesn’t matter which way as long as your choice is right.

The idea is that at 90%, you have a ‘guaranteed’ chance that you will win your trade every time.

What is My First Online Payday System


Sounds easy right? Sadly not. There are many warning signs for My First Online Payday System which say it is a scam for sure.

You won’t get a guaranteed win, and you won’t make millions like they claim.


The Warning Signs

I have seen these binary options software scams over and over and they are all the same. They use all the same tricks to get you lured in. They take your $250 deposit and run. You won’t be seeing that again!

And here’s why you should run a mile.


Warning sign number 1: The owner

Stated as Jeremy Matthews. Recognise this man? Yes its the ‘owner’ from the video who is really just an actor from a paid website called Fiverr.com. You can see hist profile here. 

My First Online Payday System Review


Warning sign number 2: The testimonials

Again these testimonials are fake. All sourced from the same place, Fiverr.com. Many many scam systems use this website to find actors to ‘vouch’ for their products. I won’t go through them all but you get the picture. Fake fake fake.


Warning sign number 3: Over-inflated sales pitch

You will see this over and again. Promises of Yachts and fast cars. True business opportunities don’t use this approach, they don’t need to. They have a product worth selling and don’t need to pitch a fake lifestyle to you


Warning sign number 4: In the news

If you listen carefully they use a generic news report about how you can be successful working from home. Yes, indeed you can, but not with My First Online Payday System. In fact, at no one point do they mention specifically My First Online Payday System in relation to this report. It’s just a generic new report.

People can earn a fantastic living from home. I am one of them. So the report in itself is true.


Warning sign number 5: Guaranteed profits

Something you should know about binary options as a rule is that you cannot guarantee profits. You can learn about the best way to make money but you need to have a lot of knowledge and a trustworthy broker, not a cheap push button system. It’s incredibly risky and to me it’s like gambling.


Warning sign number 6: $50 trade

No binary options trader officially allows you to start off with a $50 trade. How this works is that you are given that as a bonus, but you can’t access any winnings from these related trades until you generate a very high trade volume. Until this point your account is locked. The chances are once you realise this is a scam, you won’t start generating very high trade volumes for sure.


My Verdict – Is My First Online Payday System A Scam?

My First Online Payday System ReviewIn case you couldn’t tell already, my verdict for My First Online Payday System is that it is a scam, Out and out. Run a mile and please don’t get sucked in.

My First Online Payday system is like gambling and everyone knows that Gamblers never win, and that’s if you even get your first deposit back.

There is nothing that is legit about My First Online Payday Systm. From start to finish everything is fake from the owner to the testimonials to the claims on how the system works to lies about bonus funds. Please don’t go there!

But don’t be disheartened because you can make money online, and a lot of it, in a risk free way. But you need to put it some time and effort to get there. There are no guarantees of success, it’s all just dependant on what effort you put in.

The place where I learnt how to build a more than full time income online is called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s the absolute best way to build a true business from the ground up. Something that lasts and stands the test of time. A legitimate home business which is risk free. Find out more about it right here. 

I would love to hear if you have any experience of My First Online Payday System, so please leave your comments below

Is My First Online Payday System a scam?

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