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I’m not overly generous with my accolades for business ‘opportunities’, but I do love Niche Profit Full Control. Why? Well you get SO much before you have even paid out a cent. And what you get is really awesome, and I don’t often use that word. Its not a bunch of sales videos, it’s actually useful.

Let me explain a bit more about what is Niche Profit Full Control About?



Product name:  Niche profit Full control

Website url: www.nicheprofitfullcontrol.com

Cost: Get A LOT for Free, and $1500 for the full program

Rating: 4.0 out of 5


What is Niche Profit Full control about?

A little bit of history here. Niche Profit Full Control is really very new. It was launched in November 2015. But don’t let this put you off. Prior to this it was a program called Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 which has been running for a long time.  These programs will still be running concurrently, as they offer something slightly different.

In this review I am focussing on Niche profit FULL CONTROL.   If you watch the sales video, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s like all the rest of the scams out there. It starts with the same intro video talking about how much money the owner has made, that I have seen the world over.

What makes this different?

Well you ACTUALLY get told what the business is, unlike most sales videos. The program teaches you how to create an aspect of an affiliate businesses in a niche market. And it teaches you really well. (please note it’s only one aspect of an affiliate business). I’ll show you what I mean.


If you want more than just an aspect of affiliate marketing, try this training


what is niche profit full control about

Adam Short is the owner and presents all this video content. His presenting style is very clear and he comes across as really trustworthy. and you get a feel for what someone is like when you look at these sales videos. His videos are not about how rich he is, although it’s no coincidence that the backdrops for his videos are pretty plush surroundings!

He talks about what the program is, through a sequence of 3 FREE videos, and in these he actually tells you a lot, for free.

Then at the end you either take the knowledge you have and implement it for free, or sign up to Niche profit full control, where all of these things he talks about are given to you, done already, plus some really great additional features. Very tempting!

In a nutshell, the full program, Niche Profit Full Control is a business in a box teaching you how to make a profit in a niche, as the name suggests. A ready made website, email campaign, ebook written for you, training, powerful software, mentorship and plenty of other things. $1500 is expensive but you get a lot. (see the list below)

And the numbers are limited. This time, it’s for real. This is because each of these businesses are not duplicated. They have only built a number of businesses, so you might find it you visit the site www.nicheprofitfullcontrol.com, that the offer is closed and you have to enter a waiting list. If this is of any interest to you, I advise you to do this.


what is niche profit full control about - video contentSo what do you get:

When you sign up, for free, you get some emails.

The first of these emails is a selection of 3 videos. These are FREE and seriously one of the best bits of content you will get online for free that I have found. You can access these here, You will have to give your email address to get access to all the videos, but I promise you won’t regret it!

These videos are free to everyone, and you use what you learn as you like. If you like it, then you can go on and join the full program, where they teach you how to scale it so you can really earn some serious income.


Let’s first have a look at what you get in the videos for free, as I would advise everyone to have a look at this, then I can talk about the paid program.

Check out the videos here


what is niche profit full control about free reportVideo 1: Selecting your perfect niche

This is a very detailed video about how to select a profitable niche. And it is down to a science. Not just flaky ideas.

In addition, you get a full report on how to select the right niche AND access to free software to help you select a profitable niche.

It’s all very clear.


Video 2: Setting up your sales machine

This video is all about how to set up a 2 page website, which will provide commissions on autopilot. Now these sorts of statements have me jumping for the ‘scam’ button. Anything that talks about autopilot rings alarm bells. Well let me tell you about this one.

Adam Short talks about the importance of building your list. His method of building a list, and generating this income is actually very interesting, and makes sense. And it does take work to start up, UNLESS you buy into NPFC

In this video, its not just sales talk he ACTUALLY tells you How to create what he calls ‘Automatic Selling Machine’.

He walks you through this step my step. You can use all of this information without paying a cent. He teaches you how to choose the affiliate product to select, how to build a promotion around it, how to create an opt in page and then how your create your email correspondence after this and how to build your email list. You have heard the saying, the money is in the list. This is true, and Adam captalises on this.

niche profit full control email templates

He also gives you a formula to write a great headline. and the top 5 success proven headlines

Plus you get to download all of the emails in the follow up sequence, so you can use them as a template to build your content. Yes, for FREE. Amazing!


niche-profit-full-control-traffic-blueprintVideo 3: Your Traffic Blueprint

This video is all about how to immediately start driving highly targeted traffic to your Automatic selling Machine

He provides an entire traffic blueprint which shows you dozens of ways to drive traffic online. And yes this is for FREE. Then you are given a few techniques, including a facebook strategy, which you can start right away.

In addition, you get access to the Traffic Blueprint in downloadable format, as well as a free copy of the brand new traffic software, Social Leads Builder. And I’ll say it again, for FREE.

So this all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?


How do they make money?

Well this is where Niche Profit Full Control comes in. It basically does all this work for you. This is a ‘business in a box’. Now, normally I don’t agree with this. How can this possibly work? So let’s see if this one is any different.


You buy the training course with so much more

The training course shows students how to get their first sale online, then ramp up to $10,000 per month online. Then, it shows them how to scale from $10,000 per month to $100,000 per month or more.

This training course includes diving into advanced Internet marketing topics, such as testing and conversions, upsell funnels, product launches, promotion strategy and even membership websites.

In addition to high-quality training, which I believe having watched the video, NPFC also contains:

  • Powerful software tools: The software gives people the tools they need to get results quickly, even if they don’t have any technical experience whatsoever. Included is market research tools, a super powerful landing page builder, social media traffic generation software, and more. They say that the tools are totally newbie friendly… yet at the same time they’re powerful and they get results. They could easily be used as standalone tools but they package them all into Niche Profit Full Control. Have looked at the tools provided for free, I can totally believe this.


  • “Done For You” Niche Businesses: These are full-fledged, turnkey “businesses in a box” where they provide landing pages, a 3-month, high-quality autoresponder email sequence, information products to sell, sales pages, and much more. This means that people can get websites and sales funnels up and running without having to do everything from scratch and worrying about getting it wrong. This is where a lot of people give up. Now, I normally reject these concepts, but because NPFC only have one per person you can be sure that yours is original and not some churned out copy.


  • Continuous updates: The training and software is continuously updated to stay on the cutting-edge of the Internet marketing development and you will have access to all these updates.


  • Coaching & Support: Via live Q&A sessions and webinars where they dive even deeper into various topics as well as help students get past any sticking points.


How much does it cost?

Well, if you sign up and view the full 3 videos, then NOTHING. This will give you full information on how to create your own ‘automatic selling machine’. This is really everything you need to do this.

BUT if you want all of this done for you, and you want the 4 points outlined above, then you can join the program for a cost of $1500.

Is this good value?


My verdict

what is niche profit full control aboutAdam short gives you SO much for Free. So much. You could walk away with the information he has given you and apply it to your own business and not pay a penny.  Not only information, but you get some software and templates to work on as well as some reports. And a whole video on how to gather traffic.

There are other programs out there too where you get a lot of affiliate training for free. My favourite is Wealthy affiliate, but also Affilorama provide a lot of free information. The difference with this one is it is very specific, and could give you an idea to get something small off the ground.

This makes me trust him. So if you were interested in the full ‘paid’ package, if you wanted to have a lot of this work done for you. And almost a fail safe to get into this business, then actually the $1500 is really good value. If you have the money, I think this is really good place to spend it.

I was truly impressed with Adam Short and I have read a lot about his business acumen and credibility so I am happy to endorse his products.

I would love to know what you think of this business. So drop me a line and let me know!


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