What is OMG Machines? Do you have $7999 to find out?

What is OMG Machines?

I signed up for a seminar through a trusted affiliate marketer about OMG machines. This is what started my interest in writing this OMG Machines review.

Could they live up to the promises that I had received via email over the last few months?

Lets take a look and find out What is OMG Machines



Product Name: OMG Machines

Website url: www.omgmachines.com  

Cost: $7,999 or $699 a month

My Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation: OMG Machines basically hugely overpriced SEO training at $699 a month! If you want real training about SEO and how to build your own home online business, at a significantly lower price then check out my top recommendation where you can check it out for FREE.


What is OMG Machines About?

The entire program is based around search engine optimisation and teaching you how to get your site ranked well in Google. It is an over the shoulder training program to teach you the ‘right’ methods to take your business to a six figure income, so they say.

In addition, there is training on affiliate marketing and branding amongst others subjects.

The first thing you notice about OMG Machines is that the website is poor. It looks thrown together by amateurs. Considering there are so many great and easy ways to build beautiful websites these days, I am amazed that people who are already in this field, who are trying to sell you how to do this ‘right’ can come up with such a dud of a site.

The home page is stuffed with income earning proofs, which I have to be honest, look fake and can be easily fabricated. Don’t ever let these guide your decision. And there is no real information on OMG machines here and what the program is about.

Let’s put that aside for now.

OMG stands for One Man Gang, not ‘Oh My God’ which is what I thought it stood for.

So why is OMG machines so expensive and what do you learn? Lets take a look inside.


What do you get if you sign up?

On the OMG machines home page you enter your email address and are taken to another awfully designed page with loads and loads of video testimonials with people saying how successful they have been.

So then you click again to join. Finally there is some information about the course, but you have to WADE through it all to find out what it’s about

Now, In 2016, they are promoting only one product called No Holes Barred, or NHB for short.

The only thing that stops me completely writing this off is that they do have endorsements from some well respected gurus out there, so I added this video by Bob proctor to help you decide for yourself


How much does it cost to join?

So I have done a whole load of research here with OMG machines and it seems that things have changed for them. This is how they used to get you in:

They used to provide the following in a step by step selection of upsells, which eventually got you buying in at the price of $4999.

  • They would get you in for free with some seriously basic training that you could find on you tube
  • Then you would need to advance your training with both Conspiracy Commission 1 and two, at a price of $45 and $99 respectively
  • Then you would realise you would need personal coaching and you would opt for the big ticket item of $4999

But now, it would appear there is no 3 step process, they hit you with a $7999 price tag for the one and only offering which is called No Holes Barred (NBH) from the off. Only $699 a month! Whoa


What does the training include?

This is what you get from OMG machines if hand over your $7999. And don’t forget it’s a bargain, because it should have been $20,000

And I think a crucial fact is that there is no refund allowed and you can’t test it for free like you can with other programs, so you have to risk your $7999 to find out

  1. You will get VIP coaching from Grey Morrison. This is personal coaching via Skype
  2. Webinars and live training by some other internet marketing guru names that they talk about including Kotton Grammar, Joshua Fletcher, Stephen Floyd and Joe Marfoglio
  3. Full SEO and Youtube Marketing techniques
  4. A feature on Amazon and e-commerce training
  5. Something called Day Job killer, this is where you will find the tools and templates that no one else has. It’s about Local client consulting apparently
  6. Access to a load of other websites that are successful so you can see what they do
  7. Acesss to Affiliate and cost per action templates to increase conversions
  8. A ‘fantastic’ community which is apparently worth the money alone
  9. Support as and when you need it


Interested in a much better, cheaper training platform

to help you build a successful online business?


The benefits

  • The training is quite good in places and easy to follow, although a lot can be accessed for free, or a least for a much cheaper price
  • There are some good tips in there, but be sure that you aren’t following ones that are outdated.
  • They have had some great recommendations from some really respected marketers out there such as Mark Ling (affilorama), Tai Lopez and Bob Proctor (see above). These people don’t just put their names to anything.


The drawbacks

  • Some of the methods in the training are questionable. They include article spinning and backlinking for the sake of backlinking which I am not really a fan of and actually can really hurt your business in terms of search engines these days. It’s risky practice
  • The way they promote themselves appears to be very scammy and not in line with the price tag. They tend to use the get rich quick messaging, and they tell you you can make thousands really quickly, which in my opinion just looks really underhand, and anyone who works online will know that it’s not that easy, you can’t get rich in days, especially if your focus is on SEO. Don’t get me wrong, you can get rich, but just not that quickly!
  • I really am not a fan of their website, it is SO old school and really doesn’t convey a look synonymous with someone who knows what they are talking about in the SEO world. The site is littered with income proofs, which mean nothing and can be easily made up. See below.
  • They say it is targeted towards newbies, but at the price, I doubt that.
  • There is no Free trial, and to get a look you have to pay a mere $7,999! They have stated that there are no refund either. Do you want to risk this amount of money without testing it first?
  • You can’t get your money back if you aren’t happy
  • There is no support included in the basic package. You will need to pay extra for this. To expect someone to carry on without needing support in something as complex as SEO, and the level of training that is provided, is frankly, crazy.

Is OMG machines a scam


My verdict

I really wouldn’t bother with OMG Machines.

So they are going to charge you $7999 to build a website and get it ranking, and then they direct you to their website, which looks SO unprofessional, is hard to navigate and find the right information and looks completely fabricated with fake testimonials. Do you trust them? Do you believe they know what they are talking about?

Is OMG machines a scam? No, I don’t think they are a scam, there is some good training in there, but really, for that price, you would expect something ground breaking, you would expect them to do it for you!

So don’t waste your money!

If you are truly serious about building an online business and learning the right SEO tactics, the right way and with substantially cheaper training, where you can test everything out for free, then take a look at my no 1 recommendation

I would love to know what you think of OMG machines and I hope this review has been helpful, please leave any comments below:


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4 thoughts on “What is OMG Machines? Do you have $7999 to find out?

  1. Daniela says:

    OMG! (as in Oh My God!). I didn’t realise it costs that much! I agree that it is important to follow some structured training than to try to figure it all out by yourself. But there are some really good alternatives to this for a lower price. I would definitely go with your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate. I follow the training there for almost two years now and I am happy with all I’ve been learning.

    • Ruth says:

      Yeah shocking isn’t it. It’s a lot of money when there are better MUCH cheaper ways to learn this information about online business. But people ARE paying these prices, that’s what amazes me! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

  2. Chris says:

    I can’t really believe that this oportunity is out there – most expected it to fall within three months! The SEO course that provides steps and instructions on how to get your website ranked numebr one in Google is a little thin at best. Are they still telling people to open up squidoo lenses with Amazon products?

    • Ruth says:

      Squidoo was bought by Hubpages and as I believe it they have revised their training on this as this was part of there previous training program that no longer exists. In the new training, they do include hubpages as a sales strategy. Thin is the word you use, and I think that’s accurate!

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