What is SFImg.com? Find Out The Truth

What is SFIMG.com

When you first get to the SFIMG.com website you will be forgiven for having still no idea what is SFIMG.com and what the business idea actually is?

How does it work? How do you make money with SFIMG.com?

Anyone… any ideas?

Find out the real truth about this program right here



Product Name: Strong Future Internal Marketing Group (SFI)

Website url: www.sfimg.com

Cost: Free to start…

My Rating: 1.5 out of 5

My recommendation: SFIMG.com is simply the MLM side (the recruitment of members) to a website called Triple Clicks, a poor man’s Ebay. I don’t think there is much opportunity here to make money from your own business. There is only one way to earn money online that I truly recommend – Take a look at this.


What is SFImg.com?

SFIMG stands for Strong Future Internal Marketing Group. Catchy!

SFIMG is a MLM or Multi Level Marketing Company which teaches you how to recruit others into your team through SFI. SFIMG.com is essentially the affiliate portal of an eCommerce website called TripleClicks.

So what is Tripleclicks?

Tripleclicks works like a smaller, cheaper, less well known Ebay – where you can sell your products and bid for others.

So in joining SFIMG.com you are agreeing to make money promoting TripleClicks as a business and the products within TripleClicks. More about this later.

SFIMG.com in terms of a business is set up as an MLM, as I have mentioned.

Now I am really not a fan of MLM as a business model. It’s incredibly difficult to make money with this type of system and I have seen people fail over and over again while the business owners get richer and richer. And I have seen people lose a number of family and friends who are not interested in being constantly pursued to get involved in their ‘opportunity’. It’s an uncomfortable business for me and SFIMG.com promote people ‘going after’ family and friends as a way to drive business. Do you have an endless supply?


How do you make money with SFIMG?

There are 3 main ways that you can make money with SFI. Let’s look at each one. Note, each way involves some sort of action with Tripleclicks.


Make real money online with my top recommendation


  • By Accumulating VersaPoints

So what are Versapoints? It’s just an internal points system set up by SFI, nothing more than that. In order to make money you need to accumulate 1500 per month minimum. If you do this each month you can earn a cut of pot of money.

If you buy a Tripleclicks gift card worth $60 you can get 1200 versa points. But that’s not enough to get to be entered into the pot. So if you are unable to make up the balance you could simply lose this $60. My issue here is that you are spending $60 in order to make money. That doesn’t sit well with me.

In addition, you are not told just how much this ‘pot’ is. It might not even cover the $60 required to be eligible. Risky stuff.


  • Making sales through TripleClicks.com

Before you take a look at this point, you need to take a look at the Tripleclicks website which is the CORE Of SFIMG.com.

Is SFIMG.com a Scam?

It’s pretty poor. The content is badly written and there is very little detail on each product, the products are a strange mix and I don’t imagine it is very easy to sell any of the products featured on this site. It all looks very second rate.

But let’s pretend you are able to sell these products. If you do… you will earn 15% commission on each product sold. Plus as a Tripleclick affiliate you are entitled to a 40% commission on each product. So where is the seller making any money? These products are likely to be highly overpriced and low quality to allow for this level of mark up. Sounding even harder to sell now aren’t they!?


  • Sponsoring and recruiting people into your team

Ah there it is. The MLM feature. Now MLM can be a bit of a dirty word, again because it’s incredibly difficult to make money here.

With SFIMG.com you are recruiting people to encourage them to recruit more people and to build your downline. The business plan is based on a 12 level matrix which generally means that those at the top are making the money while you struggle to fill the gaps in the matrix with recruiting.

I am not saying that no one has made money here. The program has been running since 1998 so they must be doing something right, I just think that maybe the time has passed and that those at the top will be the only ones to benefit now.



Is SFIMG.com a scam?

I am not saying that SFIMG.com is a scam. As I mentioned there are people making money with this program as it has been around for so long.

My biggest concern here is that as is the case with many MLMs, as the business gets bigger it is harder and harder for the average Joe to earn money. Recruiting into a team can be incredibly difficult and when the product (Tripleclicks) is weak this makes it even harder.

The idea of chasing all your friends and family is very offputting to me and as I have mentioned not a way that I like to make money


My Verdict

I hope this review has helped you to see what is SFIMG.com and understand a bit more about their business.

What worries me is when you go to the website it is incredibly difficult to see what this business is about and how it works, which it maybe why you are here.

When a business is not completely upfront about what they are and how you make money with them, this always sets off my alarm bells. Why hide it, and if you are so unclear when trying to recruit people (the most important part of the MLM), then how do you expect others to sell SFIMG.com for you?

I don’t recommend joining this program to make money online. I feel like it will be a hard slog and you will end up spending money to make money.


So what now!?

Instead of joining MLM’s online you are better off with what I consider to be a more robust business mode, affiliate marketing.  You can find out more about the best place to learn and really the only business I recommend in this review.

If you have any questions at all about SFIMG.com or any other online business, I will do my best to help in the comments below

What is SFIMG.com


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2 thoughts on “What is SFImg.com? Find Out The Truth

  1. Nancy B. says:

    I get the impression that Triple Clicks is a penny auction site (which, IMHO, carries it’s own set of problems). This looks like a total scam. As you mentioned – if you have to shell out $60 every month just to stay in the game, I think I’d be a little wary!

    Great review, I learned a lot. Thanks!

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