What is the Automated Wealth Network? Is it really FREE?

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Having looked through this program in great detail, I can sum up the answer to the question ‘What is the automated wealth network’ in one sentence:

They call it ‘incentive marketing’ but basically it is a sales funnel for Cash Freebies and Power lead system.

The system of AWN has recently been given a revamp so you would be forgiven for thinking it has changed or that it is something else now. But it’s not. It’s the same old thing.

Let’s have a look at this in more depth and see what you get if you sign up to this program to ‘gather your wealth’.



Product Name: Automated wealth network

Website Url: https://automatedwealthnetwork.com/

Cost: FREE or so you thought

My rating: 1.5 out of 5


What is the Automated Wealth Network about?

what is the automated wealth network aboutAs I mentioned at the beginning, it’s a sales funnel for Cash Freebies and Power Lead Systems, so let’s get into the details:

Well you sign up for free – lovely. but that’s all you get for free. Once you enter the program, in order to progress through the program you are asked to register for the next program, you are faced with upsell upon upsell.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad, it’s not a scam, but if you are interested in this program, you need to go in with your eyes open.


The way this business model works is similar to that of an MLM which is about recruiting people into the business, in order to make money. When your teams makes money, then you make money on the sales they make. Think of the more traditional MLM businesses like Herbalife or Forever Living. It’s like this, but online.

It calls itself an education platform where you can educate you to construct your own sales funnel.


Interested in a profitable online that doesn’t involve you ‘recruiting a team’?


So how Automated Wealth Network work?

When you sign up for free, you then have to watch a video, which doesn’t really explain what the business model is, it’s a lengthy video with reviews from ‘students’ who provide quite compelling reviews, but to be honest, it does go on, and you just want to get to the nitty gritty without all that fluff.

You can’t forward through the video so if you want to know more, you have to watch it. There is a bit of a guilt trip in there and I can’t help but think that the owner, Tim Chesonis is speaking in an overly exaggerated soft voice, perhaps to make himself sound really kind, but that is neither here nor there, just an observation.

So then what:

It’s $7 to get started at level 1 and get access to the community, the training, a 7 day money back guarantee, and a full business blueprint model and the ‘done for you’ sales system. See below. BUT you have to enter your credit card details AND your phone number.

So it’s not free then.

But $7 isn’t much, and he does use the caveat that this offer won’t be around for long, so you must join right now – he is just being really generous by sharing his ideas at this low price for a limited time.

How very kind. (sorry I can’t help my sarcasm)

what is the automated wealth network


So you have signed up WITH your credit card information, you are then directed to a site called My Casis the automated wealth network a scamh freebies on which you have to complete some offers.

And here are the alarm bells….

With Every site you ‘complete offers’ with, you have to enter your credit card details. OR in some cases you have to actually purchase something to continue. Not sounding so free now is it?

In one of the steps you are introduced to Power Lead System. When I looked at this website, I was alarmed first of all to see that their lead promotion page was with Empower network, which is one of my LEAST Favourite online MLM programs.

You have to buy into this which is a 7 day free trial and then $27 per month after this.

It’s starting to add up…..


What Training is provided?

AWN is targeted a people new to internet marketing. As you can see by the course outline, it is very bottom level, but this is great if you are new.

  1. Orientation  – this is basically an introduction
  2. Marketing basics – This section teaches you about what is marketing, email marketing, traffic generation etc. It teaches you what they are more than how to use them.
  3. Marketing Strategies – This is where you get started into creating the marketing basics, such as building a website, generating traffic and creating your email campaign as well as PPC (paid traffic)
  4. Six figure secrets – the AWN special secret to sky rocket you to millionairedom (if that is a word?)

Have a look at a much more comprehensive training course to

build your business


The benefits

  • Some of the aspects of the training, are quite useful but you have to go through the sales funnel and purchase the products before you can get to it. Why wouldn’t you just get the training from the beginning, like some other programs?
  • Tim, the owner has quite a compelling sales pitch at the beginning and people want to believe this


The drawbacks

  • Well it’s quite obvious, it’s the upsells. By doing this the owners are lining their own pockets through a compensation plan whereby whoever buys through joining AWN, is effectively placed in their downline, and the profits are going straight to them.
  • There is some elements of mis-truth here. I don’t like using the word lying, but hey. So he talks about how its FREE, and how he is doing it all to help people. It’s all about the sharing. This isn’t true. It’s not free, and he DOES profit off you. Hey, everyone needs to make money but why lie about it. (there I said it – lie)
  • My cash freebies and Power Lead system are not brilliant products in themselves. And being forced into buying into them is just plain annoying
  • Their support community is a facebook page, which isn’t ideal. It’s open to the public and not policed so you could get spammed. This often happens in large Facebook community groups.


My verdict – is Automated wealth Network a Scam?

is the automated Wealth Network a scamSo to the big question – is the Automated Wealth Network a Scam?

Yes to me it is – It promises something and then doesn’t deliver. It says it’s free and then it’s not. It says it’s about helping people and it’s about lining the owners pockets. Do they think we are stupid?

There is nothing wrong with making money, just be upfront about it. Don’t pretend you are trying to save the world, when you couldn’t care less. I knew there was something about that overly soft voice.

As an MLM model, I really don’t like this business and I would recommend that you stay away.


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