What is the Keyword Academy – Scam or Legit?

what is the keyword academy

Let’s go for the simple answer to ‘What is the Keyword Academy?’  – it’s an affiliate marketing training program, designed to help you build an online business which makes sales through affiliate marketing.

If this still sounds like gobbledegook, then let’s have a look a bit deeper and see if I can clarify what this program offers a little more.



Company Name: The Keyword Academy

Website URL: www.thekeywordacademy.com

Cost: Free to start for 30 Days, then $33 a month

My Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

How does The Keyword Academy Work?

There is actually very little information out there about What is the Keyword Academy. There are so few reviews, and if you go to their homepage, you can’t really get an idea exactly what it involves. It tells you that you get all these offerings (below) for free which sounds great, but not how much it costs after that. Afterall, you don’t want to sign up, love it and then find out you have to pay $500 a month to carry on. Ok I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean. I did eventually find out how much it cost and its $33 a month, but this does not include a website or hosting or access to the owners for personal guidance.


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that does have all these things. 


So back to my question, how does The Keyword Academy it work? You sign up for the first 30 days where you get the items below sent to your email to download, one by one over a period of time.

what is the keyword academy

The aim of the items being sent one by one is so that you have time to digest them. You first get an 80 page ebook, then video training and a series of emails, each with training and tips. Although I signed up again under a different name and I never got the emails. It’s like no one is there anymore.


What is the keyword academyThe key features of the The Keyword Academy program are:

  • You receive instructions which give you detailed information on how to start your online business. This includes everything from how to set your sites up initially, how to write the best content, and how to drive traffic to those sites.
  • The forum, which is a community where you can get help and answers, but also serves as just that, a community, which can be invaluable in the isolation of working from home and which people use to bounce ideas off as well.
  • A function called Postrunner, which is essentially a way to get guest posts and backlinks for the site. You have to be a little careful about backlinks particularly because misuse of this can cause severe damage to your business. But you are given guidance on this.
  • A weekly webinar to keep you up to date with the latest in the world of internet marketing
  • This is Mark Court by the way, one of the owners, not just a random picture of a man.

Who could use the Keyword Academy Training?

This training is intended for anyone, from a novice to an expert internet marketer. It is aimed at everyone and everyone can benefit from it.

The key thing about the question, who is it for, is that it is only for people with determination and patience. You can make a successful business in this industry but you have to work hard and be prepared that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Can you make money with the Keyword Academy?

The owners at Keyword Academy are very open about this and there is no disguising the numbers which I think is great. Here is an example of incomes declared out of nearly 900 people who responded to income related questions. This information is easy to obtain and is there on the homepage for everyone to see. I like this.

  • 704 reported less than $100 per month in earnings
  • 38 reported between $100 and $200 per month in earnings
  • 20 reported between $200 and $300 per month in earnings
  • 9 reported between $300 and $400 per month in earnings
  • 27 reported between $500 and $1,000 per month in earnings
  • 20 reported between $1,000 and $2,500 per month in earnings
  • 12 reported between $2,500 and $5,000 per month in earnings
  • 6 reported between $5,000 and $10,000 per month in earnings
  • 1 reported more than $10,000 per month in earnings

So maybe it’s not as much as you would expect? Do you think you could be in the top small percentage?

what is the keyword academy


The benefits

  • The owners are very open about the program and the ability to make money. You will not be scammed
  • The forum is a fantastic idea with help and support along the way
  • Weekly webinars are essential to keep people up to speed with any latest developments or key subject matter
  • Its fairly inexpensive to join
  • There is no hard upsell, so people join because they legitimately buy into it

The drawbacks

  • When you go onto the forum, its very basic looking, like a very early forum, but that doesn’t mean that its not good. But my feeling is, it’s like going to a dentist with bad teeth. How can you trust a dentist to fix your own teeth if they can’t sort out their own? Do you know what I mean?
  • It looks very simplistic for an internet marketing business, their web presence isn’t very impactful, and if they aren’t impactful and difficult to find, how can they teach you to be the opposite? – They haven’t even updated their intro / sales page for 2 years!
  • No where does it tell you what the cost is once your free 30 day trial is finished. No where. I spent ages trying to find out this price, and I don’t know why it’s so difficult as $33 a month is pretty reasonable. I had to join to find out!
  • However, for that $33 a month you do not get hosting or a website included, you have to sort this out for yourself. If you are interested in affiliate training which DOES give you hosting and a website included try my no 1 recommendation


My verdict

is the keyword academy a scamThis is a great affiliate marketing training program, and is definitely not a scam. I like the way you are allowed to try it for 30 days first of all. That shows confidence in their product. However, a few words of caution. It’s quite a cheap monthly membership but you do’t get hosting or a website for that. And you have to work with the very basic web functionality system which I find a little dated. But that’s aesthetics. I just feel that it’s missing the professional edge. It’s missing the numbers of people who have joined, although this is not clear it seems to be only a few thousand. If I am going to put my money into a pot, I want it to be well established and well supported pot, with the history and the backing to prove it’s success.

It might be a good idea to take a look and see if the 30 day trial does it for you?

And if it doesn’t then have a look at my no 1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Afiliate, which is a little bit more expensive  at $47 a month but this includes everything from hosting and an unlimited websites and has been running really successfully for 10 years. See which one suits you best!


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If you have any comments at all on this page, please just let me know below and I will get back to you asap.


20 thoughts on “What is the Keyword Academy – Scam or Legit?

  1. George says:

    Hey Ruth,

    I just went through your content. Nice review of the keyword academy program.

    I have not heard before if I am honest, but I have to say I am intrigued. How long have you been using this?
    How does it compare to the Google keyword planner?

    Thank you in advance and kindly awaiting your response.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi George

      Thanks for your comments. The keyword academy cannot be compared to the keyword planner. THe keyword planner helps you find the best keywords for your content, the ones that drive the most traffic. The keyword academy is a TRAINING program which teaches you how to build content and a business based on correct use of keywords. So with the Google keyword planner there is no training, just information. If you know how to use keywords the right way, then by all means just use the google planner, but if you need to learn, then some form of training will help you set up your online business and build content in the right way. Better than the keyword academy though it my top recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Ruth,
    Great review you’ve put up here, keyword academy sounds like a decent name unlike the typical scammy names like Fiery profits or Fire Your Boss – The name itself made you wonder on joining.

    I like those stats you’re sharing, 27 people earning between $500 to $1,000 is a pretty decent number. I might need to check it out. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Riaz for your comments. It is fairly good program. My only hesitation on this one is that it doesn’t seem very active. I would love to know what you think, so if you do give it a try, then please come back and let me know what you think!

  3. steve says:

    This looks interesting but not easy, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and they provide step by step guide with key word finder tools and as a total beginner this suited me.

    I know you said it’s for any one but I wouldn’t know we’re to start with hosting and building with out guidance

    • Ruth says:

      Thats a fair point Steve. Setting up hosting and a website on your own from scratch is pretty difficult and highly technical if you don’t have any experience, it can be really daunting, and to be honest, enough to put you off. So perhaps I will amend that section of this page. Thanks for your valuable input!

  4. Neil says:

    The Keyword Academy sounds like a very interesting affiliate marketing training program.

    There are so many scams on the internet today, that we just don’t know what we can put our trust into, but the Keyword Academy is definitely LEGIT after reading your review.

    The pros sound great, and I like the idea of the 3o day free trial too!

    I’m also gonna look into your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation!


    • Ruth says:

      Great news. I’m glad I could help. Just be a little wary of the Keyword academy, but definately worth giving everything a try! Best of luck!

  5. Josh says:

    Hey Ruth,
    Nice job covering the Keyword Academy Program in detail and I like your unbiased approach of covering all the positive aspects of the program.

    While not being provide a website might not seem like a big a deal, i know for a fact that it can be really time consuming and a frustrating task and it ain’t cheap either. It’s a really unfortunate but not being provided with a website is kind of a deal breaker for me.

  6. Marc Cantave says:

    I spent most of the time trying to figure out what did gobbledegook mean and I am still stumped lol. Keyword Academy is actually something I have never heard of before but I like the fact that they let you know exactly how many people have earned money through the program. This was a great review and I will look more into keyword Academy.

    • Ruth says:

      Ha ha, It’s probably because it’s a British word. Meaning ‘rubbish’. Perhaps I should change that! Thanks for your comments. I hope I helped you out with What is the Keyword Academy?

  7. Jack says:


    Great post by the way, i do like the way you write it is easy for me to understand. you seem to know a great deal anyway.

    The figures you out lined on the earnings seem a little hard to get, that is many referrals. you dont sound to convinced on the training here either i will read you recommendation instead .

    Thank you for sharing this with us, i do appreciate it, I have learned some valuable lessons and no doubt others have to.

    Thank you


    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Jack. I think think the thing with the Keyword academy is it seems like its not really being run properly. It feels like no one is there at the moment, that its not being updated. That its not fresh. As I mentioned, there are a lot better programs out there. I hope you find what you are looking for!

  8. adam says:

    hi there
    i’ve always wanted to work from home but have had no idea where to start. I guess the keyword academy would be the best place. Great information and quite a bit to digest. I hope this works for me and i’m able to eventually leave my full time job and work from home

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