What is the online success plan? Can you be a millionaire in 6 weeks?

what is the online success plan - online success plan scam

Maybe you have already been to the homepage of the online success plan? You would have seen promises of untold riches, a change of life, endorsements from Fox news, CNN. Sounds like the dream you have been waiting for? Sadly, not so! I will tell you why and give you some more information on What is the online success plan?



Product Name: Online Success Plan

Website url: http://mysuccessplanonline.com/

Cost: $97 to start off with

My rating: 0 out of 5


What is the online success plan?

Before I get into the details of this, you need to know where it comes from:

First of all, you can’t find this under the name of online success plan. It’s under http://mysuccessplanonline.com/. But have a look under myaesuccess.com and mosssuccess.com. Slightly different looking websites with the exact same content. So why is this? It’s because they have had to change their name. Hmm suspicion alert already!. Let’s follow the trail.

Previously it was called Mos Success Plan. But this was associated with so many complaints and so many scams, they changed their name to Online Success Plan. It was created by a guy called Jordon Daniels. When you enter any of the sites, you are introduced to what I know is a very typical sales video.

What you get is loads and loads of promises of how rich you will be. And how quickly this will happen.

One statement says you will earn $1,000,000 in the first 6 weeks! This rings alarm bells with me. ESPECIALLY, when they tell you nothing about what the business actually is. I hate this sales tactic.


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What is online success plan

But this sales pitch obviously works.

People want the dream, but i can tell you, this is not the way to get it. There are actually legitimate and long terms ways where you can make your dreams happen, but not like this, not this fast, and not this easily. It’s simply not possible

So what do we know?

Jordan says that you are ‘selected’ to be a very lucky person to be given one of their million dollar websites.  Were you given the same offer if you go through the process?  Imagine the coincidence! Sorry I can’t help my sarcasm coming out.. .

And this is a limited time offer, and then the website will come down’. This is NOT True. yes maybe the business will be renamed, but the website will STILL be there, scamming people, and guess what, you will always be one of the limited few.   They ask that you give your email address and phone number to see if you are one of the lucky 50 people..

what is online success plan about - 50 people

but guess what, I didn’t enter my details. And look, I AM one of the lucky ones. As you try to leave the page, this page loads.

online success plan scam


How does it work?

So it’s essentially, for want of a better word, a training program that teaches you ‘how to provide information for people searching for it online and then profitting out of their enquiries’. This is ALL they tell you! How vague is this?

What is online success plan about - the online success plan scam

The most complaints logged are from people who have tried this system are all about the lack of thorough training. The fact that you aren’t given all the information to actually carry out this process, means that you will never make a success of it, and probably not even make your money back.

And be careful, they have your phone number… What happens here is you start getting phone calls where they try to sell you high price items. Then, if they convince you to sign up, you have no proof and it is harder to get your money back. And being convinced by phone is easier than just closing your browser. You can expect to be sold upgrades or private coaching (this one being their favourites), traffic packages or another website. None of these are included in the initial cost.

which brings me to…


How much does online success plan cost?

Be very wary about giving out your phone number. I have done this before in the past and it spreads like wildfire to all sorts of scammy promotions. I had to change my number in the end!

So the first price you are met with is $97 one off charge. But if you try to leave the page, guess what, you get aother $20 off. That left me feeling slightly annoyed that had I accepted that first price I could have been scammed out of another $20.

online success plan scam

And if you keep trying to leave and ‘stay on the page’ then you are offered more sales pages, to try and get your details. A bit desperate huh!?

The biggest red flag to me, is the complaints I looked into about people getting their money back. They offer a money back guarantee IF YOU meet their conditions. What are the chances that, feeling excited about being a millionaire in 6 weeks, you don’t read the small print.

A lot of people have complained that there was no one to contact to get their money back and that they had to give up!

There are ways you can learn to build a business for Free, you don’t need to pay for all this!



Er, None. No, I can’t think of a thing. Well maybe the sales pitch is compelling. It’s unbelievable how Jordan can say the same thing in SO many different ways!


the online success plan scamDrawbacks

  • Well as an umbrella statement, it’s their sales policy:
    1. The downsell, if you leave the page you get $20 off
    2. You are only one of 50 people to whom this has been made available
    3. The small print in the refund policy
    4. The false promises of becoming a millionaire with no work. Anyone who has been in the business for any amount of time knows that you can’t cheat the internet at making money. There are no get rich quick schemes that actually work. All that will happen is you will lose your money
  • If you get to watch any of the sales videos you will see some really clever editing. They use faces from big news channels talking generically about working from home and cut it dso it sounds like they are talking about online success plan. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!


My verdict – the online success plan scam

The online success plan scamThere is no beating about the bush here. The online success plan scam is just this. A SCAM.

You don’t need this. Close your browser and don’t be tempted by all the pop ups. You will only lose $97 or at best $77. And then be pestered continuously with upsells. There are SO many clues from this business that this is a scam. The downsells, the scarcity deals, the lack of support contact.

Everything points to disaster. I hope this has helped you see what is the online success plan.


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I would love to hear if anyone has any experience of this business, so please leave any comments below.

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9 thoughts on “What is the online success plan? Can you be a millionaire in 6 weeks?

  1. Alham says:

    i really love the way you review the products and I wanted to ask if did you try the product yourself? Because I am really tired of these scamy products I would love to share it so people know about these types of scams and I should say that wealthy affiliate is the best online opportunity people should really give it a try

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Alham. IN all honesty, I have not tried this product myself. I went through the sign up process and did A LOT of research to come to my conclusions. I have tried very similar products to this over the years, falling for these types of promises, so I feel I am well able to spot a scam when I see one. I hope it has helped you to stay away too!. Thanks for writing a comment.

  2. stefan says:

    Hi there! Great review.

    It is amazing how the internet has become lawless land, where one can easily build a website, pay some actors to tell a bunch of lies and steal people’s money.

    Every time I see these websites it makes me lose faith in humanity. Most of them start with these sales videos showing how they became millionaires overnight.

    As you said, many many people still fall for these lies and that’s why more and more scams are born every day.

    These people should be behind bars. But I believe they must be protected by any breach in the laws. When you see the terms and conditions they tell a completely different story. Maybe that could be something that puts them in a comfortable position and put the he blame on the user who didn’t read carefully.

    • Ruth says:

      That’s a great description, ‘a lawless land’. It does feel like that, you are right. No one to police it or to tell you not to do that. So many criminals operating and its hard to tell the good ones from the bad. This is what I try to do with my reviews, is to help people understand what is good and what isn’t.

      Thanks for your comments Stephan

  3. Vera says:

    This one looks like another perfect role model for what a really bad scam should be created like!

    Too bad that still so many people fall for this type of scheme. Isn’t it shocking how easy people can be manipulated? Just a few promises triggering peoples dreams and the trap snaps shut.

    You are doing a great job in exposing this scam, thank you!

    • Ruth says:

      Yes it is shocking. These people who have the sales banter know what they are doing, and its a biut evil in a way, preying on those who are desperate!. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. LakanDula says:

    Thank you, it’s good to inform people. I have a history of being lured into signing up for these nonsensical “get rich quick” programs and online scams, they’ve ranged from just that, as well as con-artists (i.e. spellcasters, psychics, mediums). Their website already looks shady as it is, continue…continue to warn people. These guys are clearly making money from people’s suffering.

    • Ruth says:

      Its awful isn’t it. empty promises, it’s just cruel!. I have been caught out myself too, and it makes YOU feel like a failure when that is not the case!

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