What is the Super Affiliate Network – A Scam or a Great Opportunity?

Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam

Have you heard about the Super Affiliate Network and want to know more?

Perhaps you need to find out exactly what is the Super Affiliate Network? – Should you get involved and join this program or is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

Find out everything you need to know right here…



Product Name: The Super Affiliate Network

Website Url: www.thesuperaffiliatenetwork.com

Cost: $1 trial with upgrade to $47 a month, or go straight in at $37 a month. Upsell to $200 a month

My Rating: 3.8 out of 5

My Recommendation: The Super Affiliate Network is a great training course in affiliate marketing BUT you will have to promote the Super Affiliate Network. Check out my top recommended training program where you can learn to make a full time income selling anything you like


What is the Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is a training program to teach you how to build an online business in affiliate marketing.

The main focus of the course is teaching you to promote the Super Affiliate Network, so if this isn’t interesting to you, then I wouldn’t bother. But if it is, then read on.

You earn a variety of commissions on each Super Affiliate Network training course you sell from 0 to 100% based on your own membership level and some of the commissions are very lucrative. And they teach you how to sell it, and give you a plethora of tools to help you make a real success of it.

The Super Affiliate Network training program is intended for beginners, but let’s look into this and see if it really is the best thing for beginners:


What is IN the Super Affiliate Network Course?

Something that is a little strange about this training course is the level of involvement you are required to have with a coach.

In order to start the program you have to answer a series of questions, where you would need to provide your contact details, and a coach would then be in touch by phone.

This coach is the only person who can give you the passwords to únlock the training courses at every stage. What I didn’t like here is that right from the start there is a feeling of pressure. If you just want to go and look around and see if it´s right for you before spending anything, then this isn’t allowed. If you actually have to speak to someone, then this increases the level of pressure, and makes it more difficult to say no. Well that is of course why they do it.

There are two levels of membership, firstly the basic membership which will give you enough to get started and get going but if you are really serious then the Plus membership is what they recommend. This covers much more advanced marketing techniques and tools, but of course comes at a much higher price tag. Much higher at $200 a month.

Let´s break it down:

Firstly you can join for a trial of $1. Great stuff, I love a trial. But as you expect you only get limited access to look around. However, I found that it was enough to give you taster of the basic membership.

Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

Basic Membership

If you like what you see, and the training is well structured and well thought out, then you can upgrade to the basic membership at $47 a month (unless you don’t go for the free trial, and in this case you can sign up for $37 a month right from the start), or annual membership of $297. Here you have access to the following modules:

  • The profit boosting bootcamp
  • Done for you offers to promote
  • Lead Capture pages
  • Monthly Immersion Coaching
  • Multi Channel Follow up

The idea here is that you make commissions on the sales of Super Affiliate Network. You recruit people to buy in using their training methods. On monthly sales you make 100% commission which is pretty good. There are additional modules such as the Solo Ad Success Formula where you can make a 50% commission.


Plus membership

If you want more from the training program, then the next upsell is the plus membership at $200 month, that´s a pretty hefty price tag, and I’m not convinced you need to pay this level of fees when there are much better value courses out there. For this level of membership you get all of the above from the basic level PLUS:

  • Extra immersion Coaching Sessions
  • Systematic profits
  • The magnetic Selling Machine
  • Access to all courses that will be launched in the future
  • 1000 person list already collected for you
  • Capture pages to add to that list
  • lots more ´done for you´ packages to make building your business easier.

Plus you will get commissions on MORE of the training programs than you do on the basic membership package.


My verdict

I hope this review has given you more insight into what is the Super Affiliate Network.

Firstly I would like to say that The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam, it is an excellent training program to get going in affiliate marketing and learn how to build a business. My main reservation is that you are basically promoting the Super Affiliate Network. You aren’t learning the core principles of Affiliate Marketing to apply to any other affiliate marketing business. This leaves me a little worried as if anything happens to the Super Affiliate Network, then you have nothing left.

Plus it’s pretty expensive outlay to get access to everything so as a beginning I believe this is a high price tag, especially when you find affiliate marketing training for a much better price.

The owner of the program, Misha Wilson is very credible, so you know you are learning from a successful affiliate marketer. Thumbs up here.

So if you have the money and you are willing to sell the Super Affiliate Network as your business, then I would say go for it.

BUT if you are interested in Affiliate marketing as a principle and you want to CHOOSE what you build you business around, perhaps something that you feel passionate about, then I would suggest a better value training program called Wealthy Affiliate. You can find out more about this one right here. 

I would love to hear if you have any experience of The Super Affiliate Network, so please leave any comments below.

The Super Affiliate Network Review


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2 thoughts on “What is the Super Affiliate Network – A Scam or a Great Opportunity?

  1. Eddy says:

    Thanks for writing this review about the super affiliate network. I’ve never heard of this site before. And it sounds pretty good. That said I do agree that it’s very limiting that they only teach you to promote their website. It almost seems MLM’ish.

    But I guess if the information is good enough you can apply it to other niches. Either way thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

    • Ruth says:

      No problem at all Eddy. I think it’s important to take many of these programs on their own merit. If you don’t have a passion or anything you want to promote specifically and want some guidance on that, then promoting the Super Affiliate Network could indeed be the answer for you. It works for some and not for others.

      Thanks for leaving your comments

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