Zukul Ad Network Review (ZAN) – It’s showing promise

Zukul Ad Network Review

Zukul Ad Network has just launched on April 1st 2016. I don’t think I have ever seen as much exposure to a launch as I saw with these guys. The owner, Jeremy Rush is everywhere promoting this business.

They front up their campaign by the strapline, ‘Advertising that pays you!’ Sounds good. But is it?

So with the Zukul Ad Network Review let’s see if it lives up to the hype!



Product name: Zukul Ad Network

Website url: http://zukuladnetwork.com

Cost: From free to $180

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My recommendation: Zukul Ad Network might just be a good place to advertise your business, but the jury is still out. If you want to build a real business built in strong foundations, one that you could even advertise with Zukul Ad Network, then try my top recommendation to get started today.


What is Zukul Ad Network about?

Yet another rev share and advertising platform emerges. Another one. Literally, these are popping up every week at the moment.

But as I mentioned, Zukul Ad Network has seen a lot of hype and A LOT of anticipation. So is it different to the others out there?

Of course Zukul Ad Network says it is!

The difference between this and other rev share and advertising companies, is that with other networks, your advertising banners are not just placed on the main company website but they are placed on 100’s of different micro sites and blogs getting you more exposure.

They say that as well as getting involved in the rev share business, you are getting a complete ‘self serve marketing’ platform which brings together advertisers, publishers and affiliates. But what does this actually mean for you?

Let’s break this down a bit and find out


Who is it for?

Advertisers: This includes anyone wanting to get ad impressions and click throughs for advertising materials such as banners and gain exposure through the network. The network includes the publishers that are mentioned below. This can get a lot of exposure. You have access to full information in terms of impressions and click throughs. You pay for ad packs which allows you a certain number of Click throughs for your money. Like paying for PPC upfront.

Publishers: These are people who own a blog or website who want to earn by placing the advertising communication above on their website by simply adding the code. A bit like Google Adsense if you are familiar with this. But remember that ads will not be tailored to the person searching like adsense is, they could be anything and could be competing with your business and you can’t control this.

Affiliates: The platform allows you a place to manage your sales and referrals into the Zukul Ad Network. A bit more about this below as this is a little more detailed.

Interested in building a profitable online business and full time income

around something you are truly interested in?


The revenue sharing aspect of Zukul Ad Network (ZAN)

There are two ways to earn here

Way 1: By recruiting people to join Zukul Ad Network where you earn commission not only on the people you directly recruit but on those they recruit, to 3 levels deep. You earn a commission on their membership level. Monthly membership fees are dependant on your ad pack level (See below) and can be from FREE to $180. See the last column, known as fee.


Way 2: By participating in the rev share through the purchase of the advertising packs. These are essentially packs of clicks that you can pay for as I mentioned above in the advertisers section. Nothing unusual here. You can make money on 10 tiers of adpacks, and you can make between 120% and 150% when these ad packs mature. There are 10 levels of ad packs that you can buy but you have to have at least 100 Ad Packs rotating on any level before you can proceed to the next Ad Pack Level.

You can see the return on the money you spend below

What is Zukul Ad Network About

Some other benefits if you join as an affiliate

  • You get a 10% commission on any spend of your direct referrals
  • You can recruit as wide as you like but only up to 3 levels deep will be what you receive a commission on
  • You are ABLE to BUY your downline if you find recruiting difficult. You can get 2 paid members for $49.95.
  • There is a fairly strong support system. This is often where rev share companies can fail. They do not provide the support for their members, so they lose faith, leave and the money coming in slows. There is nothing to ‘share’ with the rest of the employees and the company closes. They offer support by email or you can call them 5 days a week. So it’s not 24 hour support, but it’s OK. If you are looking for more around the clock support, you can join the facebook page where they claim that you can have an answer from one of the 7000 strong group quickly.
  • There is real revenue to share, from the purchase of ad packs so this is not a ponzi scheme like a lot of other similar Rev share

Take a look at this video which tells you more about how the ad packs with affiliate commissions works


The background of the owner

Is Zukul Ad Network A scamWith any online business, I think it is really important to have visibility on the owner.

So as we have seen, the owner is Jeremy Rush, and he is not shy to show his face. I like this, it means he doesn’t want to hide, he has nothing to hide. If you look, you will see him everywhere and he shares his ideas with everyone. Top marks for that.

But let’s take a look at what else he is responsible for.

Jeremy Rush is also involved in Guarenteed Sign ups and Zukul.com which are both related to this business but you do not to be involved in either of these to participate in Zukul Ad Network.

These are connected to Zukul Ad Network but you are not obliged to join them, but you can use them to help.

Just briefly. You can use Guaranteed Sign Ups to get you your paid for referrals, as mentioned above and you can use the marketing suite at Zukul to promote your business.


How much does it cost to get started?

Well this can be confusing and it’s really not that clear from the off, especially if you are new to the rev share business.

Basically, it’s free to join, but if you want to participate in the rev share and if you want to get affiliate commissions you need to be a ‘paid member’. A paid member is anyone that has bought an ad pack. So if you look at the table above, you can become a paid member at any level you like. The more you invest the more you will get back, the more return you will get on your investment.

The table above shows the right column as the total fee, so to earn the max amount you would need to pay $180 a month. But the returns promise to be greater than this.

Let’s see.

My Verdict

This is still a new company so it is hard to give it a definitive thumbs up or thumbs down but it seems that Jeremy Rush as ironed out a lot of issues that other revshare face. I Have put it in my good section for now, as I think it has legs.

As of the 11th April 2016, the stats were this:

Members have active adpacks: 398641
Earned: $653,248.73
Banners Clicked: 158734
So it’s not going badly so far, in less than 11 days. There are some really good things about Zukul Ad Network which makes this a business worth considering:
  • Most Rev share businesses rely on new customers to fund the system. But Zukul Ad Network, a bit like My Ad Story, uses external sources and the sale of ad packs to grow the business
  • You are not limited to advertising on just one website where exposure is limited and probably directed at people who aren’t really that interested in your product, this is the case with other rev shares such as Traffic Monsoon
  • Zukul Ad Network is not reliant on 3rd Party payment processors, as they handle all the payment themselves, so there are no additional fees to pay here.

At this stage I give it a tentative thumbs up

You can join Zukul Ad Network here


But what if you have no business to advertise?

What about being able to build your own PROFITABLE home online business from scratch? A business that can last the long term and provide you with a long term profitable income? One that become passive over time.

If this sounds up your street then check out my number 1 recommendation where you can start today for free.


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7 thoughts on “Zukul Ad Network Review (ZAN) – It’s showing promise

  1. Bill says:

    Hi Ruth,
    First of all, I really like your website logo.

    I’m glad you included the table for clarity on seeing your return on funds spent. Seems like you have confidence in the owner and the company has done well so far. However, there’s concern since you could have a competing ad on your website. Thanks.

    • Ruth says:

      HI Bill

      I’m glad you like my logo 🙂 . I don’t know what you would say is a competing ad. It might because I used to have google adsense and it might be displaying something that you were looking at before.

      Thanks for stopping by and i would love to see how you get on if you do use Zukul Ad Network?

  2. Like you said early in the article “Yet another rev share and advertising platform emerges. Another one.” I never know if I should trust these type of sites. It’s tough for new people to know the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. If they stick around for any length of time, Zukul may be worth my time. We will just have to wait and see.

    • Hi Joseph

      Thanks for you comments. I think Zukul has legs more than most rev shares. But what I don’t like is when you join up there is very little to help you use the site. Very off-putting if you are new to this. Maybe, as it’s new they are intending to improve on this. I do hope so!

      And you are right it is tough to see the good for the bad. For example, I am not a fan of Traffic Monsoon, but a lot of people are involved in it, although reports suggest that this is not a good idea. I would love to know how you get on if you have time to drop me a line?

  3. Margaret says:

    You have written a very comprehensive review of Zukul. I have never heard of it before but I would be very reluctant to put my money into it. It all seems a bit complicated and I like things that are straight forward and easy to understand. After reading your post I felt like I would lose a lot of money in the process of learning how to use Zukul. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It is straight forward and I have no trouble understanding what it is all about. Would you agree with me on that?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Margaret. This is the downside with these types of rev shares and indeed with any compensation plans. You need to know a bit about them in the first instance to understand how to get started, and I have to be honest, they don’t provide a huge amount of information about this on their site. It is complicated and I can see why this would put you off.

      You are in a good place with Wealthy Affiliate and wApprove and Replyill make good money there. Stick at it!

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