Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas

legitimate home based business ideasIf you are looking to start your own business from home, which is probably the reason you have found yourself here, there are many types of home business you can run.

It feels like a minefield right now, but I will help you get to the bottom of what kind of job is right for you.

So to start off here is a list of truly legitimate business ideas for you to start thinking about, and I will go into each one separately. Please note that I don’t endorse those get rich quick schemes and I am not bringing to you business ideas which are all about clicking on ads to make some pocket money.


All of my business recommendations are fully researched and I consider to be absolutely viable and legitimate businesses where you can make some serious cash. I am not just going to dump a load of links on a page so you have to do hours of research yourself to find the best. I have used my industry knowledge and personal experience to actually make helpful recommendations – well I hope so!

And if you want to see the businesses to avoid, have a look at this 

I’m staring off with 10 legitimate businesses, but I intend to give you 100 by the time I have finished this section of my website. It could be a year so watch this space. And if you want to be updated as I look into all these options, just get the free starter guide and add yourself to my list (red box on the right)!

And if you are interested in my top way to build a home business, check this out



Idea 1: Online Affiliate marketing

what is affiliate-marketingAffiliate marketing is all about selling other companies products.

Many companies, both large and small, run affiliate programs. Companies such as Amazon, Walmart.. and thousands more. You drive people to your website and provide them with product information and when they click your links and go on to buy from these large players, you get a commission. This is a very viable way to make some really great income online. It takes time, patience and hard work, but can be an excellent source of income for you, and even take you into the 6 figures.

In order to get started in affiliate marketing you need some training to make the best of your income. I have reviewed my 3 favourite training programs to teach you the essentials and more of affiliate marketing. Also, You can see a comparison of these here.

  • Wealthy Affiliate: A training course which you can try out for FREE to take you from basic to advanced level, with a community to help you at every step and access to the owners expertise
  • Affilorama: A training course offering different levels of package so that you can build yourself a website in your chosen niche OR buy one off the shelf ready to go
  • Chris Farrell Membership: This is about email affiliate marketing at its best, teaching you how to build and use an email list to make your affiliate sales



Idea 2: Make Money selling on Ebay

How to make money selling on EbaySounds simple? But I don’t mean selling your old iphone from the attic. That has a finite end to it, I mean how much junk do you have to sell. I mean actually making REAL income. This is what is known as Drop shipping and it’s really big business.

It’s risk free to set up as you have no products to sell and no stock to keep. You are essentially acting as the retailer, the middleman between the buyer and the wholesaler, and this is where you make your profit.

Have a look at my article about it and see if it’s right for you



Idea 3: Sell your Photography online

Sell your photography onlineIf you are into photography, but think there is just no way that you can make any money out of this business, then think again. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. So many people are searching for images for blogs, websites, marketing materials there is demand for so many different things.

There are loads of stock libraries out there that are looking for new images all the time. These libraries are vast and you need to be able to access them easily. So if there was a place where you could get to all of them from one portal and submit your photos all in one instance to all the relevant libraries. Have a read of my article and find out more

So don’t let your photos sit around gathering dust (I know that digital photos don’t do that) 🙂



Idea 4: Create a ready made online shop

Create a ready made online shopSo this idea is similar to affiliate marketing. Well it uses affiliate marketing as its basis.

The idea is you buy a store framework, select your niche and then populate your store with pre-approved and pre-affilaited products. Its’ really quick to set up and get ready to go.

The different between this and the first idea about affiliate marketing is this shop is ready made so you have the benefits of not putting in all the work, but it is a little less flexible in terms of what you can do with the shop. Hey different things suit different people so that is why I am giving you all the information so YOU can make that decision. Find out more here. 



Idea 5: Sell your OWN products online

what is shopify aboutThis is slightly different to the above idea. This particular idea is all about taking progucs that you already have to an online store. A REALLY professional online store.

Perhaps you like creating art prints, or are into calligraphy or makes dolls houses. Whatever it is, Shopify is the most powerful and affordable platform out there to create a really professional online store.

But if you don’t have your own products they teach you how to build a business. Have a look at the full review and see if it’s for you.


Want to see my top recommendation for making money online? 


Idea 6: Multi-Level-Marketing Programs / Direct Selling

MLMThis is one the most common types of programs for people to start off in as a home business, We are talking, Herbalife, Forever living, Amway, those sorts of businesses. You have probably heard of people being involved with them, or maybe you have been ‘prospected’ to join the business. MLM is all about making money in 2 ways. By selling a product, AND by recruiting a team from which you make a commission off the products that they sell.

While you can earn money with many of them, its not a get rich quick business. I have reviewed several MLM businesses but some of these have come up just ‘so so’ rather than strong recommendations.

In addition to this there is a whole article on Direct Selling companies for women, as the products are more specialised. Take a look at my top 10



Idea 7: Write an ebook and sell it online

How to Write an E-book and Sell ItEveryone has a writer in them, so the saying goes. Do you have one in you?

In fact, it can be really easy to get going with writing an ebook and once all the hard work is done, then you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

But do you know where to start, how to find a profitable topic, how to structure and set up your ebook for maximum quality?

Do you know how to position your book and how to get set up to sell it?

Well if you enjoy writing,  then this really is an avenue you should explore to create a home business. Have a read of my article and find out more


Idea 8: Become a Virtual Assistant

How to become a virtual assistant from homeDid you know that becoming a virtual assistant is a fantastic job to enable you to work from home and can really earn you a great income. It’s actually easier to get into than you would think, and I bet most people could position themselves as a virtual assistant if they just know how.

So first, you need to know where to get started, what too specialise in, how much you could get paid, what you need and where to find work. Then decide if it’s for  you.

This article can help you with all of that.




Idea 9: Do small tasks online

Do Small Tasks online make money easilyIf you want something simple to do, you can do a selection of small tasks online.

By choosing the right companies to sign up with and selecting a few of them, you can spread your tasks and start adding up the money that it is possible to earn.

This way you can always have something to work on and build up some nice earnings the easy way. There is no experience, training or qualifications required.

Find out here how to get started.




Idea 10: Become a Transcriptionist

How to work from home as a transcriptionistHave you ever thought of this as a way to make money from home?

The great thing about being a transcriptionist is that you need no experience and there is very little outlay to get started.

And the pay is pretty good. Once you become more experienced, the pay can be excellent.

So take a look and my article and find out everything you need to know to get started.



Idea 10: Make money with Instagram

Can you make money with InstagramWhether you are a complete newbie or an avid user, did you know that you can make money with Instagram? You need to follow a few simple tips though, to get yourself set up properly and on the right path, and you need to have a plan

Check out this article which is all about tips to get you started and ways to make money


Idea 11: Learn to be a Proofreader

How to make money proofreading onlineProofreading online is a becoming a more and more in demand role. With the widespread use of the internet and the global reach of customers, proofreaders are needed to edit, correct and perfect work from many different sources.

If you have an interest in the English Language then this might something for you. It would be great if you have an English qulaificiation, but if you don’t and you still like this idea, check out my article for ways to get started.



Idea 12: Blogging for money

It seems everyone has a blog these days, but these are usually a labour of love more than a money making machine. But having said that there are people out there who have made a fortune from blogs.

So how do they do it? TO be continued….